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Chapter 3: Along the Way...
While I was still traveling down the highway, looking for those men, there were five patrol cars, a S.W.A.T. truck, and fire engines coming my way, and they were on fucking high pursuit!
"Oh SHIT!" I said.
I quickly jumped into the ditch, and carefully watched each one pass by. After they passed, I let out a sigh of relief and waited for them to be out of any sight possible before I could finally start walking back down the highway. While walking, I began thinking 'Were those men doing this out of revenge on Maybelle or me? 'Cause I know, 99.9 percent, that I'm not doing this for revenge, I'm doing it out of love for Maybelle and NOTHING is going to keep me from getting to her and taking her back into my safety. I will fight until my very last breath, the last beat of my heart, to risk my life 'til the end, that she is safe again.
It felt like I was walking forever. After a while I could see two dogs in the distance. I was in defensive mode. I waited for them to come closer. As they did, they saw me and were now running up to me. I held my ground until I got a better look at them. I eased up a bit. It was Roscoe and Sam, they were friends I made back at the pet-sitter's. Roscoe is a smaller male and is a mix of breeds but he's really smart, he herds cattle, and plays fetch. Sam is a larger male yellow lab cross. He may not be as smart as Roscoe, but he has the bravery, strength, and confidence that Roscoe doesn't have, but Sam can be bull-headed sometimes and not listen, Sam is also very gun shy (afraid of guns).
"Hey Bolt! Whatcha doin', man?" they holler to me as they meet me.
"Bad news guys." I admitted.
"What? What's wrong Bolt?" Roscoe asked me concerned.
I sighed, "Maybelle was taken by three men and now I'm searching for her."
"Oh no! We're gonna help!" Roscoe insisted.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a sec!" Sam exclaimed.
"What is it?" Roscoe asked.
"Bolt, do these men have guns?" Sam asked nervously.
"I don't know. They probably do." I told him.
"Well count me out!" Sam exclaimed.
"What's your problem?" Roscoe asked Sam.
"You know what my problem is! You know I'm..." Sam paused and got closer to Roscoe's ear and whispered "...afraid of guns!"
I chuckled.
"Don't worry Sam, I already know you're gun shy." I said.
"How?" he asked me.
"Roscoe told me." I said, moving my head, indicating to Roscoe.
Sam looked at Roscoe with a scowl.
"I thought that I could trust you with my secret!" Sam rasped as he whispered to Roscoe.
"Well I'm sorry Bolt, but we gotta go before he spills anymore secrets. We'll see you later, right?" Sam asked concerned for me.
"I sure hope so you guys." I replied.
"Alright. Bye, Bolt!" Roscoe said as he and Sam walked off.
"Yep. Bye!" I said back.
With that conversation out of the way, I started walking forward down the highway, again.