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I woke up to the sound of my TV. Audrey IIs attack schoolhouse. Same as always. Audrey IIs attack nursing home! read the paper. Same as always. The headline for every newspaper in North America, Europe, and basically the rest of the continents, was sure to have the words Audrey II attacks. Life was a constant struggle against the damned vegetable! I was sick of it. Sick of the plant, sick of being poor, sick of having no one to turn to…

"There? You're kidding!" I said to the three black women.

"It's gotta be done." Said the first one.

"Someone needs to take over." Said another.

"You leave the girl alone!" said the third. "We can't make her do this. She could get killed! It's where it all began."

"I'll do it!" I yelled. I needed money. Money meant supplies. Supplies meant hiding. Hiding meant a chance.

"Working at Mushnik and Son's?" asked the third.

"You gonna be workin' there too," said the second.

" 'Cause I was forced!" snapped the third as she turned to me. "You sure, girl?"

I nodded.

"Great!" said the first. "Here are your tickets for the plane to Skid Row." She handed me an envelope. The corners had been singed with something. Inside was one slightly ripped piece of paper with my flight and seat number on it.

"Take our cards if you got any questions." Said the third.

The cards only said their first names. Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon. Who were these girls? They left my "house" without another word.

Ok, so now I was scheduled to fly to the infamous Skid Row because I'm related to one of the people who died. My sister would have protested, but, she can't because SHE'S DEAD! I blame it on that little shrimp she was going out with! He fed the goddamn plant HER ex-boyfriend, AND MUSHNIK! HE WAS THE BOY'S FATHER, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! And then, when she lay DYING, he didn't have the good sense to take her to the hospital! That idiotic little Seymour Krelborn started this mess! He was a murderer and a cheat! I only wish the plant would have eaten HIM sooner.

As you can probably tell by my rage, I missed Audrey terribly. I told her to stay out of trouble. I told her never to go to that town. I told her to never fall in love with men who wouldn't treat her right. And now, because she disobeyed me, she's dead. Working where she did would be a constant reminder of her death. But, there was something about those girls…it comforted me. It somehow made me feel as if there was hope. Since I had no other options, the next day, I went on the flight.

When I arrived at the almost destroyed flower shop on the corner of the street, I was greeted by the girls.

"Hey! Hey, Angela! It's us!" shouted the first one.

"Hello, Crystal," I shouted back, unsure of which one was who.

"We've been waitin' for ya," said the second. Ronette, I thought.

"At least you boarded the right plane," said the third. Chiffon. "Cedric said he ain't comin' 'til he can book another flight."

Suddenly we heard a voice in the distance. "Girls," it called. "Ronette, Crystal, Chiffon?"

"Show yourself, or get outta here!" yelled Crystal.

"It's Cedric! Cedric Krelborn!"

"Don't take your time boy, get down here!" screamed Chiffon.

A young man with slightly curled hair and glasses rounded the corner, rolling a large suitcase. He looked at me and extended his hand. I wasn't interested in making friends. I was interested in avenging my sister's death, and I wasn't going to shake hands with the brother of the person responsible for it.

"You must be Angela Fulquard." Said Cedric.

"You must be the brother of the person who killed my sister." I responded.

"Look, I didn't know we were related until they did tests, so, if you're gonna be mad at anyone, be mad at the vegetable."

"I can be mad at whoever I want."

"What a nice girl."

"Shut up."

"Ok, I think we can get through the day without conflict." Said Chiffon. "Let's get all our things set up. I'm sleeping in one of the inventory closets, and Ronette and Crystal are sleeping in the same room."

I rushed into the store, went behind the counter, and found a deflated air mattress. Seymour's deflated air mattress. I wanted to find out what went on in his head when he discovered that plant. I needed to know things that would give me answers. I looked at the little red spots on the floor. I heard a kissing sound. I found a lump in the deflated bed. I lifted the mattress, saw the flytrap-like plant, and screamed.