(Forerunner war theme- halo legends origins I)

We'll start at 100,000 years ago. The forerunners were beginning there plan to store samples of life to protect them from the halo effect. A shuttle under the command of the Librarian was carrying some animal specimens from Earth. This vessel ran on RSN as UNSC scientists have dubbed it today. RSN stands for Rainbow Skynet radiation a powerful variant of SN radiation.

The forerunner ship suffered an engine failure and had to exit slip-space. It ejected its animal specimens to the surface of a nearby planet. The vessel followed suit and detonated on an island in the middle of the Ocean. It detonated with a massive force. But the blast never left the Island but it emitted a blast of RSN that would cover the planet in lethal levels for a year.

Most of the species from the vessel were either destroyed or mutated. But out of the ashes came a new species. The ponies.

The RSN had given them as well as other creatures that survived Intelligence. There were 3 subspecies: unicorns, Pegasi, and earth ponies. The island where the forerunner ship landed would be known as the crescent Island. The RSN would crystallize in huge formations there over the next 100,000 years.

The Librarian against the wishes of the Didact decided to catalogue this species with the rest of them.

After 94,000 years the forerunner vessels reseeded the pony civilizations as they were before. But they soon broke into 3 bickering tribes based on the different subspecies.
These species required one another. Because as this is already 1,000 years after returning the solar system was out of whack. The sun after being damaged by a forerunner conflict did not have the capacity to have planets revolve around it. So the more powerful species the unicorns decided to move the sun and moon using telekinetic abilities granted to them by the RSN blast.

While the RSN blast had also damaged the weather patterns of the planet the Pegasi had the ability to control the weather. But the unicorns and pegasi needed food and that went to the Earth ponies. They ordered food to continue doing there respected jobs.
Mutant creatures began to break apart these loose negotiations by freezing the entire region which is now called 'the frozen north'. After bringing the tribes together through friendship they began to construct a great nation starting with the Capital of Canterlot. This nation would be known ad Equestria as well as the planet's name in the future. This is where the unicorns would control the astronomical cycles. The Pegasi then constructed Cloudsdale a city in the clouds and Manehattan was built by the Earth ponies to thrive on farming.

The country expanded over the years as Fillydelphia, Las Pegasus, and Ponyville were built as the country expanded.

But at the 4,500 years since the reseeding a dictator took over the country. This creature was forged at the crescent Island where RSN levels were highest. His name was Discord.
Discord ruled the land and used his power to cause Chaos and disharmony he ruled for 500 years before he was overthrown.

In Manehattan Celestia and Luna were born and were raised underground because they were Alicorns. Alicorns could both fly and had magic. They were basically a pegasi and Unicorn combined.

(Song end)

(Halo 2 theme)

They travelled to the CrescentIsland and retrieved six crystals of different color and combined them to form the elements of harmony. They then overthrew Discord by turning him to stone.

After that they gained control of the country. Celestia and Luna would battle the evils of King Sombra at the crystal empire. Sombra was defeated and banished to the frozen north.

At year 5,000 post reseeding Luna became jealous of her sister. As Celestia controlled the damaged star's movements they were revered like gods. Luna controlled the moon. While ponies basked in the day light they shunned Luna's night. She became angry and tried to overthrow Celestia. Celestia retaliated by using the power of the elements of harmony against her sister and banished her to the moon.

For the next thousand years ponies lived in peace. Until the return of nightmare moon which was Luna's alter ego when she tried to overthrow Celestia. She declared there would be an eternal night.

But Celestia's prized student Twilight Sparkle fought back with her friends Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy. They each used one of the 6 elements of harmony to fight Nightmare Moon as well as Discord in the future. They fought many evils that had arisen from years ago.

So that's Equestrian history 101. But half of that you probably already know so I'll tell you about a friend of mine. His name is Terminal Velocity.
Terminal Velocity worked in the Equestrian Military. He wasn't Royal guard but he had experience in the military.

