Sir Saotome

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Chapter One: New Old-Fashioned World, Same Old Tricks

***** * ******* * *****

The Jusendo valley of China was a place of magic, shrouded in mystery, contained in this small piece of land reside three tribes whose existence has been all but forgotten. One was the Amazons, powerful warrior women who have preserved their way of life for over three thousand years with their skill in the martial arts. Another, the Musk Dynasty, whose warriors mated with beasts transformed into women by the cursed springs of the valley to give them abilities beyond those of mortal men. Finally the Phoenix Tribe, birdmen lead by an immortal Phoenix who claims to be a god, Saffron. For many centuries a bloody war was fought between these peoples for control of the Ley Line Nexus with-in the valley. Whoever would control the Nexus would have a decisive advantage over their foes, the ki abilities and magic enhanced by the power of the lines. After many costly battles the three tribes settled to an uneasy truce that the nexus at Jusenkyo would be ruled by no power, but that each would control one of the lines that comprised it, and, after the passage of many centuries, the reason for the conflicts was almost completely forgotten.

From the line at the Dragon Tap a tear formed in the very fabric of space and time itself. Bursting out from the azure portal Sir Ranma Saotome, knight errant, slowed his horse to a stop and pulled a small device from his saddle bag. After a few seconds a green light lit up on the molecular analyzer, proving the air to be breathable. After looking at his surroundings for awhile the armored knight set out in a new direction to see what lay before him in this world.

High above a small group of warriors from the Phoenix Tribe watched as the Cyber-Knight walked away from their lands. It was their duty to watch for random monsters and demons that sometimes appeared along a strip of their lands. It was dangerous work but also one that carried great honor as they would be the first to battle any horror that appeared. The team leader noticed that the figure which emerged looked like an armored human and was heading to the cursed springs. With a hand signal the birdman sent one of his troops to report this odd occurrence to their lord, Saffron, knowing that their god-king would know what to make of these happenings. Another hand signal dispatched another two warriors to keep watch over the stranger from the skies. Should this being be a threat it would find no easy prey amongst the Phoenix Tribe, they would see to that.

***** * ******* * *****

As Ranma approached the cursed pools of Jusenkyo he saw a portly man in a Mao suit and decided it was time to get some information if he could. Naturally riding up to the man on a robot horse, wearing environmental battle armor, would most likely unnerve the man so Ranma dismounted and moved to remove his helmet. With a hiss the environmental seal on the helmet came undone and Ranma removed the piece of armor from his head. Ranma's raven black pig-tail, now free from the confines of the helmet, fell to rest near his shoulders. His lungs breathed in the fresh, unfiltered air, and his eyes gazed upon the lands without the multi-optic systems of his helmet.

Watching for potential dangers Ranma approached the Guide.

***** * ******* * *****

The Guide to the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo had gone out to check on the springs and get in a brief stroll when he saw a sight that was very strange, even for him. A man, dressed in armor that looked like a high- tech version of med-evil armor with a camouflage traveling cloak, was approaching him.

"Nihao mister Customer and welcome to the Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo." The guide said, weird as it may be the Jusenkyo Guide was still a professional. Since the features on the stranger looked Japanese he tried that language.

***** * ******* * *****

Ranma was relieved when the guide addressed him in a language he knew. Thankfully Ranma had maintained his knowledge of Japanese, even though it was not as widely spoken a language as others. "Pardon me sir but what country is this?"

'Okay now this is just plain old fashioned weird.' The Guide thought as he answered the knight's question. "You in China Mr. Customer."

Ranma felt a shiver run up his spine at the statement that they were in China but realized that if the China of this world was like the one of his the guide would have been dead long ago. "Okay sir, would you happen to know the way to the nearest human settlement?" Hopefully he could get a ship to some other place or cut up through Russia. He needed to be in a place where he spoke the language.

The guide blinked, someone was here and not itching to mess around in the cursed springs. This was a first. He'd have to write it down just so he didn't forget it actually happened. "Yes Mr. Customer, I take you to village of Amazons."

'Amazons.. in China... What kind of messed up world have I landed on? Oh well it's a start, plus it's better than demons.' Ranma thought. "Um thanks, just let me get my horse okay."

"That okay Mr. Customer." And with that they set off towards the Amazons Village.

