So I was asked for some TayRea magic and this is what I came up with. XEvenAngelsHaveWickedSchemes X, this one's for you! :) For anyone who came here off S2R this is a prequel of sorts...More will come once I've finished my other stories. Reviews are most welcome. Enjoy!

(Andrea POV)

This Means War

Stupid bloody chav!

Taylor was going to die for this. Not only had she stepped the mark again but she'd destroyed my favourite hoody doing it. I stared down at the ripped black fabric I was holding limply in my fingers, coming up with a new way to murder that ridiculous girl with every burnt hole my fingers fell through. I was just visualising pushing her into a cage of starving lions when someone walked into the silent empty dorm. I looked up and felt myself freeze with hate, muscles tensing when Taylor herself swaggered in

Stay cool, don't attack yet. Let her figure out she's a total moron and is going to seriously regret destroying your hoody...

Taylor walked past me to her own bed with a small smug grin that I knew was meant to pull a reaction out of me. I clenched my jaw and looked away from her, finding anything and everything else to focus on. I heard her collapse onto her bed with a content sigh before the sounds of her annoying music called out over the space between us. I chanced a glance up and met her daring smile with an unamused glare. Her eyes sparkled with amusement at that and she tilted her head at me before leaning back on her elbows with another sigh, gently nodding her head to her music while she played with a lighter. My fingers slipped over the burnt plastic that was once the signed insignia for my favourite band while my eyes watched her smirk down at the flame in her hand. My breathing got heavier while I watched her. Talk about asking for a slap!

Taylor pretended she couldn't see the ice cold glare I was shooting her and flicked the volume up on her ipod. Seriously, how was she not deaf? I mean I know I listened to my music loud but at least it wasn't that disgusting grime crap. A new sound called out over to me and I felt myself strangely start to calm down when she started to sing along to the song. She could sing? Damn. I never saw that one coming. She could barely talk propely so how she was singing, and I hated to admit this, pretty well was a frigging mystery. I sat there and listened to her, frowning down at the hoody again while her voice rocked through me, silently questioning why I was fighting off a smile at the sound of her voice. I felt my mood drop even more when the song changed,

"I wake up late every morning, Andrea's calling, and I'm still yawning. Get up, wake up, hair and make up, goth girl's waiting, can't be stalling. This performance is important and I don't think she's gonna put her all in..."

I snapped and threw a boot across the room at her, smacking her right in the shoulder and effectively cutting off the next line of lyrics she was no doubt going to change to wind me up. I smirked when she grabbed the boot and held it up with a raised eyebrow. I shrugged at her with a brittle smile that challenged her to do something about it, tensing ready when she straightened up on the bed and arched her arm back. We both looked on with wide fearful eyes when the boot flew out into no man's land and towards Annabelle as she walked down to her bed

"Belle!" She froze at the sound of three voices shouting her name and yelped when Kelly's arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back just as the boot sailed past. I ducked and let out a short gasp when I heard it smack into the wall behind me.

"Are you okay?" I looked back at them and watched Kelly tilt Annabelle's chin up, staring intently at her face for any marks before she turned to us with a furious glare. I inched back a bit under it and felt myself tremble. Kelly rarely hit us with that one and when she did it was enough to make you crap your pants.

"What the hell do you think you're playing at throwing shit around in the dorm?!" I cringed at the rage in her voice and flicked my eyes up towards Taylor who was looking just as scared

"Kel.." She snapped her eyes back to me, knocking whatever I was going to say straight out of my head

"You could have hit Annabelle, you complete pair of morons!" Annabelle wrapped her fingers around Kelly's wrist and pulled the head girl's attention back to her with a sigh

"Kelly I'm fine.."

"That's not the point" Kelly snapped over her

She turned back to me and Taylor with another furious gaze, giving it a few seconds to sink in before she cracked into a thoughtful, not to mention freaking scary, smile that had us both swallowing nervously. She took a step towards me and grinned to herself when I stepped off my bed ready. If this was going to be a fight I wanted Belle and Taylor to be able to tell people I died standing up for myself. Kelly tilted her head at me with an amused grin before turning back to Taylor, getting the same reaction. I found myself glaring at her for that. She was such a god damn copycat. Annabelle let out a small chuckle behind Kelly and threw me a knowing look that cut between pitying and humoured. I frowned at her. What was Kelly going to do that she found so funny?

