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Les Méchants

Eponine Thropp was born green. No one knew why, and it seemed that there was no reason for it, that was just the way it was. She was green. Her father, Frex, refused to accept it though. He'd tried to cover up Eponine's greeness, but to no avail. So she became his stress relief. If he was stressed or angry or just bored, he would take it out on her. That usually came in the form of a beating. Eponine had two siblings, Azelma and Gavroche. Gavroche was the youngest, being only 8 years old. Azelma was the middle child, as well as the favoured one, at 18 years of age. That left Eponine as the oldest, at the age of 18 years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes old. Eponine had never had any type of birthday party. Her father never gave her anything except for a beating, her sister pretended not to care when in the presence of their father or anyone else, for that matter, and Gavroche was rarely seen by any of them. Eponine had only one friend in the whole world: Marius Tigelaar. He was the only one that didn't stare at her green skin, the only one that never made fun of her, the only one that would actually be seen with her in public, and the only one that really and truly cared about Eponine Thropp. So naturally she fell in love with him. Her love was, at the moment, unrequited.

Eponine sat in her room, in the darkness. The only light came from that of the full moon, which was visible from her window. She looked at her pocket watch, which was almost an exact (though smaller of course) replica of the Time Dragon Clock, which told her that she would be 19 in less than a minute. She'd had the watch for a very long time, it had been given to her by a man named Turtle Heart. She did not remember him well, only that he had been around before her mother had become pregnant with Azelma. At this point you may wonder how Eponine was treated by her mother. Eponine's mother was dead. She had been for 8 years, she had died giving birth to Gavroche. Eponine did not remember much of her mother, Melena, but she remembered that her mother had once tried to drown her. Clearly, it had not worked. Eponine refused to go near water, for it burned her. Fortunately, it did not rain much in the magical land of France.

She glanced at her clock again. Midnight.

"Happy Birthday Eponine..." she whispered to herself. She heard a soft tap at her window. She looked over just as a pebble hit the window, creating another soft tap. She walked over and opened the window. Peering down into the darkness, she saw Marius. She smiled. "Well hello there, Monsieur." She called down to him. "What brings you here at this hour of the night?"

"Happy Birthday, 'Ponine!" He exclaimed, grinning boyishly.


"Come down here so I can give you your gift."

"You know my father locks my bedroom door at night."

"Then go through the window."

"But I'm on the second floor!" She protested.

"Then jump, I'll catch you!" He promised. Eponine hesitated. "Don't you trust me?" Eponine jumped out of the window and, sure enough, Marius caught her, grinning. Marius put her down and then reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box. He handed it to her. "Open it." he said softly. Eponine opened the box and inside was a beautiful silver charm bracelet, with several beautiful charms hanging from it. She smiled and hugged him.

"Thank you, it's beautiful." she whispered.

"Happy Birthday." he replied merely as he helped her put the bracelet on. They sat down on the grass together.

"I can't believe your leaving tomorrow." She said quietly.

"Shiz University, the best there is in France."

"I know... 'Zelma leaves tomorrow as well." Eponine sighed and then looked into Marius' emerald green eyes. "I'm going to miss you so much..." her voice shook with the tears that were threatening to form in her eyes.

"I'll miss you too, 'Ponine. But I promise to write to you everyday." He assured her. Despite that, tears started to fall from her eyes, they burned as they fell down her cheeks. She gasped slightly.

"Oh damn, tears, they burn like fire!"

"Shh, 'Ponine, it's okay. Please don't cry! I'm still here, 'Ponine, I'm still here." he said, wrapping his arms around her. He wiped away her tears. Eponine looked at him, studying his face and the pale blue diamonds that trailed from his face down his neck, and (though she was not certain) down his back and chest. She wanted to kiss him, to feel his lips against hers; she wanted him to whisper that he was hers, that he would not leave her; she wanted him to love her. But she knew that this would not happen. "I'll come back." He told her, "I'm not leaving for good, you will see me again." he promised her.

"You're the only friend I've ever had..." She whispered. Marius looked at the green girl that he held in his arms. He hardly noticed the colour of her skin anymore, that did not matter to him as it did to most people. She was his beautiful Eponine, with her bright hazel eyes that could never seem to decide whether they wanted to be green or brown; with her dark, thick lashes that framed her big eyes; with her chestnut hair that was always a bit of a mess (except for when she managed to get a hold of her sister's comb, as her father had never supplied her with one). It was true that Eponine was, by far, too thin (her father did not let her have normal sized meals. He felt that everything that went to Eponine was just one more thing taken away from Azelma, his favourite child), and it was true that her skin was green, and it was true that she was very unpopular, but Marius saw past all of that. She was his best friend and nothing else mattered. It was hard for him to leave her, but he couldn't just pass up the oppurtunity to go to Shiz University. The Shiz University! Marius kissed Eponine's forehead.

"I'll always be your best friend."

"You promise?"

"I promise." he told her, holding her a bit tighter. They ended up sitting there like that for a couple of hours until Marius had to depart. Eponine climbed back into her room and layed down in her bed. She was asleep withing second of her head hitting the pillow.


Eponine was woken up by her father shoving her out of bed.

"Get packed." He told her. She looked at him, confused.

"For what?"

"For Shiz University. You're going with Azelma."

"Really?" Eponine asked, a smile starting to form on her lips.

"Yes, to look after Azelma. No other reason than that."

"Oh thank you, father! Thank you!"

"Get ready!" He snapped before walking out of her room.

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