Teal'c's Date

Chapter Four: (Epilogue) Sunday

Based on Stargate: SG-1

- . - - - . -

Jack woke up to something moving. He groaned and opened his eyes, blinking at the morning sunlight streaming into the bedroom he shared with his wife. The movement was Sam curling into his side. She must've moved away from him during the night and just woken up again.

"Morning," he murmured, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her, enjoying the feeling of her skin pressed against his.


They were quiet.

"I'm gonna talk to the President and the Joint Chiefs about moving Homeworld Security out here."

Sam stiffened against him. "What?"

"I wanna be able to be out here. So, I'm gonna ask them to move the office or I'm gonna ask for a different job."

"Do you really think they're gonna go for that?"

"No," he responded. "So, I'm gonna offer 3 days of every two weeks there and the rest of the time here."

Sam didn't have a response.

"If it was just you and me, I wouldn't be asking. I could do it. We could do it. But with Grace . . . I wanna be with her all the time."

She pressed a kiss to his chest. "I love you."

He moved to kiss her head. "I love you." He squeezed her tight for a moment and they enjoyed the moment. "And maybe, if I move home, we can think about another baby."

She looked up at him. "Really?"

He knew she had been thinking about it, wanting another baby. He nodded. He was formulating good words to say but he was interrupted by giggling from down the hall, or perhaps the kitchen. "Think Teal'c and the Munchkin are making breakfast?" he asked.

Sam nodded. "Undoubtedly."

"Join 'em?" he asked.

She smiled at him for a moment, or two, before nodding. "Yeah. Lets."

- . - FIN - . -