"You," My eyes snapped back to Kelly when she pointed at me, "And you,"

Taylor jumped and threw me an annoyed glare that I took as her silently blaming me for whatever deadly punishment was coming our way. I threw it back at her with just as much hate in my eyes. Kelly grinned at that and stepped back to Annabelle, taking her hand and smiling down at her before addressing us again

", Are on detention for a month"


That was so unfair! All we did was throw a boot! Annabelle was the one who nearly walked into it. Taylor and I both threw her murderous glares she shrugged at while Annabelle frowned up at her. Even she found it ridiculous. Kelly crossed her arms over and shot us both a dark look. I looked away from the dangerous smile she cracked and glared down at the floor


"Nothing Kelly" I mumbled turning back to my bed defeated while it all started to sink in. A month of detention...with Taylor...

Kill me now!

"C'mon Kel, that ain't fair bruv"

I looked up at Taylor and watched stunned as she slowly walked up to the two girls with cautious steps, eyes fixed on Kelly's hands incase the head girl tried to make a grab for her. What was she playing at? Kelly was definately going to murder her. Kelly let a surprised smile roll across her mouth before she snapped herself back into her stern head girl mask. She gave an angry sigh and Taylor immediately took a step back

"I don't care. Call it payback for nearly knocking my girlfriend out" She gave us a careless shrug when Taylor started to protest and turned back to Annabelle. I couldn't stop the small smile that crept across my face when she gently stroked her hand down Annabelle's cheek while an affectionate gaze started to make an appearance in her onyx eyes. I still couldn't believe they were a couple. It just seemed so unlikely. But then Kelly was full of surprises.

"Kelly seriously" The head girl snapped her eyes back to the chav with an impatient cold glare and I grinned back at Taylor when she stumbled back some more. She was such a baby.

"Get over it already Taylor. You two report to the twins at six"

She took Annabelle's hand and began walking down towards the younger girl's bed with a satisfied smile when we both stared after them shocked. Detention under TNT? Did she hate us that much?! I looked up at Taylor and we exchanged the same hopeless expression. We'd be dead before morning for sure

"Well done Goth" I glared at her

"Me? You threw the bloody boot at her!"

"I was aiming for you!"

"Well it just goes to show you chavs really are shit at everything"

Taylor's eyes grew dark and she quickly marched over to me. I matched her angry glare and raised my left hand to grab her shirt when she did the same to me. We both arched our fists back, daring the other to hit first. From past fights I knew she'd crack first. Which is why I was planning on smacking her to her arse as soon as she threw her punch

"Oi!," We turned back to Kelly's warning smile and lowered our fists slightly, "Quit fighting and bugger off already"

I looked back at Taylor and dropped my hand down to her shirt to pull her closer. I bent down to her ear and put every ounce of anger into my tone so she'd take me seriously

"You owe me a new hoody Smith. Don't think I won't hesitate in beating you to death for it.." Kelly cut over me before I could go into the in depth beating plan I had bubbling at the front of my mind

"Kissing and making up? Good to see"

We both shot her matching glares and I shoved Taylor away from me disgusted. She caught herself and stared back at me with a thoughtful frown, like she was trying to figure out whether or not it was worth attacking me. Her eyes flitted back to Kelly's impassive expression and she quickly straightened her shirt out before walking back to her bed for her phone and ipod. She shot me a threatening glare as strutted out of the dorm and I quickly gave her one back. I wasn't about to let her think Kelly's interfering meant I'd backed down, or that it had saved her from getting knocked out. That was still definately going to happen. I waited until the echoes of her moronic music had faded in the hall before I sank down on my bed with a frustrated huff

"You know what you two need to do to sort out all that rivalry and anger?"

