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Chapter 3

The Sun Shines Through

March 7, 1985

Black Vacation Home


The Elder Blacks were having a discussion after the last rites of Walburga had been done with.

"I still stand by my opinion that Lucius is somehow involved in Walburga's death." Cassiopeia stated.

"But how, Cassiopeia dear; Lucius had not even met with the woman for the past month." Irma said.

"Well, he could have poisoned her; a well-timed stasis charm would do well to kill her after some time so as not to raise any suspicions." This time it was Pollux who answered.

"Wouldn't the human body's metabolism expel the poison from the body by then?" Arcturus asked.

"No, there are certain poisons that completely bypass the metabolism, there even has been a precedent; Lord Barnabus Borgin was arrested and tried by the auror department for a similar case early in the century, he was however, proven innocent because of the lack of evidence on the aurors and gold changing hands." Pollux replied.

"Well, that ends that; Lucius has declared his intentions, then. Liked or not, Walburga was still the Black. He has declared feud against us." Melania said and the others agreed.

"We would have to plan our further course of action now, we cannot exactly declare blood feud against House Malfoy and eliminate them." Irma stated.

"No we cannot," Cassiopeia sighed, "we bide our time, for now and make sure that Lucius pays for his crimes dearly once the House of Black rises again." She continued.

"Her death can be a blessing in disguise, though." Arcturus said.

"How so?" Melania asked.

"Now Sirius is confirmed Lord Black and since he is in Azkaban, I am Regent of House Black for all purposes. Lucius now cannot maneuver us to change the heir, can he?" Arcturus replied.

"Also we get some more leeway in the search for young Harry now that Walburga is gone." Pollux said.

"On that account, dear Pollux; How goes the search?" Cassiopeia asked.

"Not so well" Pollux sighed, "House of Black is seen with open distrust now-a-days, our only hope is that young Harry makes an appearance in the magical district or that Accidental Magic Reversal Squad gets to him."

"Don't lose heart yet, cases of potent accidental magic are the most frequent between the ages of four to seven. It's only a matter of time before young Harry makes an appearance on the sensors." Melania said trying to rouse the hopes of her family.


May 31, 1987

It was now nearly two years since the death of Walburga Black. Lucius Malfoy was getting a bit antsy, his son Draco, while all but being the heir of Black family and all, was still not granted access to the family vault. Not even a trust fund was set up for him, there was only so much that he could force er persuade Narcissa to withdraw from her trust fund; and what was worse, Regent Black, Arcturus was not even meeting him. Cursing the name of the infernal Blood traitor Black for not dropping dead when was required of him, he read the financial report for the previous term.

The Malfoy fortunes had taken quite a hit due to bribes given to secure his and his allies' freedom after they had been caught by the Ministry in the line of duty for their lord. Even larger part of his fortune was spent in filling the pockets of all levels of bureaucracy to secure a strong position within the Ministry of Magic for when his lord returned. All was not so bad though, the Houses of Crabbe and Goyle owed him huge debts by now and had entered into almost servitude like alliances with the Malfoys. They did not have any money but they had muscle, and muscle was what he would exploit from them to further strengthen his position amongst the Pureblood elite.

House Parkinson, on the other hand, had a fair bit of old money, and a daughter of Draco's age. He had shrewdly secured a marriage contract with a hefty dowry attached for his son. The negotiations with the House of Greengrass were also on cards for the next Lady Black. He hoped to secure both the girls for his son even if he had to give some of his fortune away, after all, Greengrass did not have any sons and Lord Greengrass himself suffered from a rare form of Dragonpox and was dying slowly but surely.

Still, there was only a matter of time before Arcturus and his generation of Blacks kicked the bucket and he would be able to secure the Black fortune for himself, he just could not wait to lay his hands upon some of the heirlooms, not to mention, the rarest of rare dark art books that the Blacks were notorious for.

But there was a small suspicion in his mind upon the heirdom of Draco, he could not shake it off even as he tried to reason with himself numerous times, there was a small chance that the Blood traitor Black had done something to foil his plans, he had a knack for it. To get rid of this apprehension, he had even secured a visit with the Blood Traitor in Azkaban but the upstart had the gall to smirk at him, that and Bellatrix was not even throwing insults at her cousin, which was safe to say, mental, even for her. He had tried to use Legilimency on Black in desperation after setting him up in the required state of mind with many leading questions, nothing, he found nothing. A master of mind arts he was and he was met with nothing. Safe to say, he had withdrawn his probe instantly and left the prison in a worse mind than when he had entered.

Perhaps, it was time to arrange demise of the elder Blacks. He continued making plans and plots for the rest of the evening.

July 31, 1987

4, Privet Drive

Little Whinging,


Harry Potter woke up in his cupboard and was instantly on high alert. Today was his birthday, you see, and his birthdays did not tend to be the best day of the year for him, quite the opposite actually. It was only three years back that he had found out that he had a birthday, from his school teacher; and from then on, his Uncle and family made it a vow to make Harry's birthdays as miserable as possible.