Equestrian military was formed after Discord's attack to Equestria. Small skirmishes with a couple Zebra tribes also sparked a need for the military. Cities like hoofington were built to be military strongholds. But most of the military was laid off and on demand to be drafted in times of distress. Or they were royal guard or Everfree rangers.

The Everfree rangers were a group of ponies who keep the creatures of the Everfree forest from terrorizing the countryside.

He currently works security for the Celestia's School for gifted unicorns but he took a vacation to see his old friend Twilight Sparkle.

Terminal Velocity was an Aqua Pegasus with a blond mane. He had a marefreind named Rain Chaser who was purple and also had a blond mane. But he decided to take a vacation and that vacation would change Equestrian History FOREVEEEEEEER!

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A Master Derek Fanfiction
In Association with Dashing Loyalty Productions
The Derek Hicks Chronicles: Terminal Velocity
Staring: Derek Hicks Morgan Mason Anthony Brown Fernando Mata-Alan

Co-staring: Tara Strong as Twilight

The Derek Hicks Chronicles: Terminal Velocity
(Song end)

Chapter one: The unicorn device

Canterlot, Equestria

January 17th, 2728 (UNSC calendar)

Terminal Velocity threw his backpack onto his couch and sighed. He had just gotten back from his job at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns as a security officer.

He removed his security barding and tossed it next to his backpack. He went over to his fridge and grabbed a sarsaparilla, popped the cap off and slugged down the soft drink.
He plopped down in his chair and picked up his coffee from the morning. It was cold now but he didn't mind.

"Ugh." He said.

He had just gone on vacation. He wanted to visit his old friend Twilight down in Ponyville for about a week. The day had been terrible. Twice he had wrangle up some drunken teenagers that were vandalizing the school.

Suddenly a dark purple mare with a blond mane and violet eyes walked into the living room from the bedroom.

"Hey, Terminal." Rain Chaser, Terminal Velocity's girlfriend said.

"Hey, Rain Chaser."

"How was your day?"

"Terrible. Dumb kids tried to break some windows."

"Teenagers these days."

"Yeah. Hey I'm gonna go see my friend Twilight down in Ponyville. I hope you don't mind."

"No not at all." Rain chaser replied.

"Alright thanks."

"I'll be waiting for you when I get back." Rain Chaser kissed Terminal on the lip.
"Ok, be back in a few days, honey."

Terminal opened the door to the apartment and took to the sunny blue skies of Equestria.

Ponyville, Equestria

Terminal landed on mane street. He chuckled a bit at the streets name. He trotted down the road past city hall and towards the Library where Twilight lived. The library was a tree quite basically that was hollowed out with a room upstairs and a library downstairs.
Terminal knocked on the door.

When the door opened it revealed a small purple dragon with green scales.

"Twilight! Someone's at the door!" He yelled.

Twilight a lavender unicorn with purple hair with a pink stripe came rushing down the stairs.

"Twilight!" Terminal exclaimed.

"Oh hey Terminal. You here already?"

"Yeah. So what you been up to. It's been a while."

"I've just been working on a project the princess gave me last month."

"Oh yeah. What's it about."

"Oh no." Spike said.


Canterlot Castle, Canterlot

One month ago

Twilight strolled into the throne room. On the large throne at the end of the room was Princess Celestia the over 1,000 year old ruler of Equestria. She had a snow white coat with a waving mane of many colors.

Beside her was Luna the co-ruler of Equestria who had a dark blue coat and a shimmering blue mane.

"Welcome, my faithful student." Celestia said.

"Hey Princess I got your letter. What is it you want to tell me?"

"Well not many know the true history of Equestria from the ancient times a thousand years ago. I will tell you these things and give you an assignment."

"Ok princess. I love a good history lesson."