***** * ******* * *****

Captain Zaing Ho Lei of the People's Liberation Army of China watched as his forces attacked the Amazons of Jusendo Valley from his command tank. For too long the Pollet Bureau had suffered the disobedience of the peoples of the region and now they were being punished. The attack had gone well as they had caught the savages in the midst of some festival with their opening barrage of rockets. After the Amazons they would move on to wipe out the rest of the rebellious primitives.

***** * ******* * *****

In his throne-room atop Phoenix Mountain Saffron, the mighty god-king of the Phoenix Tribe listened to the account of events being given to him by a member of one of his demon fighting squads. Even though his appearance seemed that of a child his mind was stocked with hundreds of life-times worth of experience and knowledge. If his forces went on the offensive they could catch the intruder off guard, however without foreknowledge of this newcomer's intentions he could be committing forces to a senseless attack. On the other hand should the newcomer's intentions turn out to be violent he would be wasting an opportunity and could cost him the lives of many of his subjects. Now many would think Saffron would just leap to attack the invader, confident that nothing could best his skilled warriors and his own supernatural powers. For the most part this is true; however there were several complicating factors. While the majority of supernatural creatures and creatures of magic had abandoned this dimension eons ago it was possible that one could enter from a random dimensional portal. Also he had yet to achieve his adult form and while Saffron knew he was superior to any mortal being in any form, against a greater being like himself, on the other hand, could be a more difficult task. After careful thought the god-king spoke.

"Continue to observe this newcomer from the skies. Should he prove a danger then strike. I want all soldiers to be on the watch for him as well. Should he leave our boarders then double the guard but leave him be."

"Yes my lord."

***** * ******* * *****

Thru out his lands the military machine of the Phoenix Tribe made their lord's will into reality as birds carried the orders to their military forts. As Ranma left the boundaries of the Phoenix Tribe the patrols were doubled and defenses tightened as the tribe readied itself for any type of surprise attack.

***** * ******* * *****

From atop a hill overlooking the village Sir Ranma Saotome saw the battle between the Amazons and the Chinese Army. No, battle was not an appropriate term, more like a massacre, Ranma had seen many slaughters in his life and this was definitely one. The Amazons were putting up a mighty battle but the soldiers of the People's Republic had taken them by surprise and were exploiting that edge for all it was worth. Watching the scene Ranma's desire to help people warred with his unwillingness to interfere in a situation he might not understand. However when a T-90 drove thru a hut holding children and mowed down the one's that escaped with its machine gun Ranma's decision was made. Turning to look at the Guide he noticed the Guide had run away, which was what he was going to tell the Guide to do anyways.

With ease born of much experience Ranma drew his rifle and motioned for his steed to charge onto the battlefield. It was time to even the odds.

***** * ******* * *****

The Amazons continued to battle valiantly for their very survival against the outside attackers. However they had been caught off guard at the end of their annual tournament so many of their finest fighters was tired or injured. The Elders tried to organize their defense but things were falling apart too quickly. Then a crimson bolt of light tore into one of the Chinese tanks, blowing it apart. A second and then third tank joined the first as burning slag as an armored figure on a mechanical looking horse waded into the battle.

Re-holstering his rifle Ranma leapt from his steed and faced off against the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army of China. The Code of Chivalry prevented him from attacking these solders with his psi-weapons, his more conventional weapons on the other hand... Drawing his Wilk's 227 laser pulse pistol Ranma opened up on two dozen grunts with single shots, each shot vaporizing a it's target. Switching to a vibro-saber he kept for such occasions Ranma sliced thru a few more soldiers like a hot knife thru butter. Automatic weapons fire rained down upon the Cyber-Knight but Sir Saotome simply ignored it. The worst it could do against his molecularly bonded armor was to scuff the paint so they were not even a threat. On the other hand their fragile human bodies offered no resistance against the destructive power of his weaponry, and when coupled with his martial skill it was no contest. Even the few weapons they had that could harm him (RPG's and anti-tank guns) were evaded and destroyed with unnatural ease. Spotting the grenades of a fallen enemy Ranma charged the nearest tank, scoping the grenades up in the process.

Elsewhere on the battlefield Ranma's robots were making a fine showing of themselves, their hydraulic strength and concealed weapons devastating the solders. Also with Ranma's entrance the Amazons managed to turn the tides against their enemies and were repaying the PLA for all they had done as only enraged Amazons can.