He had lived with his Aunt and Uncle ever since he remembered; when he had asked about his parents, all he had got was that they had died in a car crash and he was left in the Dursleys' care. His existence in the Dursley household had been nightmarish; the Dursleys, especially the male ones, took great pleasure in demeaning and belittling Harry at every given opportunity. Anything that they found out Harry liked, they used to either break it or take it away from him.

Harry remembered how he had befriended a black dog which was a stray in the park; Dudley, his cousin, had gotten wind of it and had informed Vernon, his uncle; Vernon had took malicious glee in putting the dog down claiming it was rabid. Things had progressed like this to the point that Harry had become extremely emotionally guarded before, first, the Dursleys; and later, anyone he did not trust which was everyone after the nice lady had been sent away by the police due to Vernon's political sway in the area.

He had tried telling himself that their abusive treatment of his did not matter, that he was better off without being noticed, but a traitorous part of hi wanted to be appreciated, to be loved and looked to Petunia every time he did hid chores or he was in trouble with Vernon. When he was little, she had shown him some affection, like patting his back on a job, or rather chore, well done but as he got older, well, Petunia's ignorance and indifference to his condition hurt him more than Vernon's slaps ever did.

Harry quickly got out of the cupboard as the noise of the Dursleys filing into the kitchen came in, he went by the stove and started to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast as Petunia had instructed him all those years ago. Silently, he helped his aunt in serving the breakfast and sat on the dining table quietly, quickly wolfing down on his insufficient portion. Trying to slip out unnoticed, he was foiled by Vernon's voice.

"Where do you think you are going, freak?" Vernon said.

Harry said nothing but meekly sat back on the table and waited for Vernon to be done with him with minimal damage. Vernon, however seemed to have other plans; he had a rather wicked grin on his face and his eyes were gleaming as they did when a very important business deal came before him.

"Don't you want your birthday present?" Vernon said, still grinning wickedly.

Harry dared not look at his uncle, he had a very bad feeling about this but a small part of him could not help but hope. 'Really'.

"Well freak, I have decided that I would tell you something about your parents as today is your birthday." Vernon continued and Harry nearly salivated, he kept his eyes averted as the years had taught him to be at utmost caution with Vernon but he was too happy and excited to hide it all and a small pleased expression was seen on his face. Vernon noticed it too and his grin broadened, 'this was going to be fun.'

"Well, first start with your father, shall we;" Vernon started and Harry was just able to hold his tongue, there were so many questions he wanted to ask, 'How did he look like? What did he do?' "your father was a drunkard." Vernon continued and Harry's hopes dashed, he felt despair, disappointment in himself and anger, righteous anger at the fat tub of lard sitting in front of him as he listened his parents being demeaned, talked about like criminals by his Uncle.

"A hooligan, he was; knocked that bitch up somehow and bred you, a freak like the two of them and their hooligan friends." Vernon ranted.

"Shut up." Harry mumbled sneaking a glance at Petunia who was indifferent as ever. He felt a red hot rage course through his veins, a pounding in his ears, strangely feeling like he could conquer the world.

"What did you say boy?" Vernon's sharp ears had picked up the sound.

"I said shut up Dursley." Harry roared and Petunia flinched as the glass plate hanging on the wall in the kitchen exploded with his temper, Vernon, however, was oblivious to the danger he was in.

"Or you would do what, little runt, sell yourself up on the streets like your bitch of a mother." Vernon said still in the same malicious tone. 'Maybe the freak would break enough that it would kill itself and save me the trouble.' He thought.

"You, you…" words failed Harry as the pounding in his veins reached a crescendo and a scream emanated from his throat, with that a veritable wave of power swept through the house gaining energy from the protections placed around it and rendering them useless, all the glass exploded and due to the amount the Dursleys had in the kitchen, the three of them were literally shredded and were blown back from the wave; the electronics in the house all sparked and were rendered useless. Finally as the wave ended, there was a huge explosion in the car outside and the last Harry saw before falling unconscious was torn bodies of his so called family.

Ministry of Magic


Level Five

In the office of Accidental Magic Reversal Squad which usually dealt with, as its name suggested, Accidental magic and Splinching while apparition, Arthur Small had just settled on his desk when an alarm sounded off in the department, waving his wand over the device he found that the cause was Accidental Magic in a muggle area.

'Looks like the Potter boy decided to make an appearance.' He thought as he had exhausted all other options after Pollux, his old friend and once life-saver, had asked him to look for the boy years previously.

"What is it, Boss?" Stanley Perkins, a new recruit asked and interrupted his thoughts.

"Nothing, just a Splinching; I will go check it out, you lot finish that bloody paperwork." He said and portkeyed away to the location.