"Good, long ago during Discord's reign over the land Luna and I were born on an Island off the coast of Manehattan. The island is forbidden today and is patrolled by ships and Pegasi as it contains the reason of life here in Equestria. Why we're all here. Luna and I were Alicorns as you can see and we're 2 of the only 3 in existence. That is because we were born on the island. It contains the most powerful magic in all of Ponykind. The rainbow factory in Cloudsdale has only one of the magical crystals from the island and it hasn't stopped working since. But anyway. We were taught by the resistance that we could someday defeat Discord. We went on a quest to the crescent Island to retrieve six crystals. We arranged them in a pattern and used our magic combined with the energy of the island to create the elements harmony. They are truly crystals from the great island. We used them to cleanse evil from our land. We turned Discord to stone and Sombra to shadow. And eventually we used it to teleport Luna to the moon. The island is the place of origin. I've discovered that an alien species brought us here. Come follow me I have something to show you."

Celestia went over to her throne and pushed a hidden button. The floor opened up to a stairwell similar to that in the crystal empire. Celestia, Luna, and Twilight descended down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairwell was a door. Celestia opened the door and it revealed a large metal pod. It was crashed into the side of the mountain. The entire city was built around this great metal pod.

"What is that?" Twilight asked.

"This is where the unicorns were born." Luna replied. "We were once all like earth ponies from another world. We didn't look as we were now. But an alien race was bringing us somewhere with machines that ran on pure magic. They wanted to save us from something but I don't know what. You are now the fifth pony alive to know about our race's origins. Similar pods are buried in Manehattan and Las Pegasus. They were the place of birth for the other types of ponies. All of the other creatures such as the ones from the Everfree were born well in the Everfree. The temple for the elements is built upon four of these pods."

"I don't understand. What does this have to do with me?" Twilight asked.

"I want to make contact with the outside world. But first we need technology we don't possess. I want you to create a teleporter. A device that will allow us to travel anywhere on the planet even if they don't have magic. I will give you any recourse you need. I have a chest of crystals from the crescent Island.

"Ok Princess I'm on it."

Ponyville, Equestria

Present day

"...So I need your help to test the teleporter." Twilight finished.

"Ok. Where am I going?" Terminal asked.

"Just across town." Twilight replied. "Follow me."

Terminal and Twilight walked into another section of the library where there was a strange stone device. 3 pillars rose in a triangular pattern. At the top of these pillars were magic crystals. In the center on the bottom of the device was a large blue circular crystal. It was the same color as the element of laughter.

The control panel was metal and had many buttons and panels. It had the logo of SHI on it. Obviously provided by Lyra.

"Just stand on the blue focusing crystal and we can begin." Twilight said as she put on some scientist goggles.

Terminal stood on the light blue crystal. It began to glow as he stood there. Beams of magic connected the 3 crystals on top of the spires. The teleporter began to whir with sounds.

"Ok hang on just gotta adjust this..." Twilight said as she fiddled with the control panel.
Suddenly the panel sparked and the whirring accelerated. It sounded like a fan on high times 10.

"Uh. Twilight."

"Stupid Ministry of Technology junk." She hit the console.

Tendrils of magic began to form around Terminal.

"Don't Move Terminal!"


Suddenly the sound of a transporter accrued and a bright flash blinded Twilight. And Terminal was gone.

"Uh oh." Twilight said.

UNSC orbital scanner satellite, in orbit around Earth

The satellite was operating on a skeleton crew as most people were out on exploration missions or were getting ready to go on the Infinity-IV.

Ensign Lafler was on his station sipping a Dr. Pepper. Suddenly a ping appeared on his console. He detected a large RSN burst in Detroit.

Lafler did a spit take and scanned for explosions as RSN could be used in Nukes. It was a small burst on Adams, street. No fires. Just a pure burst of RSN. Lafler noted it as a minor anomaly in his logs and continued scanning for other anomalies.

Chapter 2: Any landing you can walk away from...

Detroit, North American district M1

January 17th, 2728

Terminal slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the grey overcast. It looked... Well gloomy. Over to his right was a large building of some sort.

Terminal stood up. He was standing in a small crater. You know like the ones from the old Buckinater Films.

The building was tall and rectangular shaped. It had glass windows running from the bottom all the way to the bottom. He

leveled his eyesight to the street. Bipedal creatures all wearing different cloths and hair were walking to and fro from the many rectangular buildings that dotted the rocky road. The road itself was like no road Terminal has seen before. It wasn't gravelly like the ones in Ponyville nor brick lade like the ones in Canterlot. It was pure black stone with yellow stripes in the center of it.