Captain Lei watched as their glorious victory transformed into a terrible defeat. As he was moving to call a retreat so they could regroup the top hatch opened and a grenade fell into the cabin. The Captain didn't have a chance to scream as the fragmentation grenade tore his body into bleeding strips of meat.

Ranma leapt from tank-to-tank, disabling or destroying each one until all of the enemy armor had been destroyed. By this time the soldiers left alive realized this was hopeless and decided to run like the hounds of hell were riding their asses.

With the battle over some of the Amazons went to check on the wounded or put out fires but others surrounded the armored figure that had joined in their battle. Several of the younger and more impetuous women were annoyed by this outsider who had interfered in their battle; however the Elders realized that it would be both rude and imprudent to attack someone who pulled their asses out of the fire.

Cologne's ancient eyes evaluated the man before her. He was dressed in a strange armor which looked like a high-tech version of European plate armor. Opening her senses Cologne was surprised by the amount of power radiating from the armored man. From his aura she could see a great deal of psychic power and discipline. However the man's aura showed their inner goodness. This put the aged Matriarch at ease for it would signify that he had no ill intent towards the tribe. It was then that the figure spoke.

'Guess I went a little overboard.' Ranma thought as he surveyed the crowd around him. His original concerns of stepping into a situation he didn't fully understand coming back. Out of the mass of humanity came a very bizarre looking creature perched on top of a staff. Opening his psychic senses Ranma determined that the woman (?) was not some form of demon or monster. "I do not wish to fight you and apologize if I have in some way offended you." He said, hoping that at least one of them spoke Japanese, preferably one who wasn't dead set on killing him. Going thru that once in his life was enough and the language translator in his armor let him know that some of the women in this crowd wanted to fight him.

"Though the thought is appreciated, no apology is necessary under these circumstances. However I would like to know who you are and what brings you to our lands young warrior?" Cologne said to the man in front of her.

Ranma let off a mental sigh of relief knowing he wouldn't have to fight his way out of this. "My name is Sir Ranma Saotome, knight errant, and currently I seek directions to the nearest port city." It felt good to be a knight errant again as opposed to working for a government.

'Knight Errant huh, well that is new, explains the look too.' Cologne thought. Now under normal circumstances she would attempt to acquire the magic items that Sir Saotome carried. However given the situation and what he had done that would be both imprudent and really rude. Already half the villages remaining warriors were tailing the soldiers who escaped, not only to keep them from reporting their failure but to see if they could find out what else the PLA's attack had called for. With luck they could bring the Phoenix or the Musk in on their retaliation and save some womanpower. "Well young man in return for your aid I think it would only be fair to give you the directions you seek." She said. After directing him to a small village on the coast outside the Jusendo valley Ranma thanked her and left.

As Ranma departed one of the scouts returned with a file containing their attacker's orders. As she read them a grim smile graced her face. The Chinese government had planted a villainous crop and would now reap a dark harvest.

***** * ******* * *****

After spending the day helping the Amazons recover from the Chinese assault Ranma headed off towards the next town. Traveling at an easy 30 to 40 mph Ranma's mind began working thru the problems that being a dimensional refugee presented. He had no papers, no contacts, and no destination. Assuming that Japan existed in this dimension he could go there. At least then he would be in a country he spoke the local language of.

Also he would need some way to transport his horse. Robots were probably not very common and it would not do to bring unnecessary attention to himself. Coming to a clearing in the woods Ranma signaled his horse to halt. Night would be coming soon and it would be a good time to set up camp. Unloading his bags from the bot Ranma unpacked his tent and began to set it up camp.

***** * ******* * *****

Latter that night, after eating some field rations he had brought with him Ranma, now out of his armor, sat back against the back of a tree and began to write down what had happened in his log. He had taken to writing down a log so that he could look back over his past actions and determine what he could have done better; it also serves as a reminder to himself of who he is, where he's been, and where he's going. Once his writing was finished Ranma placed the log back in his travel pack. Then Ranma walked away from his camp and began to practice his martial arts. Clearing his mind Ranma began flowing thru his forms. Fluid attacks and defenses melded together to form a versatile style designed to subdue or, if necessary, kill an opponent. Integrated into the martial styles of the Cyber-knight were the several of the aerial styles of the Anything Goes. Ranma didn't remember where he had learned the jumping techniques; in fact because of the years of psychological treatment he had to undergo as a result of his Neko-Ken training he remembers little of his life before he came to Rifts Earth.

