"Failed" The computer blared as the boy wonder took out yet another sparring opponent. Robin laughed as he helped up Kid Flash. The newly formed team had been sparring all evening. It seemed hard for his team members to comprehend that Robin, the only human, had still beaten all of his superpowered team members. They didn't understand. At all. While the others have barely stated their hero careers, Robin had been training since he was nine. Trained in the martial arts, hacking, detective skills, you name it. Sometimes the others just took him for granted. As the teams hacker, the geek. The one who fought, but never gave out any true damage like the superpowered ones did. But they were wrong. Dead wrong. You take away the superpowers, abd then what are they? Sometimes Robin wished his teammates knew how hard it was to be human.

"Kid Flash, you have to work on your hand-to-hand combat skills. Your speed dosen't solve everything." Black Canary informed Wally as she came into the room.

"Thanks a lot, Rob!" Wally glared at the boy wonder.

"Okay, that's enough for today eveyone, I am needed at the watchtower." With that, Black Canary left through the zeta tube, leaving the team together.

Robin turned to Wally. "Canary was right, KF. You can't always rely on your speed for everything."

"Oh, like you would know, Boy Wonder! Sure, just tell us all what to fo! Because you know everything!" Wally glaring a Robin. , an accusing finger pointed at his chest. Dick glenched his fists annd narrowed his eyes, but did not say a word. Sometimes, his bestftiend could really be a jerk. He was just going to tell him his identity that night, but now, he wasn't so sure.

"Please, stop!" Miss M pleaded. "Arguing won't get you anywhere!"

"I do agree." The Atlantian said. "Please calm down, my friend."

Robin got another glare from Wally as he stormed away.

Dick turned to his teammates. "Thanks guys, I -"

Suddenly, he was cut off by the power getting turned off at the cave, putting the heroes in a thick blanket of darkness. Probably just sometiing Wally did because he was angry. Rob felt around in the familiar darkness, looking for the major control room. His sensitive ears picked up a tiny noise.

"Guys?" He called out. No response. "Wally? Meghan? Kaldur?" he called again. Nothing. Suddenly, a bright light pierced the blackness, and in an instant, the boy wonder knew what was happening.

An emerald-green question mark.

The speakers filled the cave with a mysterious voice.

"If you do not know what I am, then I am something. If you do know what I am, I am nothing. What am I?"

Robin rushed towards the green question mark, immediately knowing the answer. Narrowing his eyes, he said:

"A Riddle."