Teal'c's Date

Chapter One: Tuesday

Based on Stargate: SG-1

Takes place in an Alternate Universe in or around season 9 -ish. Sam and Jack got married in and or around season 3, and they had a baby.

- . - - - . -

Sam and Teal'c stepped through the line in the commissary together, picking out their lunch items. They sat down together.

"So," Sam asked, taking a bite of her egg salad sandwich. "What did Ishta say when she called in through the Stargate today?"

Teal'c's face creased in a slight frown. "She is unable to join me for the Jackson-Frasier Nuptial."

"Oh," Sam commiserated, "I'm sorry. I know you were really looking forward to it."

"I wished to experience some of Earth's culture with her, to share in the revelry of my friends with her."

"She does love you," Sam offered.

"I do not doubt her feelings, nor her wish to be in my company. We are both continually frustrated by the positions the situation forces us to be in."

"You have to be here, she has to be there . . ." She didn't say any more, not needing to. She knew Teal'c understood her point, that she and Jack struggled with the same issues every day. Though, admittedly, she and Jack were orders of magnitude closer than Ishta and Teal'c. She and Jack were on opposite sides of the country, Teal'c and Ishta were on opposite sides of the galaxy.

Sam looked up at Cam sauntered over and set his tray on the table. "You know," he said, "I am very concerned about the crazy alien lady being my date to the wedding."

"You know you guys don't have to go together," Sam said.

"Oh no, I am not letting her run around unchaperoned."

Sam nodded. "Well, yeah, that's probably a good idea."

Cam looked up from his lunch at Teal'c. "What's the matter, Big Guy?"

"Ishta is unable to accompany me to the nuptial activities."

"Oh man, that sucks, I'm sorry."

"It is indeed unfortunate," Teal'c agreed.

"You can be Vala's date," Cam offered.

Teal'c's eyebrow jumped, "I would not wish to take that honor from you."

Sam snickered at Cam's huff. She didn't Cam was fully attuned to Teal'c's humor yet.

Cam pouted for a second. "Darn, I really don't want to be responsible for her. Hell, I'd rather go with Grace."

Sam stopped drinking her water mid-sip. She smiled.

"What?" Cam asked, seeing the look on her face.

"Teal'c, I think I found you a date to the wedding."

Cam burst into laughter.

"What do you think, Teal'c? You'd be the cutest couple there." Sam knew Grace would have such a fantastic time. Grace had been a little upset when she realized that Jack wasn't going to be her date, but her mother's. Grace had insisted that she was grown up enough to have a date and that she had first dibs on her father.

Teal'c thought for a moment. "There are few females who could accompany me who would be acceptable to my wife, I believe your daughter is one of those females. I would be honored to escort her to the ceremony."

"Oh, this is gonna be great," Cam said. "Between me and Vala and you and Little Miss Cutie-Pie, no one is gonna notice Jackson and the Doc."

"Daniel Jackson should not be jealous nor concerned that my date is more attractive than his."

Cam chuckled and the smile that was consuming Sam's face impossibly grew.

"Colonel Carter, shall I call O'Neill and request permission to escort his daughter on a date?"

Sam giggled. "Oh, definitely."

- . -

"Mommy!" Grace shouted, jumping up from her toys as Sam walked into the after school care that Grace went to after Kindergarten before Sam got out of work.

"Hey Gracie!" Sam caught her daughter as she leapt into her arms. "I have a surprise for you."

Grace lit up even more. "What is it?!"

"It's a surprise." Sam took Grace's hand, waved to the chaperone and then signed Grace out before heading to her car.

"What's the surprise?" Grace asked again in the car on the way home.

Sam smiled. "It's a surprise."

"Is Daddy coming home early?" she asked.

"No, he should be here on Friday."

"Are we getting a dog?" Grace asked.

Sam harrumphed. "No, we're not getting a dog."

"What is it, Mommy?"