Continuing his training until dark Ranma settled in for the night and ordered his robot horse to keep watch. It was at times like this when the past tended to catch up with him. All the people that he could not save or had not been able to save came back to haunt him. Scenes of massacres he had seen played thru his mind. Friends lost to the violence of daily life would visit him at nights. T.C., one of the first Juicers he had ever had the experience of working with, who had died after a job when his Last Call came. It had been in a bar after a job T.C., himself, and a few others had done when all of a sudden T.C. coughed up a lot of blood for no reason and dropped dead. Like all Juicers the chemical augmentation which granted them their fantastic physical abilities also drastically shortened their lives. His friend must have not realized that his time was so close, or maybe he did but just never let anyone know. Either way given the look of surprise on his face when the end came he didn't think it would hit him then. Of all the people he had meet and parted ways with those who had met a violent end were the ones he remembered the most. Eventually sleep did come to his mind and, under the watchful eye of his bot; Sir Ranma Saotome went to sleep.

***** * ******* * *****

Late the next day Cologne received word from the messengers the Council had sent to the Musk and Phoenix. As they had expected their hate of the Chinese government was greater than their distrust of each other. A conference was to be held to discuss what to do.

***** * ******* * *****

As the dawn broke Ranma rose from his nights slumber. It had been a fairly good night as nothing had given his horse, Shinden, cause to awaken him. 'Damn I guess yesterday wasn't some weird-ass dream, or that the last year could have just been an elaborate nightmare. I wonder what that says about your life when you wish it was just a nightmare.' Ranma thought. On the bright side he wasn't dead yet. And so Ranma rose and got together something resembling food.

After eating Ranma stretched and began a series of katas. As he flowed thru his forms Ranma's mind was working on how to get out of the country. First problem was that he couldn't speak the local language. This severely restricted the number of people he could speak to. That was not only a problem in and of itself but would also worsen all of his other problems. Another was the total lack of papers. No papers, passport, or any other form of identification that he could use in this dimension. On top of that he was not sure that his money would be accepted here. First off the bulk of his money was in credits and if they lacked a system to access such funds he was in trouble. However he could make it with the precious metals and gemstones he had with him. Unless, of course, such things were not valued on this Earth, then he was just screwed. For all he knew he dog shit could be the only valued currency. Maybe human teeth or nachos were the local coin? That's the greatest problem with being a dimensional refugee; you could pop up in places where literally anything could be possible.

'Damn I wish I had taken the time to get some general information at that Amazon village.' Ranma thought as he jumped into the air to continue his practice. Unfortunately he had to try and limit the amount of people who know that he is from another dimension, at least until he was sure that such a fact would not get him lynched. As he thought about this he blocked a blow from his imaginary opponent while kicking said opponent. Angling himself above this imaginary foe he immobilized his enemy and rained down blows while driving him into the ground. There were several things he would need. He would need a way to move Shinden and his other high-tech and magical items out of the country. In the event that the soldiers he had fought before were in the service of the ruling government he could well be a wanted man. 'Well it wouldn't be the first time.'

Add to that he would need to do so with limited, if not no, funds, no contacts, and little knowledge of the world he was in. One possibility would be to swim to Japan but he discarded that idea. Shinden would have to walk along the bottom and he did not yet know what beasts might lurk within the depths of the seas. Where he came from the seas were far too dangerous for such an attempt and Ranma was not willing to chance that here would be much different. On top of that there was the fact that while all of his things were resistant to, or unaffected by, water he wouldn't wish to chance them in the ocean. 'Actually now that I think about it how would I know if the water was acidic or not?' Ranma thought. It wasn't a very likely event, seeing as there was human life and all, but it was better to error on the side of caution. It had only cost him his skeleton before he had learned that lesson. Underestimated an opponent and was almost killed for his trouble, even though he had survived his skeleton had been so covered in hair-line fractures that it could just barely support his body weight and at the very least needed to be replaced. Operation hurts like a bitch too, had to have every bone in his body surgically removed and replaced with molecularly-bonded ceramic bones. Recovery from both the wounds and surgery was no picnic either, but on the bright side his new skeleton didn't break under any but the most extreme of forces, plus the new bones made him tougher than before. Also he was one of the few people to be on the business end of a G-10's Boom Gun and live to tell about it.

