This was a suicide mission in Nora's mind. They were literally going into the most dangerous place she could think of considering who they were hiding. But, she knew Patch wouldn't have gone along with the plan if he hadn't thought it was sound.

Though why they'd agreed to leave Raven alone for any amount of time with Rixon she'd never know. This could simply be a plot to get them away so Rixon could take Raven away.

"I know you don't trust him, but you have to trust Raven," Patch murmured as he parked.

"She's a little gullible, Patch. Forgive me for not thinking she can handle herself against him."

He smirked, "She reminds me of you, angel."

She glared at him. He was right. She had been pretty trusting when they first met. Even if she had been wary.

"What if he hurts her?" She went on.

He chuckled, "I think you still underestimate her powers, Nora. She's strong. I can feel it. And I know you can feel it too. Even if she didn't have Rixon whipped like a puppy dog she knows enough to be ready to kill him. Now, no more discussing this. Let's get in there and get what we need."

Nora sighed and got out of the car, walking passed him into the police station. They walked passed officers who barely gave them a glance and once they entered the elevator she realized why. They knew what Patch was. She could barely see the glamor on the missing 13th floor. It made itself known once Patch touched it.

"Is that what happens to all the thirteenth floors?" she asked, teasing, trying to diffuse the tension within her.

His lip quirked up and he nodded. "Its to symbolize the thirteen attributes of Mercy."

"It reminds us to remember mercy above all else," Basso said commented as the doors slid open, "Patch, Nora."

Nora gave him a small smile, hiding her nervousness, "Hi, Basso."

Patch grunted and walked passed him, the picture of nonchalance. He sauntered over to the desk Basso had just left and picked up a pen, flipping it around in his hand.

"Do you actually do any real police work?" he asked, sarcastically.

Basso kept his eyes on Patch and Nora took the time to look around the room. It was nearly empty, a few angels scattered, here and there.

"What have you found out?" Basso asked, taking his pen from Patch.

Patch shrugged, "Rumors mostly. Nephil and Fallen claiming they've seen her, but none of them have actually caught her. Now I can see how you lost her. I mean, no one can find her. How do we even know she was actually taken and this isn't some show for whoever wants her?"

Basso's eyes narrowed, "That isn't something I'd allow, Jev."

Patch shrugged his shoulders, "All I know is we've hit a dead end."

He raised an eyebrow at Patch, "The great fallen archangel can't find one little girl? I doubt that very much."

Nora butted in then, pulling Basso's attention towards her, "We really have exhausted all of our efforts. If we could talk to Calypso it would help a lot. She knows...her daughter better than any of us."

Basso sighed, "She won't talk about her. All we could get out of her was that she wasn't evil and that she wasn't the one who killed The Scribe."

"Please, it couldn't hurt. I could go see her alone," Nora continued.

"I'll take you to her, but I can't leave you alone with her." he compromised.

She nodded, "That's fine. I just need to see if there's anything else she can tell us."

Basso nodded and turned to Patch. He shrugged. "I'm good here."

Basso's eyes narrowed, but he lead Nora away, heading downstairs. Nora let her min wander into his.

He doesn't trust you so find the records room and find out what you can as fast as you can.

Rixon sat, watching her as she read on. She'd been off since she'd gone into his mind. She'd been quiet and seemed to tiptoe around him. She shut the book and looked up and out the window.

"What's wrong?" he asked, before he could think about it.

She met his eye and shrugged. "This power I is like Devil's Craft, but stronger."

"A cosmic power all its own," he murmured.

"No, nothing is created. It always exsisted," she said, unsure of how she knew that, but she was sure of it, "It just needs something to pull it into the light."

"Things are created constantly. You were created." he replied, unsure how to take her comments.

She shook her head, "No, I have always existed. Just not as this creature. Not in this form. I exist in the Nothing. Just as you existed in Heaven before you existed here."

"How do you explain God creating the universe?" he challenged.

"A false narrative," she murmured, "The universe existed in his mind. All he did was uncover it."

Somehow he knew her words were true, but that part of him that would always be inherently angelic didn't want to listen. She gave him a small smile then opened the book in her lap once more.

