First of all, I would like to thank fanficwriter-25 for convincing me to do a story and for helping me with my first one.

OK. Now to the dream!

A/N: By the way, this story is in Bolt's point of view.

I shall tell you about a tragedy that happened to me years ago. About an adventure to save the girl I love. My name is Bolt and I have bad days too. Of course this was all just a dream.

Chapter 1: How It All Started
As the day started it seemed nice but that all changed when I found out that I had a lot to do. While Penny was gone on "vacation", whatever that is, the three of us pets, Mittens, Rhino, and I, each had to go to a pet-sitter, but we were all separated from each other because we are different species and different species have different needs. While us dogs stayed inside for the day, because it had just rained for a while, I yawned. I had enough sleep but for some reason I was really tired, so I decided a little nap wouldn't hurt as long as I did what I had to do by the end of the day. As I laid on my comfy dog pillow I began to drift to sleep. It felt as though I had been sleeping for ages, but I couldn't get up. Something was willing me to stay asleep. I woke up to a very familiar voice.
"Bolt..." it said nervously.
I was alerted to it. I snapped my head up and looked around. No one was in the room. Then I heard the voice again.
"Bolt Help!" it screamed.
I ran out of the room that I was in to the hall. I ran outside and allowed my vision to get better I seen that it was really dark and it was foggy out. Then I saw something very shocking. I saw three strange dark figures in the distance. It seemed to be two men dragging something on the ground. As I looked closer I noticed that what they were dragging on the ground, was a dog. Not just any dog either. The dog that was being dragged on the ground was the girl I've had a crush on ever since we first met. Her name is Maybelle. She's one of the more "popular" dogs here, as she barely notices me, which I find hard to believe since I'm Bolt the Superdog! Well, I used to be until I retired with Penny just over two years ago. Maybelle is the Canaan breed. She's almost all white but has a very light shade of brown on her back to hind quarters. Maybelle is the most beautiful dog I've ever laid my eyes on. I was thinking of a plan of how to free her until a noisy car engine startled me and brought me back to reality. I followed the men until I came to the corner of the building, and they stopped at a truck that was at least fifty feet away. I knew something was up with these people and I knew that I had seen them somewhere besides here. Their truck was a white dog catcher's vehicle, but in the eyes of a stranger, the truck is descized as a 1978 Chevrolet Nova SS Clone. And the men must have been dog catchers. The truck must have just arrived and that would explain the loud car engine noise.
"What the hell is going on?" I thought.
As the man in the driver's seat got out of the vehicle I started to fear for my beloveds life. He continued to walk towards the two men that had a hold of Maybelle. They talked for a few good three to five minutes but I couldn't hear a thing that they were saying because I was to far away. As they finished talking I seen the three men walk towards the back of the vehicle of doom.
"Oh shit. They aren't gonna do what I think they aren't gonna do, are they?" I asked myself.
But sure enough, they do what most typical dog catcher would do. The driver of the truck pulled out his keys, pushed a key into the door lock, unlocked it, and then picked Maybelle's limp body up and put her in one of the cages that were in the back of the truck. I was wondering why Maybelle wasn't fighting back or at least struggling.
"Oh God." I thought. "I hope she's just out cold."
As they continued to put her in one of the many cages in the rear of the truck, I started to think of how to get Bell out of trouble, but with time pressing on I only had a few seconds to think.
"What the fuck am I going to do." I barked loudly, loud enough that the men could hear me.
The men looked and walked to my direction. I quickly hide around the corner again, hoping they didn't see me. As I poised ready to strike, they stopped instantly. And one of the men started speaking.
"We need to get outta here quick. I think we might be being watched."
As they walked away I heard the loud "clunk-clunk" of the back doors being shut. Then the men opened the front doors of the truck, got in, and shut them. To the sounds of the truck's doors opening and closing, I gave a sigh of relief.
"Oh, thank God." I whispered as I peeked around the corner again. The driver had started the truck and was driving away fast. I lie in wait as I watch the truck speed out of sight, fading away into the thick fog.