He found himself in a plain muggle area with rows of identical houses. Without taking any time to ponder about this lack of individuality, he hurried to a partially destroyed house that was literally bathing in pure wild magic. He walked to the center of the destruction which seemed to be a small crater in what had to be the kitchen. Reaching there he saw a small boy about five years of age lying unscathed in the crater while his family was lying at a distance in bloody pools, the amount of blood telling that they had long been dead.

Looking closely at the boy, he could only gasp in shock; the messy black hair was unmistakable to anyone who had the pleasure of knowing James Potter and he was one of those persons, "Merlin, that's the Potter boy." He breathed; quickly waving his wand over the boy he checked that he was alright if exhausted all the while wondering whatever had happened there.

Quickly he waved his wand around the neighbourhood chanting spells to absorb the lingering magic and keep any sensors from detecting the magical incident that had happened there, Pollux had asked for utmost secrecy after all. That done, he picked up the boy and Portkeyed to the Black Vacation House to deliver him before he had to alter memories of the neighbours of the dead family.

Black Vacation House


The Black elders were going over the finances of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black in the past decade when the wards announced the arrival of a portkey.

"A Master Small and young master to be seeing master Pollux." A house elf, Tippy, announced.

"I will see that." Pollux said and walked to the reception area where he found Arthur Small holding a small boy of about five-six years of age in his arms, the messy black hair the only indication that it was the elusive Harry James Potter.

"Arthur, I take it this is young Harry Potter, then?" Pollux said, feeling no need to waste time in pleasantries.

"Yes, indeed he is;" Arthur replied, and then seeing the concerned look on his friend's face, continued "he has used quite a large amount of magic so he is unconscious, but unharmed; the people he was with though, they were not so fortunate. I will tell you more later this evening after going over the memories of the neighbours.

With that Arthur handed the boy to Pollux and took his leave via the portkey.

"That was strange, even by his standards." Pollux muttered to himself and then looked at the unconscious boy held in his arms; "Let's get you settled then, young Harry; I doubt you would like to wake up right now given your exhaustion as Arthur told me."

He walked back into the study after settling Harry down in one of the empty guest rooms.

"You look exceptionally happy, Pollux; do share." Cassiopeia said seeing Pollux smiling broadly.

"Oh, nothing monumental; I just received our elusive young heir from the Head of Accidental Magic Reversal Squad." Pollux said trying to be nonchalant.

"That's great news, Pollux; where is young Harry now?" Arcturus said happily.

"He is resting in one of the guest rooms, according to Mr. Small, young Harry exhausted himself from his outburst." Pollux said.

"But he is alright, isn't he? He is not injured, is he?" Irma and Melania asked at the same time.

"No, from what I can tell he is quite alright, just exhausted." Pollux told them as Cassiopeia went to check up on the boy herself.

"That warrants a celebration!" Melania exclaimed and waving her wand made a bottle of fine wine and some decanters appear, waving her wand once again, she filled each one and levitated them to her family members. Picking one for herself and another for Cassiopeia she left to the guest room after Arcturus had given the toast in the name of Harry.

She found Cassiopeia sitting beside the sleeping child running a hand through his hair looking at her with an expression that could only be defined as motherly. Melania smiled to herself and made her presence known "He will be alright." She said laying a hand on Cassiopeia's shoulder.

"Yes, he will be." Cassiopeia said with determination, accepting the glass of wine from Melania but there was something in her expression which made the other witch frown.

"You look… troubled." Melania said cautiously.

"It's nothing." Cassiopeia said in a monotone but Melania was not fooled for an instant, she had seen too much of the Black emotionless mask and voice to be fooled anymore.

"That stopped working on me after the first five years of my marriage into this family, Cassiopeia; it is something." She said firmly.

"He looks so much like Sirius did whenever he visited here, so small for his age." Cassiopeia whispered.

Melania frowned, she had not noticed it before as her attention was attracted towards the normally cold Cassiopeia Black showering a child she had not known for a single second but now that she saw the child, she could see that he was very small for his age, looking five years instead of seven like he should.

"They abused him." Melania breathed quietly but there was no mistaking the anger in her voice.

Cassiopeia nodded, "I have found broken bones healed wrong, and signs of bruises and cuts on his back and ribs. She too was having a very hard time keeping a lid on her temper.

Taking a deep breath, Melania calmed herself and once again laid a hand on the other woman's shoulder who she could tell was close to murder someone in rage. "We would know more of his living conditions by the evening, dear. Calm yourself, if it is as we fear, young Harry would require us to be level headed even more." She said hoping her words would have an effect on the fuming witch.

Cassiopeia too took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, "You are right, of course, Melania; he will need us to be level headed." She mumbled but made no motion to leave Harry's side.

Melania saw her sister in law's jaw set in determination and nodded once before leaving the room hoping that her worries were unfounded.

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