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Payment in Love

There is nothing better than revenge...

Chapter 17

Neji stopped, thankfully before things got too far and looked at her clearly for the first time. This wasn't the Tenten he knew and somewhere along the line he lost himself as well.

'Teni, I'm so sorry, what happened to us?' Neji said with absolute remorse, while cradling her.

Tenten just sat and cried her eyes out, she knew she couldn't handle this relationship, however at that moment she felt safe and protected. Neji cradled her gently repeating how sorry he was, when her memories pulled her back to their encounter in University.

Flashback to their first year of university

Fresh start, Tenten thought to herself, she worked hard to get here and she would make the Hyuga's pay for everything, starting with the prince himself. Looking into a mirror at her hair out of its buns, made her re-think her plan. Carefully she walked up to the campus ready for her first year. She made friends and a couple of weeks later she saw the devil, putting her plan into action, she approached as slow as a snail, bumping into him and apologising at the same time.

'Hi I'm Neji Hyuga, what's your name' he asked with a gleam in his eyes as he helped her to pick up her books.

'Umm, Tenten Chow' She hesitantly let him know. Neji watched her turn round the corner and thought how little Tenten Kunai had grown up, but at the same time why was she lying and he planned to find and have some fun along the way.

Gradually over a while they became friends and were constantly paired up during outing and class assignments. Tenten thought that her trap was working and she was seducing him, but unknown to her he always had time for her father, who told him about how she struggled with the past and couldn't let go.

A couple of weeks later they got in a huge argument and Tenten started feeling worthless again, like trash, she tried to kill herself. Luckily Neji came over and found her, saving her life; making her hate him more.

Weeks turned into months and before she knew it they were a couple, Neji on the other hand was having a hard time, assignments were either deleted or missing, jobs interviews messed up, work things missing, not to mention rumours and things about his family.

Neji enjoyed his time with Tenten, their dates and conversations, Sleeping with her was the best, one night he noticed her missing from his bed. Quietly he got up and noticed her at his laptop, pretending to sleep Neji waited until she crawled back in beside him, as soon as she fell asleep he checked everything from her phone to his laptop and flat. Finding listening devices, cameras and deleted files, not to mention e-mails he never wrote or sent.

Seething in anger he realised what she had done and decided he would have fun. Tenten woke to breakfast in bed unaware of what would happen the next couple of months. Neji played her day after day, weeks turned into a couple of months before everything came to end after heated sex in his flat.

'Do you love it when I fuck you Teni' Neji said in anger.

Tenten looked at him, trying to answer, while his fingers played roughly with her clit.

'I know what you did' Neji smiled as he inserted his fingers into her roughly.

Tenten whimpered in pain and pleasure, sore from their rough love making. Neji just smirked at her while the other hand played with her nipples just as roughly as the other hand.

Making her come a couple of times, he roughly thrusted into her from behind and kept up a brutal pace until they both came.

Tenten was in pain and shock.

'Take your stuff and get out' Neji told her as he starting throwing her stuff out.

'Why are you being a bastard about this Neji?'

Neji roughly pulled her into his lap and told her everything he knew.

'Silly Tenten kunai, did you think I wouldn't know who you were!'

Neji laughed at her, yet at the same time couldn't resist touching her.

'You knew and played me, you fucking asshole' she yelled angrily.

Tenten removed herself from him wincing in pain and started throwing things and yelling profanities at him. Most of that evening was spent with them insulting each other. Finding something in the living area to throw at him she walked away not caring she was naked.

Having enough of her childish behaviour, Neji followed her naked as he was born and dodged books being thrown.

'Careful bitch, you can't afford to pay for those' Neji infuriated with her trying to save his books.

Before she knew it she was under him again shouting his name out as she rode her orgasm to heaven.

Neji looked at her with disgust and anger.

'Get the fuck out whore' He growled at her, slamming his bedroom door cutting off anymore communication between them. Tenten winced in pain and clothed herself before leaving in shame and mortification.

Back in the present

Tenten woke up to warmth and the covers, snuggled with Neji himself in bed like the old days. She didn't know what to do, carefully she tried to slip out of the bed, however she didn't get far as...

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