Large metal pods with windows flew down the road as Terminal watched the city. They were like nothing Terminal had seen anywhere.

'Okay I'm obviously hallucinating.' Terminal thought.

Suddenly a mother walked her child passed by the alleyway that Terminal was in.

"Look mommy a pony!" The child said in perfect Equestrian.

Terminal ducked behind the nearest dumpster before the woman could see him.

"Kids and there imaginations." She muttered as she and her child walked on down the street. 'Well that was close.' Terminal thought as he trotted down the alleyway.

The alley was home to a few cats that seemed to be wild and feeding off of the waste from the strange bipedal creatures. Terminal thought about the strange creatures a moment. They almost looked like the old mythological humans that the ancient Zebras and Lyra believed in.

As Terminal stepped out of the alleyway. He noticed the great expansive city of rectangular buildings. It must have extended on for miles! It was about 3 times the size of Manehattan!

"Whoa! "Terminal noticed the massive circular structure in the center of the massive settlement.

It started large at the bottom. But then thinned as it went up into the sky through the clouds! It must have touched the sky or went into space it was so tall!

'Well I'm not in Ponyville anymore.' Out to Terminals left was a lake with huge metal ships floating on it. They were carrying rectangular containers of all different colors to and fro from the city. They carried them to the other side of the lake, down a river, and onto another lake.

Suddenly one of the bipedal creatures turned into the alleyway. She was female and had short blond hair and pale white skin. Her attire was made up of grey fabric and white shoulder pads of leather.

She looked at Terminal with a curious look.

"Well maybe I should lay off the Brazilian ale." She said. "Are you real or what?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure if you're real either. Or this whole place."

"Well, either someone spiked my drink or this is real. I guess I'll humor my brain. My names Morgan. What's your name?"

"Terminal Velocity." They shook hand and hoof.

"Nice to meet you Terminal Velocity. "They stood looking at each other for a moment "So..." Terminal started.

"I bet you have a lot of questions. I have a lot of questions too. But let's save it for my apartment. Follow me I'll take you to my car."


"The vehicles that take you place to place."

Terminal walked alongside of Morgan to a nearby space filled with the metal pods that Morgan described as Cars. She pulled out a small jagged piece of shiny metal attached to a ring of metal and a plastic device with many colored buttons. She pushed the blue button and out came a small blue metal vehicle that looked a little more fancier than the others.

"That's my 2725 Toyota Prius. And it's blue." Morgan said with pride. "Hop in I'll give you a ride to my place."

Terminal awkwardly climbed into the passenger seat of the car. "Don't forget to put on your seatbelt."

"What in Celestia's name is a seatbelt?"

"It's a device that allows you to not fly through the windshield if we crash."

"Oh ok. "Morgan sighed and put on the seatbelt for him.

The vehicle pulled out of the parking lot and drove onto the smooth rocky road.

UNSC orbital scanner satellite

"Lafler!" Lt. Krieger yelled.

"Yes sir?"

"You listed an RSN burst as a 'minor event'! What's wrong with you! No one looks at minor events except for me to look for cadet screw ups!"

"Nothing was destroyed and no one was hurt."

"You don't know that. RSN is unpredictable. Someone could have teleported in from another universe or teleported or something!" Krieger ranted. "Don't screw up again you derf!"

"What the hell is a derf?" Lafler muttered.

Apartment complex, M-42

Detroit, District M1

Morgan threw her keys into a Keyes brand key cup. Her apartment was not exactly the fanciest of abodes. Clothes littered the apartment floor. By the computer was a leaning tower of Pizza boxes. Empty cupcake wrappers litter the floor near the trashcan. Terminal shuttered as he thought back to a short story he heard read back in his days of prisoner-of-war training.

"Sorry about the mess. I really let the place go." Morgan said as she looked at the mess.

"So what's it like where you're from."

Terminal plopped down onto the faded blue couch.

"Well where I'm from it's filled with sunshine, rainbows, and booze."