"You're gonna have to wait 'til we get home," Sam said. She paused for a moment, letting her instruction sink in. "What did you do at school today?" she asked, hoping to distract her daughter. A smile covered her face as her daughter prattled on about school. She was going to be off the walls when Teal'c asked her to the wedding.

By the time they had gotten home, Grace had seemingly forgotten about her surprise. "Mommy, it's time to call Daddy!" she said, hopping her way through the house.

"Okay, take off your shoes, get the phone and meet me in the kitchen."

Grace plopped down the floor and took of her shoes, putting them away in the closet. Sam went on ahead to the kitchen and started making dinner. Just a minute later, Grace joined her holding the portable phone in her hand.

She sat down at the table, excitedly swinging her little sock clad feet. Sam grabbed the phone, dialed Jack's number and placed the phone on the table, ensuring it was set to speaker phone.

"It's ringing!" Grace squealed.

It rang a few times. "O'Neill." Jack's voice came over the phone. Sam realized because of his tone of voice that he must've lost track of time and didn't realize it was time for them to call him.

"Hi Daddy!" Grace squealed again. Sam always had to smile to herself when she saw how happy Jack made Grace.

"Hey there, Munchkin," his voice had immediately softened. She could picture him now, leaning back in his chair, stretching his legs out, a soft smile on his face. "How are you doing?"

"Good," Grace said with shyness creeping into her voice. "How are you?"

"I'm doing good, too," he answered softly. Sam loved the voice Jack used to speak with their daughter. It was so soft and gentle, so unlike the hard exterior he often had on. "What did you do at school today?"

Sam continued making dinner while her daughter chatted with Jack over the phone. Grace was always so excited to tell her father about everything that had happened that day. And often the previous day as well, because sometimes she forgot to tell him or forgot that she told him.

Dinner was almost ready by the time Grace had talked herself out. "What did you do at work today, Daddy?" she asked.

Jack chuckled. "I had some meetings and I did some paperwork, and I thought about two beautiful blonde girls that I know, and then I had some more meetings."

Grace giggled.

"Grace," Sam said, "Dinner is ready. Say good bye to Daddy."

Grace frowned, this was always her least favorite part. Sometimes it made her cry.

"Grace," Jack said. "Guess what's happening on Friday."

"You're coming home!" She squealed.

Jack chuckled again. "Yep. I'll see you then, right?"


"Okay, so why don't you eat dinner with Mom and go to bed a little early so Friday will come faster?"

"Okay," Grace said."

"I love you, Gracie."

"I love you too, Daddy."

"Bye," he said.

"Bye bye, Daddy."

Sam picked up the phone and took it off speaker phone. "As per usual?" she asked.

"Yeah," he answered. It meant that she would call him that night after she got in bed so they could talk. "Hey, did Teal'c come and ask her yet?"

"No, later."

"Okay, just let me know. Bye."

She answered in kind and hung up the phone, sitting down next to Grace with her dinner. "Are you excited to see Daddy on Friday?"

Grace nodded emphatically, her mouth already full.

"Me too," Sam admitted.

After they had eaten dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen, Grace was playing on the living room floor. There was a knock at the door. Sam checked her watch, right on time. "Grace, could you get the door for me?" she asked from her spot on the couch.

"Okay, Mommy." Grace hopped up and went to the door. She peaked through the window next to the door. "It's Teal'c!" she squealed, jumping up and down.

"Let him in," Sam instructed.

Grace unlocked the door and let Teal'c in. "Good evening, Young Grace."

She waved up at him. "Hi."

Teal'c followed Grace into the house, shutting the door behind him. "Good evening, Colonel Carter."

"Hi, Teal'c."

He looked down at Grace, she was standing near his feet and looking straight up at him. "I have a request, Young Grace." He picked her up and set her down in Jack's Lay-Z-Boy, and knelt on one knee in front of her. Sam was about to die from the adorable-ness of it. "Would you allow me to escort you to the nuptials of Doctors Jackson and Fraiser?"

"What?" Grace asked.

Teal'c paused, thinking of how to rephrase his request. "Would you care to be my date to the wedding this weekend?"

