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"You know those nerdy kids? The ones that play video games by themselves on a Saturday night. The ones without a girlfriend and whose only achievable ambition is to major in science? I'm one of those kids. Well, not so much a kid anymore. My name is Wallace Rudolph West, I'm 21 years old and living with my college room mate Dick Grayson and my ordinary, boring, geeky life just got a whole lot crazier...this is the story of new friends, finding love and trying not to get eaten by crazy, brain hungry zombies.

Welcome to Zombieland."

Dick & Wally's Dorm, Stanford May 22nd

It was another Saturday night. For Wally West and Dick Grayson that only meant one thing... "Game night!" the two shouted in unison, both wearing matching Cheshire cat grins.

"I'll get the snacks!" Dick shouted from the kitchen area, "I'll set up the game!" Wally yelled back excitedly hopping over the back of the couch.

Little did they know that fate had other plans...

If you ever asked Dick or Wally, they'd both tell you that one of Stanford's perks were the girls who live in the dorm across the hall.

You've probably encountered the type. Hot, Stuck up, mean girls.

Wally and Dick have lived in the same dorm for two years, and the girls haven't said a word to them. The boys knew they were out of their league, so didn't think too much into it. The last thing they ever expected was for a hot girl to show up at their door.

Dick and Wally were hypnotised. All of their attention aimed at the zombies on the flat screen. A loud panicked banging on the door, and muffled shouting, brought them out of their trance. Pausing the game, Wally hopped over the couch and looked through the peep hole.

"It's Stacey, she doesn't look so good" Wally explained to Dick. "If she's coming to us for help it must be bad, let her in" An annoyed pout appeared on Dick's face. He had to stop zombie slaying, to help some one who doesn't even like him.

Wally opened the door and Stacey threw her self at him. While she was sobbing hysterically and mumbling into Wally's Flash T-shirt, Dick stood attempting to hide his laughter behind a coughing fit, this caused Wally to glare at him. Usually neither guy would have answered the door to the sounds of panic. It's amazing what guys will do for a hot girl.

Still sobbing into Wally's shirt, Stacey tried to explain what had happened to her. "This, this freak..We were walking home from work and this freak attacked us. He, he bit me and grabbed Lindsay. I...I ran and ended up here." After her rapid explanation she continued to cry hysterically.

"You're safe here." He tried to be comforting, but Dick couldn't hide the annoyance in his voice towards the panicked girl. "Can..can I stay here tonight? I really don't want to be alone."

It was oddly satisfying for the two. To witness one of the girls who had avoided them like the plague for the last two years, now begging to stay with them. Their pride wouldn't allow them to say no. "You can stay in my room for the night, I'll take the couch" Wally offered, being the gentleman that he thinks he is. He also knew that the offer would get her out of the way, and allow him and Dick to continue playing Call of Duty. Dick clearly picked up on this and smirked at Wally from across the room.

Wally showed Stacey to his room. He briefly panicked, as he remembered how much of a mess his room was. Stacey didn't seem to notice though, she walked in and curled up on his bed. Minutes later Wally ran back into the living area, launched himself over the coach and continued shooting zombies with Dick.

Hours later Wally went to check on Stacey. Hesitantly he knocked on the bedroom door. He stood patiently for a few moments with no answer. Slowly he opened the door and peeked inside the room.

The red head saw Stacey standing, staring out of the window with her back to him. Wally stepped inside and started to walk towards her, it was then that he noticed she was turning to face him, at an agonisingly slow pace. It was at this moment that he realised that something was horribly wrong.

Gone was the hot 21 year old blonde that he often found himself day dreaming about. In her place stood a rotting, bloody corpse. When she finally spotted Wally, she let out a feral growl and raced forward.

This caused Wally to back up and trip through the doorway, back into the main living area.

Dick looked on as Wally scurried along the floor, backing up towards the couch. "What did you do to piss her off?" Dick taunted after hearing the now zombie like girl let out another blood curdling scream.

"Dude! I swear I did nothing, she..she's crazy." Before Dick could think of a come back, Stacey burst through the bedroom door. Blood oozed from her mouth and a low growl ripped from her throat.

Without a word Dick and Wally looked at each other, then nodded towards the door that led to the outside hallway and away from the crazy girl.

Dick put his hand behind his back and Wally saw him counting up to three. The two continued to slowly edge backwards until Dick reached three, Turning quickly they bolted for the door, leaving everything behind except their cellphones.

The two ran through the hallways of Stanford's halls of residence, only sparing a glance back occasionally to see that Stacey was still chasing them. Blood still dripped from her mouth.

"We need to get outside, out into the open" Dick yelled at his friend.

Luckily both boys are were pretty good shape, with Wally being a track athlete and Dick being a gymnast.

"That's a great plan and everything, but what the hell do we do about her?!" Wally yelled back, nodding his head towards the crazed zombie chasing them. "What even is she?" Wally asked, panic evidently setting in.

"Nasty sores...check, rotting flesh...check...trying to EAT US!" Dick counted off the girls obvious symptoms dramatically. "Dude!" Wally grabbed his friends arm whilst running, "Is it possible that she could be a zombie?" he stage whispered.

"For our sakes, I really hope not" Dick said as the two finally reached the main doors to outside. Before exiting through the double doors, they looked back to find that the girl that had been trying to kill them before had vanished. That was until they heard the agonising scream of a boy down the hall. That was all they needed to dart outside without looking.

Once outside, the first thing that hit them was the smell. Looking around them they saw that what had been a lively, busy campus full of students enjoying the sunshine. Had become a dark and cold.

The campus now covered in corpses of students, that only yesterday had been rushing around this very place. Now there was nothing but silence and death. That was until they heard more chilling screams from the buildings around them.

"What...what do we do? What the hell is going on?" Wally was visibly shaken up. Dick was so used to seeing his red headed friend so energetic, and full of life. Like a child at Christmas. To see him look so...defeated. He knew he'd have to stay calm for both of them for now, he knew Wally would pull himself together as soon as they got some answers.

"I guess now we run, find somewhere safe that we can rest and try and find out what the hell is going on" Dick answered calmly. Both boys ran. Never stopping or looking back at the horror that was Stanford.

That was their home. Unsure and unaware of what was happening, they ran.

Completely oblivious to the adventure that awaited them.

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