Getting on a plane or a boat would be better. However there was the distinct possibility that the people of this dimension lacked means of traversing the seas or skies. Admittently this seemed a little paranoid to Ranma but he had been told that when randomly traversing dimensions that literally anything goes. Also the few times he'd been thru a rift he'd seen some pretty strange worlds. Either way a lack of information could result in him dieing in a fashion that would be utterly humiliating, and that just wouldn't do. He'd just have to head into a town near the coast and trust his luck to see him thru.

Conveniently he had come to that decision as he had concluded his morning exercise. Given the rather retro tech levels he had witnessed it would be a fair guess that people walking around in body armor is not a common sight. Well there was always the Cyber-armor grafted onto his body, plus the fact that he was one tough bastard and a damn good armed and unarmed fighter with psychic senses. He could probably handle anything this world could throw at him without his armor. Also in that Amazon Village more than a few people had looked at him like he was totally insane. Since drawing unnecessary attention to himself would probably be counter-productive he would have to travel in a less-conspicuous fashion.

***** * ******* * *****

Lui Chin-Sai grinned as the old man fell to the ground. He was a farmer who had gotten on the bad side of the Chinese government and was seeking passage to Japan to escape from the government's displeasure. Naturally Lui had came in and offered to sell a boat he kept for just such an occasion to the old man and his family. Of course he had no such plans on selling the boat to this man and, just like with the last few people who came to buy his craft. He would kill the old man right away; however his granddaughter, who was being covered by a few of his lackeys, would join the old man after they had had some fun with her.

***** * ******* * *****

Ranma was riding through the woods parallel to a country road, pondering how to exit the country. He had stowed his armor in favor of more civilian garb. He was wearing a pair of steel-toed boots, loose exercise pants with kneepads, a utility belt with his TW Thundergun in his holster, a dirty-white muscle shirt revealing the tattoos that ran along his arms, and a belt across his chest with his vibro-saber sheathed on his back. It was then that he heard a cry of pain from the roadside. With skill born of countless forest battles Sir Saotome quietly dropped from his steed. Keeping his camouflage cloak pulled around him to increase his concealment the Cyber-knight approached where the sound had originated from. The scene that met his eyes was one that he wished was not so familiar to his eyes.

'It's the highlight of my existence.' The sword replied, eager to be used to help. With a rasp Ranma drew the weapon from his back sheath and undid his camouflage cloak and the knight waited until he could attack the bandits without endangering the innocents. Normally ambushing an enemy would go against the Code of Chivalry but, at least in Ranma's opinion, the tenant of protecting the innocent took precedent and so was permissible in this case. Finally an opportunity presented itself when the bandits had backed the old man and young woman against a truck. With a rebel yell he charged from his possession.

The bandits responded to the charge by turning and opening fire upon the attacking knight with their AKs, however before the trigger was even pulled Ranma had begun evading the bullets, effortlessly leaning out of their way without breaking his charge towards the center bandit. Bringing his sword down he effortlessly sliced the man's assault rifle in two and then knocked the wind out of the bandit with a spin-kick, landing the recipient on his ass. The two flanking Ranma decided to try and club him into submission with their rifles however Ranma ducked under both and knocked the gun out of the hands of the attacker on his right. Quickly he delivered a palm strike to the man's chest, knocking him away, before he grasp the barrel of the AK-47 as it fell from the air. With his new weapon he slammed the other bandit in the temple with the weapon's butt and then followed up by dropping into a low sweep with his sword, cutting the man's legs off at the knees. Even as he fell screaming to the ground Ranma slashed his rifle and the one he had procured into confetti with his sword. Turning to the other two who were just getting up from his assault Ranma said, in a cool tone and leveling his sword at them "Well boys you can either grab your friend here and run, or we can finish this. Your call?"

One of the bandits either understood enough Japanese to make out what Ranma had said or got the gist of the message because he shouted something to the other and they grabbed their friend and, ran like all Hell were after them.

With the combat concluded Ranma wiped the blood from his blade and re- sheathed it. As Ranma tuned to the two people the older of the two approached him and said "Thank you kind sir for what you've done for us. How can we ever repay you for saving us?"

