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Standing in the atrium of St. Mungo's they had just finished their appointment with Maria and Percy needed to visit the loo before Flooing to the Burrow. Finally putting Percy at ease over some of his worries, he had been driving Hermione spare with asking her if things were safe for her to do. Knowing he means well she is trying to be as patient as possible but she wasn't doing anything dangerous. Spending most of the last two days planning out how she wanted to incorporate Muggle and Wizarding traditions into the wedding. Sitting in a chair waiting for Percy to come back, lost to her thoughts she didn't hear him approach.

"Ready love?"

"Oh!" Placing a hand on her chest, "You surprised me, I was thinking. Just a little lost in my mind."

"I could tell," Offering her his hand, "Let's go. I think it's time to give mum and dad their surprise." When she had been younger, Hermione had heard about one of her mum's friends telling her husband about her pregnancy with a sleeper as a present, she had decided to do something similar for Arthur and Molly.

"Let's go," Smiling at Percy, "I can't wait to see their faces," She is walking towards the public Floo, entering and shouting her destination, entering the living room and waiting for Percy.

"Hermione?" Molly is asking from the doorway, "Everything ok? We weren't expecting you."

"Everything is fine, Percy will be along in a minute as well, is Arthur here?"

"He is in the kitchen with the others," walking towards the kitchen, "Arthur, we have another surprise tonight, Hermione and Percy are here."

Entering the kitchen with Percy, "Oh hi guys," looking around at Harry, Ginny and the twins, "Seems like everyone decided to stop by."

"We just stopped because we won't be over this weekend; I've got a tryout with the Holyhead Harpies and just wanted to tell mum and dad in person."

"Congrats Gin!" Hermione is giving her best friend a big hug.

"So what brings you two by? Not that we don't love the houseful," Molly is asking as she is setting tea out for everyone.

Looking at Percy and getting a slight nod, she is handing two presents she has enlarged from her pocket, "We saw these and thought of you two instantly and wanted you to have them."

Arthur and Molly are looking at the two boxes, "You didn't have too," Arthur is looking at his with a small smile, his is about the size of a medium sized book and Molly's is a little smaller. "Maybe we should wait until later, after the others have gone."

"We don't mind," Fred is shrugging his shoulders, "I'm curious now."

"Go ahead dad," Ginny is sitting next to him, pushing the box back into his hands, "Obviously they want you to have them now rather than wait until later."

"Ok," Arthur is turning the box over in his hands, "Come on Mollywobbles, you open yours at the same time." Pealing the paper back, slowly opening the cover to unveil a yellow sleep with rubber ducks on it and a yellow bib that says World's Best Grandpa, his head whips up to look at Percy and Hermione as Ginny gasps.

"Oh my," Molly is holding up a little Quidditch shirt that says Weasley on it and looking at a red and gold sleeper that says, I love Granny, "You two… I mean… Are you sure?"

Hermione is nodding her head, "6 weeks."

"What is it mum?" George coming back into the kitchen from upstairs, he is leaning over the table, "Oh bloody hell. You're having a baby?"

"I didn't think you…" Molly is saying, "I thought you…"

"So did I Molly," Hermione is smiling and tearing up, "I have strict guidelines to make sure everything goes well."

Harry is still looking at her like she's been speaking another language, "Mione, you are going to be the best mum ever." Pulling her into his arms and kissing both of her cheeks before pulling Ginny into a three way hug.

"Oi! Stop hogging the little mum!" Fred is taking her from Harry and Ginny and promptly putting her into a signature Weasley Twin hug, each of them burying their faces into her neck and hair. "Congratulations Mione," Then turning their attentions to Percy, "Oh Percy! Dear brother of ours! Your turn!" Passing Hermione to their mum and chasing Percy around the kitchen.

"Oh no! You two stay away!" Pulling Arthur out of his chair and putting his dad in front of him, "Here hug dad!"

"Sorry Percy," Arthur is grabbing him and turning around to give him a hug himself before giving him to George and Fred to torment a little. While the twins are squeezing and torturing Percy, he is walking over towards Molly and Hermione, "Oh sweet girl!" Kissing her on the head, "I couldn't be happier. I'm going to be a granddad and you're going to be in the family!"

