I'm going to get to the point I own nothing Masashi Kishimoto is the true author of Naruto I'm just playing with his characters.

Bonded to you!

This wasn't how it was supposed to go neither of them should have such a thing placed on them one had to choose between his family and his duty to his village and the other didn't have a chose but went along with it anyway was this fate or just someone messing with it laying a path that they weren't supposed to go down putting brother against brother. Sasuke finale caught up with Itachi now it was a fight to the death only one would make it out the other would be forgotten with time by all. I growled out with anger as I thought about what those fouls did ordering the distortion of the Uchiha clan they should be the ones fighting not two of the last Uchihas going at it like they should be the ones rushing to save the one who loses but no the elders get to sit on their asses looking pretty while others do their dirty work or fixing the problem that they caused .We Harunos had our own genjutsu that we only know we could bring somebody back from the dead without costing us our life but in a way we bind them to us changing them to our spirit animals from and changing them back to human when need be.

Well that's what I have so far what do you think.