"No kidding. Here we got Military, spaceships, and probably more booze than you."

"Probably. Where I come from the best booze you can get is 'strong cider'. We also don't have giant metal and glass buildings or tethering the moon."

"Tethering the moon? Oh you must mean the Space elevator. That doesn't go all the way to the moon. Just to space."

"Well I'm not even going to ask what the point of that is." Terminal said. "So what's it like here. Give some rundown."

"Well your in the city of Detroit. Capital of District M-42 because really that's all there is in M-42. The districts used to be called counties but when Earth became ruled under a single government that was changed." Morgan took a breath. "I work for the navy. I was the first officer of the UNSC Infinity-III and I'm a candidate for the Captain of the Infinity-IV."

"Can you tell me about these ships?"

"Yeah. They're big and there in space. They got big guns and massive ranges of communications. But eh that's the basic rundown. And for 200 years or so the Infinity's are the biggest of all the ships. They've also been the strongest and fastest."

"Ships in space huh? Well that escalated quickly. "The two went on for hours explaining their 2 completely different worlds. Talking on and on about Government, technology, landscapes, and a Bunch of other things. Morgan explained the History of the UNSC and the human race. After a while Morgan decided to grab a couple bottles of Brazilian ale and drink with Terminal.

"Mhmm." She said as she sat on the couch with bottle in hand. "Eeyup." Terminal said as he sipped the Alcoholic beverage.

Chapter 3: Escalating quickly

Morgan's apartment, Apartment complex M-42,District M1,Detroit

January 18th, 2728

The next morning Terminal awoke with a head ache. He sat up on the couch. "Ugh I haven't had that much booze since I was a Colt." Terminal said.

Morgan was passed out on the other side of the couch with her mouth open and half a bottle of Brazilian ale clutched in her hands.

"Hey, hey. Morgan wake up!"

A series of gurgling noises escaped Morgan's mouth as she sat up. Her hair had been frizzled by the drinking from last night.

"Well crap. I guess you weren't an alcohol induced dream." Morgan said.

"Afraid not." Terminal replied. "Well I guess you'll need a place to stay out of the eyes of the Government."

"Why would I need to do that?"

"Come don't you have any alien crash landing movies where you're from. Governments don't take kind of aliens. Especially colorful equine aliens."

"Well ok."

"You can stay here if you promise not to destroy the house while I'm gone."

"Don't worry I haven't burned down a building since I was a colt."

"Ok. I gotta go to work. See you in the afternoon."

And after that Morgan walked out the door to the apartment.

UNSC Alpha base, Rio de Janeiro

A man sat at his special rainforest wooden desk. His picture of his family sat facing him on his desk. This was the leader of the modern UNSC and humanity. An ex-Spartan that became Admiral. The leader of this elected Empire. This was Admiral Derek shuffled some paperwork into the Mark VI Paper Euthanizer paper shredder. Courtesy of Big MT Dr. Halsey came into the office with her data-pad.

"What is it Halsey?" Hicks asked as he dropped a paper into the shredder.

"The translation is complete."

Hicks stood up in his chair. "You mean the one you've been working on since Requiem?"

Halsey shook her head yes.

"Where do the coordinates lead?"

Halsey turned on her data pad. "The star system of MARKAB. Also known as Alpha Pegasi. In the 21st century we researched the system believing it was a red giant star. But after focusing our instruments... We've discovered that it is actually revolving around a body. We've also discovered a moon is revolving around this body as well and has not collided with Alpha Pegasi. Explanation? None. Also we've detected major RSN activity in the system. The entire system has an RSN field surrounding the star and lunar body. We've detected that the source of the RSN is coming from the central planetary body. The star and moon seem to be orbiting a planet."

"And this will be where we're taking the Infinity, correct?"

"It would be a good start."

"How long?"

"A couple months to finish the paint jobs, cafeteria stocking, ammo stocking, and software upgrades. As well as getting small fighters and Frigates loaded."


"This vessel will be able to carry a fleet of 50 frigates and destroyers within its hull. There crews can remain aboard the Infinity and can be launched in 15 minutes after the order."

