It's been a while since I wrote in this story, so I'm not even gonna write a lot in this boring introduction…and you're reading it anyway because-oh, I'll just get to the point! Happy reading!


A baby one! Just sitting there, looking at me! I grabbed my revolver and aimed it at the pod. "No!" screeched Ronette. "We need that specimen for research!"

"Why do we need research?" I asked.

"We can find out what causes it to have a taste for human blood."

"And what if we don't?"

"Then, you can shoot 'em"

Cedric was examining the plant. "I think it's hungry."

"Well, duh!" said Crystal. "Audrey IIs are always hungry."

"I'll go get the meat," said Chiffon.

I was confused. "Meat?"


She ran downstairs and quickly came back up with a bag of raw hamburger. "You wanna try givin' it to her?"

"Um…how do you do it?"

"For cryin' out loud, it's a plant! Just shove it into her mouth."

"How much?"

"The whole bag. It should keep her until next week."

I fed the plant the meat in the bag. All of it. When it finally finished, it stuck its pod in the air and left us alone.

"Happy now?" asked Crystal.

I didn't answer. We weren't here to ask questions. We were there to work. I set up my bed, grabbed a broom, and started sweeping.

"Hey, Krelborn," I said to Cedric. "Ever try helping?"

Then he started sweeping. He acted as if the broom was a Petri dish with some deadly virus on it. Didn't surprise me. Fancy spoiled children at the YMCA never had to lift a finger.

"I'm gonna have you take a test, Krelborn." I said, menacingly. "Let's trade places. You sweep, and take care of all this crap while I go and cavort and gamble like you do. It'll be fun!"

"Look, sweetie, I'm sorry she's dead, but there's nothing we can do! Be mad at the plant!"

"And I suppose you think that the plant is just gonna show up! Be REAL! You don't have power over me, so let me be mad if I want to!"

"Whatever happened to 'no conflict'?" asked Chiffon. "You two settle down and start cleaning!"

I was certain that things were never going to settle down. You just can't get over a sibling's death. I watched Cedric closely. Who was this man? What were his intentions towards the shop? I already had a strong disliking towards him. He obviously didn't care that this little piece of property was the only thing left of his family.

I cared. Audrey wouldn't die in vain. Not while I'm around.

After a few weeks, the shop was clean. No, not exactly "clean", but presentable. And then we hear the story on the radio:

The first of its kind is the first one to fall: First Audrey II killed, corpses found inside. Three unidentified people escape from the plant's jaws after they are pried open. Massive manhunt in progress. Nation's officials believe they may have information about the plant, and how to kill its descendents. The world may still have hope!