"Patch and Nora will have more answers soon and all these silly ideas won't matter anymore." she said, curling up.

He frowned, she put so much trust in Patch and Nora. And honestly, what would it truly matter if they discovered anything from the angel files. He knew this had been his plan, but what was he hoping was inside those files.

Nora sat across from Calypso, afraid of scaring the Fallen across from her. She looked up at her, her eyes tired.

"Why have you come again?" she murmured.

"When my dad died my mother took us to a Requiem Mass," Nora said slowly, "I'd never thought about all the people who lose their families until then. I know losing your daughter must have been hard."

Calypso's eyes filled with hope as she heard her daughter's name, but she quickly hid her expression, knowing one of the others had to be close by.

"I lost her a long time before this," she said, her voice low, controlled.

"Can you tell me about her? Or her father?" Nora pressed.

"I do not know much about her father anymore. I don't know if I ever knew anything about him. He was an archangel unhappy in his place. He caused chaos in our home, but I hoped when I met him again, shunned from Satan's side he was truly meaning to come home. Father sent him back of course. He locked me away for my treason. All I can't tell you is his gift is in telling half truths."

"And your daughter?" Nora pressed.

Calypso played with her hands, her voice barely above a whisper. "She was small at birth, but her power mighty. It caused a Flood. It rained as though the skies were weeping for her fate. They took her from me before I could claim her. She had horns as black as night, a tail as long and wicked as any whip. But, her skin had been like soft and pale like a lily's. Her face filled with such innocence."

She hugged herself and looked at the wall. "They conducted horrible tests on her. Forced her magic to its limits. She grew up terrified of Raziel. Terrified of herself. He forced her to believe she was a monster. He beat her and he tormented her. But, she continued to try and please him, no matter the cost."

"You freed her," Nora breathed.

Calypso closed her eyes in shame. "He wanted to kill her."

"She wants to die," Nora replied.

Calypso looked at her then, "Then I won't keep her from that. She is made of poisoned and angelic blood. And only those can take her."

Patch moved quickly through the corridors and into the records room. None of the current angels in the room would pay him much mind. A guardian angel in the records room wasn't a big deal. But, he knew better than to linger long.

If any angel of higher rank walked in now and saw him, they'd definitely question it.

He walked swiftly toward the records, searching for anything on Diagons and Belial. He yanked the files out and put them in the inside of his jacket, quickly moving toward the door.

"Jev..." a calculated voice called. He turned and eyed his sister.

"Yasmin," he replied.

"What are you doing in here?" she prompted.

"Wandering around, being useless," he replied, smirking, walking around her.

Her eyes narrowed, "You play dangerous games, Jev. Watch where your loyalties lie."

He scoffed, "Worry about where yours lie, sister."

He stalked passed her and smiled as he caught sight of Nora and Basso.

"Come on, angel. Let's get out of here."

"Patch," Basso called, "If you find out anything you'll come to us. Right?"

Patch smirked, "I'll do anything to protect Nora, Basso. If this is it I'll do it."

He placed his hand on her lower back and led her out. Once they got into the car Nora tried to speak, but he put a finger to his lips. They weren't out of the woods yet. Someone was following them. He drove quickly, weaving in and out of traffic as fast as he could.

He pulled the files out of his jacket and dropped them into Nora's lap. She bit her lip, feeling the tension in the car. She looked back, hoping to see what they were racing away from.

She's tailing us. He thought towards her, Yasmin caught me leaving the records room. She doesn't trust me one bit.

Can we shake her?

Text Raven and tell her to scramble her. That's the only way we'll shake her. Yasmin is the archangel of nature. She has the tracking instincts of many great beasts.

Nora texted Raven, unsure of what she could do. But, as they drove towards Nora's house she felt the sensation of what Raven could do. The air was filled with static. Power shook through it and Nora had to wonder what she was doing.

Raven stood on the porch, her eyes glowing as she pierced the mind of the archangel, forcing her back the way she came. Rixon watched, tense, as ancient words slipped from her mouth. Static crackled through her fingers. Nora watched her as they parked. She tightened her hands around the files.

"She's powerful," she whispered.

Patch nodded, "How powerful is the question. And those records are the answer."

"Let's find out then."