"Good deal. I'm still working on a captain."

"No need to rush." Halsey replied. "Just one of the greatest scientific discoveries waiting to be discovered."

And after that Halsey left Hicks's grabbed his data-pad and wrote up a report on Halsey's findings. 'Too enthusiastic.' He wrote.

After that he chucked a pencil into his fancy BigMT paper shredder and carried on.

Morgan's apartment


Terminal Velocity tried to grasp the remote to the television. But due to having no fingers or thumbs. So he accidentally changed it to channel 34. He was disgusted at what he saw and hit the remote with his hoof and it changed to channel 42. Some old movie about 1000 year old computers trying to come up with the meaning of life and everything. He decided that human movies were lame and flicked off the television. He then proceeded over to Morgan's fridge.

He used his mouth to open the door. In the fridge was 6 six-packs of Brazilian ale, a tub of cream cheese, a half jug of milk, a half eaten burger, a quarter 2 liter of Mountain dew, and a bundle of brown bananas.

"Ugh what does that woman eat!?" He then trotted back to the living room and tried once again to use the remote. Unfortunately he could only change the channels using his nose.

Nothing was on the television so he snatched a book from the book shelf that he found after moving a pile of dirty cloths out of the way. A few titles. Terminal learned interestingly that the humans wrote in the same language as Equestrian.

Some of the titles on Morgan's shelf were 'HG Wells The war of the worlds', 'Gone with the wind', ect. Most of had notes in them with a triangle on them. Terminal looked closer and it looked more like a D. Terminal shrugged and laid down on the couch. 'Ugh.' He thought.'

UNSC Delta base, Detroit

Delta base was much like Alpha base in Rio. It was a SWORD class base. But it lacked the underground secret projects. It overlooked the Detroit river. Its grey exterior matched that of the cloudy overcast in the sky.

Morgan's Blue Prius pulled into the parking lot of the base. She climbed out of the vehicle and strutted over to the base. The receptionist area was painted with a slightly lighter grey than the one outside. Behind the receptionist desk was a short girl with brown hair and tannish skin. She was Alyssa Morse the receptionist at Delta.

"Hey, Alyssa."

Alyssa looked up.

"Your not supposed to be back until the launch of the Infinity in March or April. You're getting paid vacation!"

"Yeah I'm not here for that. I need your help."

"Mine? What could I possibly help you with?"

"I've got a teal Pegasus in my house."

"Oh so you need mental assistance. You should see Dr. Helpinghand in Manhattan."

Morgan's face replied: }:l



"You're serious aren't you?"

"Ya think! I get a CAT scan every month! Company policy!" Morgan yelled.

"Ok, calm down. Is it a mutation or Alien." Alyssa asked.

"Extraterrestrial. Seems to be from a place called 'Equestria'. He's staying in his apartment. I found him over by Joe's burgers in the alley."

"That's where an RSN burst accrued yesterday. Brass came down hard on ensign Lafler for registering it as a 'minor event'. He got kicked off the satellite. Now they've quarantined the site and are trying to find out what caused it. It was probably your Pegasus dropping in."

"He said he was testing a teleporter for his friend Twilight."

"I think you're thinking of Bella." Alyssa thinking of an old movie said.

"No Alyssa! Her name was Twilight Sparkle and she was helping the alien leader to build a teleporter to make contact with aliens. He said it must have malfunctioned and sent him here. "

"If it was an RSN teleporter than he must be covered in the compound. Luckily it does not harm humans or intelligent species. But the feds are probably going to track the RSN to your car, through the street, and to your apartment."

"Oh crap!" Morgan dashed out the door and back to her car.

"Well that escalated quickly." Alyssa said as she sipped some coffee.

Chapter 4: The fan gets decimated

Apartment complex M-42 District M1, Detroit

January 18th, 2728

Morgan's blue Prius pulled up to the parking lot of her apartment building. 3 white vans with a symbol of an H with a line through the center line in a vertical fashion were sitting in the parking lot. People in hazmat suits surrounded the building with RSN Geiger counters and were evacuating people from the building.