Grace shrieked with excitement and jumped up off the chair into Teal'c, who - because of his lightning fast Jaffa reflexes - caught her mid-air. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she squealed, hugging him tightly.

"Should you not request permission from your mother?" he asked her.

She let go of him and hopped over to Sam on the couch. "Can I, Mommy?! Can I, please!?"

Sam smirked at Teal'c. "Is Teal'c a responsible date whom I can trust your well being with?"

"Yes, yes, yes, he is!" Grace insisted. "You let him babysit me, he's responsible enough to take me on a date!"

Sam paused, pretending to think, enjoying the look of excitement on her daughter's face.

"Please, please, pleeeeeeeease!"

"Oh, alright, he can take you."

Grace continued to jump up and down in excitement. She hugged her mother very quickly then jumped on Teal'c, wrapping her arms around his neck. He stood with her. She squeezed him tight. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"It is I who should be thanking you," he said causing Grace is smile shyly and tuck her face into his shoulder. Teal'c squeezed her tight, and over Grace's head, Sam was pretty sure she saw a smile on Teal'c's face.

- . -

That night, Sam climbed into that big empty bed with the phone in her hand. Once settled down into the covers, she called Jack. She knew he was sitting in his Lay-Z-Boy with a beer, waiting for her to call.

It rang once before he picked up. "Hey," his soft voice came over the phone.


"How was your day?"

"Alright. A lot of boring paperwork and busy work, nothing exciting. You?"

He sighed. "Same old same old. Meetings, signatures, more meetings, more signatures." He paused.

"How's Grace doing?"

Sam didn't answer immediately. She wanted to say that she missed him, they both missed him. She always wanted to say that they both missed him, but she never did. He missed both of them, too, so she never brought attention to it. "She's doing good. She likes school, she always wants to go. You know: she's got such a happy-go-lucky personality. She makes my life easier."

He released a soft chuckle. "I bet it does." He paused again. "Did Teal'c come over and ask her?"

Sam smiled, remembering the look on her daughter's face and - not for the first time that day - wished that Jack had been there to see it. "Yeah, she's really excited. She was bouncing off the walls all evening and then she just crashed and I carried her to bed."

She could almost hear Jack smile through the silence.

"I already talked to Janet about it. Everything is set and we were able to squeeze a seat next to him at the reception."

"That's great," he said.

There was silence.

"What time is your flight on Friday?" she asked.

"Supposed to get in at 1:30."

"Okay, I'll come get you from the airport so we can have a little bit of time before we pick up Grace from school."

He made a soft throaty sound. "That sounds nice."

Before she could answer she heard something from the hall. Little feet. "Hey, the munchkin's up, I'll call you tomorrow."

"'Night," he said. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Sam hung up right as Grace appeared at her doorway. She was rubbing her eyes, looking too cute in her little night gown. She walked over right next to Sam.

"What's the matter, Sweety?" she asked.

Grace looked up at her with wet eyes. "I miss Daddy."

"Oh, com'ere," Sam said, pulling back the covers and pulling her daughter into bed with her. Sam wrapped her arms around Grace and held her tight. "Did you have a bad dream?"

Grace nodded into a little, her head tucked into Sam's chest. "I dreamt that Daddy didn't come home."

Sam's heart just about broke. She rubbed Grace's back and kissed the top of her head. "I miss Daddy, too. But he's gonna come home to us. He always does."

"But only once in a while," Grace mumbled.

"I know, Sweety, it's hard. It's hard for me and Daddy too." Sam continued to rub her back. "Daddy misses you everyday."

"He doesn't say so."

"No," Sam shook her head. "He doesn't say so. It makes him sad when he tells you he misses you."

"It makes me sad too," Grace said.

"How about we talk to Daddy tomorrow morning on the computer so you can see him before you go to school? How does that sound?"


"I love you," Sam said.

"I love you too, Mommy," Grace mumbled, her face still tucked into Sam's chest.

Sam squeezed her daughter one more time and willed sleep to come to them both.

- . - - - . -