I looked back at Annabelle and rolled my eyes at them. They were sat on her old bed with happy smiles while their hands seemed unable to stay away from each other. Well Kelly's hands. Annabelle's were holding the book she was trying, and finding it difficult, to read while Kelly kept leaning into her for kisses. I felt myself shift uncomfortably when Kelly bent into Annabelle's neck and kissed it while her hand came up to the girl's collar. It wasn't like I had a problem with it. In fact I was one of the only girls in the entire school to have stood by them when they first came out as a couple. I just wished they'd try to control themselves in public. It was like watching bloody porn sometimes. Kelly laughed into Annabelle's skin when she spoke to me and slipped a hand into her shirt with a determined grin. She mumbled something in Annabelle's ear and I scowled when they both began laughing

"Didn't catch that Kelly" I called watching her slowly and gently kiss her way up Annabelle's neck. She smiled into Annabelle's skin before pulling herself back and looking back at me with a cheeky grin

"I said you two should fuck" I stared at her, completely revolted by the very thought, "Its obviously pent up sexual frustration"

That is fucking disgusting! How could she even imply that I'd want to...Ugh! Just no!

"Take it you're talking from experience?" I angrily snapped back pointing between them. Kelly looked back at Annabelle thoughtfully before cracking an amused grin and nodding

"Must be it. I was wondering..." Annabelle smacked her shoulder and Kelly's smile widened, "I'm joking sweetie"

"You better be" Annabelle muttered in a dark voice.

Kelly laughed again and bent back into her, pulling one of Annabelle's hands away from her book so she could link their fingers together. I rolled my eyes when she brushed her mouth over Annabelle's hand before she sighed, smiling to herself at whatever she was thinking about before she looked down at Annabelle with a steady gaze. I seriously wondered how Annabelle was able to stay still under those eyes. The rest of us had to resist the urge to bolt whenever the head girl looked at us. Kelly let out another gentle laugh and bent down to Annabelle's neck again with a happy smile when the younger girl didn't push her away.

Someone get me a bucket

"You know as well as I do its more than just sex for me"

I groaned and stood up when they started grinning soppily at each other. Annabelle looked up at me with a frown when she noticed I was trying to leave, while Kelly went back to her pursuit of her girlfriend's skin.

"Going somewhere?" She asked, glancing down at Kelly and giving me a small apologetic smile.

I looked back at Kelly's hand, watching it slide purposefully down Annabelle's chest, and suddenly decided I'd had enough view time to last me a lifetime. I coughed and started moving backwards away from them towards the door

"Yeah I've got important things to do..."

That caught Kelly's attention. She quickly moved away from Annabelle and gave me a curious smile while her eyes cut into mine for answers. I knew what she was doing. Searching for revenge schemes had become something of a hobby for the head girl. She could tell when we girls were planning on throwing an attack at a rivalling tribe and I guess she found it fun to stamp out the ideas before they were strong enough to be put into action. I shivered a bit under her intense stare and looked back at the dorm door.

"Like?" My head snapped back to her and she raised an eyebrow when I failed to answer straight away. I shrugged and threw them both a playful smile before turning my back on them

"Like throw up. Thanks for the nausea guys"

I walked out of the dorm before either of them could say anything, rolling my eyes when they began laughing softly between themselves. Don't get me wrong, they were a brilliant couple and all but even I had a frigging limit for them.

I walked down the stairs towards the basement where the first year's kept their Trinski products, thinking maybe I'd find Anouskha there and that she'd be up for having a chat over a few shots. God knows I needed a drink after watching all that happy lovey dovey couple shit. My mind passed through angry thoughts about Taylor when I walked past Beverly's desk with a light smile for the older, and very passed out, girl. Not only had she destroyed my favourite hoody but the bloody bitch had gotten me into detention too. That itself warranted a severe lust for revenge

Let's see how happy she is when her phone takes a dip in the fountain, bloody chav! That'll wipe that smug smile right off her stupid face!

I grinned to myself at that and walked down the basement stairs with a happier bounce in my step. A plan already begining to formalise in my head. This time tomorrow Taylor would be a nervous, and very beaten, phoneless wreck for definite

Assuming Tara and Tania don't kill us first that is...