"God dammit." Morgan swore under her breath.

She stepped out of her car and stepped towards the building.

"Excuse me ma'am." A man in a hazmat suit said. "This building is under quarantine. RSN has been detected. We're from Hidden Valley Innovators and we're here to capture the specimen emanating the radiation."

"I'm a captain of the UNSC. So screw you get out of my way."

Morgan pushed the man out of the way and marched towards the apartment complex.

Morgan's apartment

Terminal was once again trying to watch human TV. The most interesting show he found was a retro show from like a thousand years ago called 'Dennis the Menace'. He found it humorous. He had to tell Celestia to invent TV when he got back to Equestria.

Suddenly the door to the apartment smashed open and 3 people in yellow suits walked through with Geiger counters and pistols.


"Oh hey." Terminal replied. "Umm. Hi?"

"It can talk."

"Why is that the first thing everyone says when they see me?"

"A talking horse."

"I'm a pony. And I've trained with the royal guard. I even know some Zebra moves like Fallen Caesar style Whaaa!" Terminal stood on his hind legs in a fighting stance.

"Look we don't wanna hur-" He fell to the floor.

"Whaaa?" The other man said as Morgan kicked him in the face. The HiddenValley scientist fell to the floor. His visor was cracked.

"Come on we're leaving."


"Let me take you to Rio."

(Take you to Rio- Ester Dean)

"What's Rio? Sounds like something in the DonkeyRepublic."

"Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's the Capital of Earth and the UNSC. I'm going to arrange an audience with the leader of this world and all the other ones."

"That Admiral Chicks or whatever?"

"Admiral Hicks. Now throw this on." Morgan threw Terminal a motorcycle helmet.

"What's this?"

Morgan flicked open a vase on her end table and pressed the hidden that was underneath it. It opened a hole in the floor and a pole rose from it. Morgan extended her hand to Terminal and slid down the pole with Terminal in tow.

At the bottom of pole was a pitch black room. Suddenly the lights came on and revealed it to be a hidden garage with a Mongoose Motorcycle in the center of the room underneath a spotlight.

"Mongooses are usually ATVs. But this one is a 2 wheeled motorbike. My friend Alyssa has a Pelican ready to take us to Rio. We just need to make it to the DetroitInternationalAirport."

"Then let's do this." Terminal snapped his hooves.

(Song end)

(Rainbow Dash's Fighting is Magic theme-Rc88)

The 2 mounted the motor bike. Morgan revved the engines and pulled out a remote. A ramp appeared on the other side of the room that led up into the streets of Detroit.

Morgan gunned the motorcycle and it flew up the ramp and landed in the street. The Hidden Valley Scientists in hazmat suits noticed this and tore off there suits to reveal they were soldiers. They ran around the corner to reveal a warthog.


Morgan gunned it down the busy street. The warthog sped in pursuit. The turret was not the normal chaingun but a white energy turret bearing the symbol of Hidden Valley Innovators. It roared to life as blue energy leaped from the turret towards the mongoose.


Morgan leaned to the right and caused the mongoose to roll over onto its side but not to fall over to evade the fire. She adjusted it upright after the beam repeater turret over heated.

Morgan pulled out a Plasma Pistol sidearm and shot an overcharge shot at the hog. The front of the vehicle sparked as the engine stopped functioning as the mini-fusion reactor in its heart died from the EMP.

"Yeah!" Terminal shouted as the Warthog stalled and stopped in there pursuit.

"We win!" Terminal said.

Suddenly 2 white painted hornets with the HiddenValley logo on them appeared over the skyline.

"Fuck we didn't win!"

They immediately opened fire.

Morgan swerved and went onto an on-ramp up onto a highway. The hornets continued to fire.

"Terminal, you think we can take them?"

Terminal nodded and took to the air. He dodged the oncoming bullets and bucked the engine and the hornet spun and crashed into the ground. The other one backed off and flew away.

Terminal landed on the mongoose cycle

A/N The end. It's all I got through in Terminal Velocity. All done.