This is when Bolt woke up...

Chapter 13: I Do Believe In It
All was white.
I woke up. I noticed that Roscoe and Sam were nudging my side to get me to wake up. I looked at the two.
"He's alive!" Roscoe cheered.
"How long was I sleeping?" I asked Roscoe.
Sam barged in and said "Oh... About three or four hours.".
"Yeah. You were first whining and yelping, then you were barking and growling like a rabid dog, finally you were... Uhhh... crying." Roscoe said.
"I was?" I asked Roscoe.
"Yeah. You were. Umm... Is there anything you want to talk about, Bolt?" Sam asked concerned for me.
"Like, my dream?" I asked him back.
"Yeah. I mean... If you want to." Sam asked softly.
I swallowed nervously.
"Yeah. I suppose I better." I said.
It took me about an hour to tell them about my dream/nightmare.
When I had finally finished, Sam asked "How did you know that I'm gun shy? Did Roscoe tell you?"
"Of course I didn't!" Roscoe told Sam.
"Then, how did you know?" Sam asked me.
"I guess, in dreams anything can happen." I said.
"Huh. Well that was a very graphic and detailed, and weird dream you had, Bolt. I hope it doesn't come true." Sam joked.
"I know. Tell me about it." I said to Roscoe and Sam as I rest my head on my paws.
"Well Bolt, we'll see you later! Our person is here to take us home!" Roscoe said.
Just then, Roscoe and Sam's person, Tom, came in. I like Tom. He's funny and smart, kind of like Roscoe and Sam.
"Come on guys, let's go home." Tom said.
Just then, Tom noticed me.
"Hey, Bolt! What's up buddy?" Tom asked me as he walked closer and pet me.
I whined in response to Tom's question. I bet he saw the tear stains on my muzzle as he pet me.
"You look like you hade a bad dream, bud. Don't worry, you'll get over it soon. Trust me." Tom said to me, comfortingly as he smiled at me. I smiled back, wagging my tail.
"Okay bud. I'll see you later. Tell Penny "Hi" for me, okay?" Tom asked me as he got up and let go of me.
I yipped happily to him in response to his question as, "I sure will! Thanks for petting me Tom! I think I really need that!".
Tom left me to go to the exit, he took another look at me. While he looked at me, I smiled and I wagged my tail again. Tom smiled, then turned away and walked home with Roscoe and Sam. After Tom left, I started thinking about my dream. After about five minutes, I finally find a solution.
"I have to tell her." I said to myself.
I was watching out for Maybelle, not trying to look like a stalker or something, but trying to figure out the best time to talk to her. This went on for about an hour. I was running out of time. Penny, Rhino, and Mittens are picking me up at 5:00 tonight. It's 3:42 in the afternoon. Five minutes later I got to go outside to play with the other dogs. I spotted Maybelle. The whole time outside I was thinking when to confess my feelings for her. We all had to go back inside after a half hour, but someone held me back, letting everyone else go in first.
I let my nerves get the best of me and with one swift push of my legs, I did a complete 180 degree turn and I barked, "Calico!".
I instantly saw that what was holding me behind was... Maybelle. I jolted at the sight of her because I didn't expect it to be her.
"Oh, jeez. I'm really sorry for barking at you." I apologized as I tried to look as sorry as possible.
When I barked, Maybelle didn't even flinch. She just smiled and looked at me with her brown, soft-loving eyes. I looked up and I was totally lost in her gaze.
Maybelle eventually broke the silence and asked, "Bolt?".
"Yeah, what is it?" I answered.
"I know we both had the same dream a little while ago." she answered.
"You mean, with the two men, the sheds, the fire, and when we..." I trailed off.
She nodded her head.
"Do believe the saying: "When you dream about that special someone you really care about, that person dreams the same dream"? I asked her.
She nodded her head and said in her angelic voice, "Yes, yes I do.".
"So, you do like me?" I asked her, hoping she says yes.
"No." she answered.
"Oh, never mi-." I started but she cut me off, with a kiss.
We stayed like that for about a minute.
Maybelle retracted her lips and said, "I don't just like you Bolt, I really, really like you.".
"Really?" I asked.
"Really really." she answered.
We both just smiled at each other.
"I really really like you too, Maybelle." I commented.

The End?...

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