Okay, I feel kind of bad since this is my second author's note and it's barely been a week. However, this needs to be said.

I will not be updating any of my stories for the next three weeks as I am leaving for a three week course in CTC Blackdown and I will not have access to my computer or the internet, except for maybe on Sundays, when I will be allowed to return home for the day. But you really shouldn't expect updates on Sundays as I will be spending them with my family (and eating real food :P)

I'm really sorry that I won't be able to update.

I will be returning home on July 26th, you can probably expect at least one update the week after I return home.

For anyone that wants to know, the course I am attending is a Basic Pipe and Drum course at, as I've said, CTC Blackdown (CTC = Cadet Training Centre). I will be learning to play the bagpipes and I am very excited. Blackdown is up at CFB/BFC Borden (CFB = Canadian Forces Base, or for the French, Base des Forces Canadiens), which isn't far from where I live. For anyone who noticed what I said above about "eating real food" on Sundays, that's because during the three week course, I'll either be eating MREs/IMPs (MRE = Meals Ready to Eat, IMP = Instant Meal Package) or I'll be eating at the mess hall. Either way, the food is rather disgusting (Especially the MRE crackers! *Shudder* They are absolutely disgusting! And they're hard to break! They taste like cardboard).

Anyways, I hope that you won't mind too much that I will not be updating for the next three weeks, I do apologise.

Have a great Summer, everyone, I'll see y'all in three weeks!



P.S For those of you who are still interested in the One Towards the Other sequel, no I have not given up on it. I have most of the plot figured out, but I probably won't start working on it until I've finished some of the stories I'm currently working on.

P.S.S For any of you who have read Une Pauvre Fille, I'm thinking of writing a companion story to that, which will focus on Marius and Éponine's married life (thanks to I Am Your Singer 2006 for that suggestion).

P.S.S.S (Okay, last one) I also have in mind an idea for a fanfiction based off of the Les Mis anime, Shoujo Cosette (A Girl Named Cosette), which will be called Shoujo Éponine (A Girl Named Éponine).

P.S.S.S.S (Okay, I lied. But this one really is the last one!) I'm also planning another fanfic called The Boy Nextdoor (no relation to my other fanfic, The Girl Nextdoor) which will be from Éponine's point of view (I believe it was I Am Your Singer 2006 who requested that I write a story in first person). Though, of course, this and Shoujo Éponine will have to be put on hold until I've finished writing some stories and won't be started until after the One Towards the Other Sequel (I still don't have a name for it) and the Une Pauve Fille companion story.