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Itachi and Sakura talking.


Sitting on my bedroom floor having a staring contest with my now bound spirt animal who is also the most feared Uchiha was not how I wanted to spend my morning or any morning at that. Itachi for the most part blended into the darknspiritof my room the only thing you could see where two glowing red eyes humming to my self I picked up the first record scaning over it, it told you how the bonding took place and the hand signs you needed to make. Already knowing all that I placed it to the side and picked up the next one hopefully it heald what I was looking for not wanting to be left out or be ignored climb up onto my shoulder over looking the information with me. The second record was telling about the history of spirit animals your clan is bron with a split personality which later is used to make your spirit animal thats how you do it your giving up a part of you to infuse with a person of your choosing but they literally become part of your soul if one died so would the other I stayed quite letting it sink in that he was bonded to me until one of us dies why me Kuncichi after all that I've done his voice dropped to a wishper at the end both you and Sasuke deserve better, you had to make a choice that you should of never had to make and to die at the hands of the brother you love must was a terrible way to go, and Sasuke would have to live with the choice you also made for him both of you had a burden placed on you that should of never been he stayed quite thinking my response over. Picking up the last record while he was lost in thought my eyes widen as I began to read when a Haruno choose their spirit animal container they may take on he animals senses advanced hearing and sight may be some of them, they will also take on a similar smell making it easier to track the other if need be , when older the spirit animal may retain their human form at any time they see fit , as it is someone's soul and spirit that are bounding they become mated in a sense, neither one can become intimate with another, once human form is achieve a mating will automatically take place with the spirit animal instincts demanding it. Rereading the last sentence over and over nobody told me about that part a purr pulled me out of my thoughtsso your mine just as much as I'm yours nice to know this is a two way street.

I'm sorry I know its been awhile since I've updated but I lost my Grove and life decided to drop in.