I love it when she holds me, her strong arms encircling, enveloping, engulfing me. She holds me firmly yet gently, both guarding and comforting at once with a tenderness none would suspect of her. I feel so safe, pressed up against her with my face buried at a point somewhere between her chest and throat, her long, dark hair forming a curtain around us.

One of her arms rests at the small of my back, her hand splayed over my spine, while her other arm is wrapped around my shoulders, hand tangled in my hair. I can feel her cheek resting against my head. She turns slightly to nuzzle my hair and I feel her take a deep breath, sending a tingle down my spine.

I feel so safe. Protected. Loved. Content. I feel as though not even the gods themselves can bring harm to me while she watches over me, nor could they ever tear me from her arms as long as my heart still beats and blood still flows through my veins; I love her too much to ever let go.

I love to hold her, to have her in my arms. I can never hold her the way I'd really like to, though; I want to wrap my entire body around hers, consume her, and stay like that for eternity. In her I have found peace. Such love and power well up inside me at the sight and feel of her. I feel as though I can achieve anything and everything with her in my arms and I know I'd do anything to keep her from harm. Not even the gods could stop me, Gaia help them if they should try.

I lean down slightly and rest my cheek against her temple, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin and her strawberry-blonde hair. But it's not enough; I turn and bury my nose in her hair, breathing deeply of her. I feel a slight shiver run down her spine beneath my hand and I know she is feeling what I am.

My love for her knows no bounds and no end, and no force in the universe will ever keep her from me, nor me from her. We are bound for eternity - and beyond.