Chapter 2: The Search Begins
When the truck was gone, I lean my shoulder on the building, thinking of what the hell I was going to do next. I sat there for only about five minutes, going through my thoughts. Finally it hit me, like a live large mouth bass you just caught as your trophy, only to have it slap you in the face with it's tail in return. I love Maybelle with all my heart and I know I've promised with my life, that I would do everything in my power to keep her safe and protect her from harm. I will guard Maybelle with my life and take it for hers. I wouldn't know what to do with my life if she went missing forever or if she died. I snap back to reality, but only to get sucked back into my thoughts again as I remember what has happened so far. I can't believe I let this happen! The one I love is in danger, but I don't know why. Did Maybelle do something to have these men take her away? What did she do? What if... what if this is my fault. I push these thoughts to the back of my mind because they are causing me only delay and regret. I needed to think fast on how to catch up with those guys. I remembered that before Penny left for "vacation", her dad had given me a drug he had invented to give me the ability to talk to humans. The whole five minutes I was thinking, I was staring at a black 1974 Plymouth Barracuda 340. Back to the present, I noticed what I was staring at and said "Boy, I really wish I could drive that beast of a car, but I can't.".
I pictured the dark blue, 340 horsepower beast roaring to life as it guzzled fuel when it idles in my mind.
I gave a sigh and said "I guess the only thing to do is to sniff out their trail, and hunt them down.".
I ran passed the many cars in the parking lot, with my nose in the air, to the highway. Noticing all the cars still here as I passed them, I began to wonder where the hell everyone had gone, but I couldn't figure it out. What if there were more men and everyone was gone, except for my Maybelle and I. I quickly remembered what I was supposed to be doing. I walked down the side of the highway, sniffing the ground, ears fully perked, and keeping my eyes peeled for the mysterious truck.