"No need for thanks good sir. Though I would like to know what those three were attacking you for." You never knew, there could be more to this than meets the eye.

"Ah yes well I was seeking to purchase a boat. You see I've recently fallen from favor with the central government and was hoping to flee with my granddaughter to Japan. You see my son was involved in a protest against the conditions of the government and was arrested and executed."

"Damn." Ranma said. He had never put much faith in governments and this just reaffirmed his distrust of authority.

"Yes well with that in mind we got desperate and tried to buy a boat, those hoodlums agreed to sell us one." He said gesturing to the small boat hitched up to the truck. "However when my granddaughter and I showed up to purchase it they attacked us."

"So how were you going to sail this craft to Japan?" Ranma asked, after all even though it was distasteful this could be his ticket out of here.

"Well I was able to get in touch with a few survivors of the protest who knew how to sail." The old man replied. "All I needed was to get the boat."

"Not to impose or nuthin but do ya think I could bum a ride to Japan with ya?" Ranma asked.

"Not at all young man, it would be my pleasure."

"Cool, just let me get my stuff." Then Ranma noticed the teenage girl, obviously the granddaughter, who was looking at him with an awed expression that Ranma was also familiar with. 'Man one of my ancestor's must'a done some nasty shit for me to get this kind of bad luck.'

***** * ******* * *****

(Speaking of which)

Genma panted as he evaded the last of his pursuers. The ten years since Ranma has disappeared had not been good to him. Without an heir he could not con his way into free room and board at dojos, also he could no longer exchange the boy for supplies. To compound this problem the general populace tended to disapprove of his thievery. 'Hmm, they should be grateful to have their goods taken to serve such a mighty martial artist.' Genma thought to himself.

In his continuing journey to avoid his wife Genma had traveled throughout most of Asia. Because of this he had caused a few interesting global developments. There was now a treaty between North and South Korea to the effect that, while they are still at war with each other, should Genma Saotome be in the area the opposing forces will cease hostilities and commence aggressions upon Genma himself. In China he had been cursed while attempting to evade a group of Amazons who were after him for stealing a portion of their winter food stores. Also to avoid the authorities Genma had partaken in some treasure hunting and, should he ever find another heir to replace the boy, he had found several new techniques. Techniques that, while too risk for him to learn himself, would serve him well in creating a properly powerful and obedient heir.

Now, ten years since the boy had disappeared, Genma had avoided Japan as much as possible. However recently he had felt the desire to return to his homeland, where there were not governments interested in his arrest for his multitude of thefts. The primary reasons that he had avoided Japan in its entirety had to do with his wife and her occasional eerie premonitions. It was because of her occasional premonitions that Genma did everything he could to keep her from finding him. Now, however, he felt that she would have given up hope of finding the boy and himself. However there was the problem of where to live. He couldn't go home. Not if he liked his head where it was, on his neck. Soun's place was an option. However without the boy to fore fill the pact between the Saotome and Tendo clans it might be hard to justify his stay to Soun's wife. That concern was quickly cast aside, after all Soun would naturally side with him and that would ensure him a stay.

With that Genma Saotome made his way for the coast of China so that he could swim to Japan. Suddenly realizing that he had moved to soon the rotund martial artist's plans went into revision. First he would get away from the posse on his tail. After that he would go to Japan and Soun's house. Running as fast as he could in as confusing a trail as could be done without losing speed, and hence ground, to the bloodthirsty mob at his heels.

***** * ******* * *****

Sir Ranma Saotome looked out upon the horizon. He was finally out of China and making his way to Japan. With any luck he would find a way to return to his own dimension. For now the peacefulness of this dimension would serve as a nice vacation from the violence and chaos of his daily life. After all if he was to be a dimensional refugee then Ranma Saotome would make the best of it that he could. Of course until they made landfall he would have to deal with a few of his female shipmates making passes at him, however to use his knightly status merely to gratify carnal lusts went against his principles so he abstained from indulging in their offers.

***** * ******* * *****


Next Chapter: Well Ranma has carved his way out of China, now he arrives in the Land of the Rising Sun. Where will his wanderings lead him? Whom will he meet? And most importantly, how will he get money? Ranma aimlessly wanders Japan and eventually gets a job.

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TW Thundergun: A Techno-Wizard revolver. It fires magically charged silver bullets and is extremely effective against supernatural evil.

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