"That's part of the reason we came over tonight," breaking away from her adoptive parents, "One moment." Striding over to the twins, "Alright boys," hands on her hips, "Leave your brother be."

Reluctantly giving Percy up, "Sorry Hermione, we just couldn't help it." George is grinning, "Anytime to embarrass Percy we'll take it."

"I know," pulling him to their seats at the table, "But we have important things to discuss now." Everyone is settling back in around the table, "So we decided on a date for the wedding, I don't want to be as big as a house when I marry and I want to be married before this baby comes. So Molly do you think we can have this planned by the middle of March?"

"That's our cue to exit the room," Arthur is standing and walking towards the door, "Come on boys, let's head out to my shed and leave the girls to talk this over. They'll let us know what's expected of us when the time comes." Following him, the boys, including Harry all get up and walk out the door, "Just call us when you're done."

"Bye boys!" Molly is pushing them towards the door, "So Hermione, where to start."

"Well, do you want to hear my limitations Maria has given me or start with wedding stuff?"

Outside in the shed

"Ok," stepping in the shed, "I'm going to need all the help I can get in the next couple of months."

"What do you mean Percy," Arthur is pulling the door shut behind him.

"Mya has a lot of limitations for at least the next three months, until she gets further along." Leaning against the workbench "She could very easily lose the baby if we aren't careful."

"Then we'll help you how ever we can." Arthur says putting his arm around Percy, "Nothing is going to happen to this baby."

"Right," Harry is nodding his head, "I know Gin would say the same thing, anything you need whenever it is. She'd never admit it but I know that Hermione has always wanted kids but then after everything, she just lived with the idea she wouldn't have any. Hell, she was basically my mum for the last few years of school. I'd go to her for advice, when I had any problems, she let me rage about Sirius, about everything Dumbledore didn't tell us and she held me when I cried." Shrugging his shoulders, "I always said she was like my sister but she was more than that."

"So what can we do to help," Fred is leaning on his elbows across from his dad and Percy.

"She means a lot to us too," George is mirroring his twin's posture, "We want to keep her safe."

"Absolutely no apparition, that's not negotiable. It's a good thing she doesn't like flying because she shouldn't do that either. Flooing is the best method of travel. She has to be careful about potions, she has a whole list that she can't take and unfortunately her Cruciatus Potion is on the bad list. She has to take it easy in general. The doctor really doesn't want her on her feet too much for the next month. I think she would've loved to put her on bed rest but knew Hermione would've fought it. She can't start work at Hogwarts until after the baby is born. There's so much, I'm still trying to get used to the idea." Rubbing the back of his neck and smiling.

"How bad is it?" Getting a glare from the others, Harry is putting his hands up in surrender, "What I meant was, how slim are her chances of keeping the baby?

"Less than 5%."

The silence that takes over the room is deafening, "Wow. I knew the damage done by Bellatrix was bad but…" Harry is rubbing his hands on his thighs, "Wow."

"When I say it… I mean to hear…" rubbing his eyes with his hands, "How can I keep them safe?"

"It's going to be ok son," Arthur is hugging his now paling son, "She'll be ok. Hermione will do whatever she needs to. This baby will be ok."

Back inside

"Have you two made any decisions as to what you want?"

"I want to have a mixture of Muggle and Wizarding traditions. Is that ok?"

"Sweetheart, it's your wedding, if we can make it happen, it will." Molly is shaking her head.

"Mione, you do realize you have 6 brothers that will make anything you want happen, right?"

"Huh?" Looking at Ginny confused.

"Bill, Charlie," Counting them off on her fingers, "Fred, George, Ron and Harry will do anything for you. They think of you as their sister, just like my brothers would do anything for me," Giggling, "Not to mention the Minister of Magic is quite a fan as well."

"True Kings is a great friend; I want to ask him to lead the ceremony." Pulling a list out of her bag, "I have some ideas. I went and got a couple of books earlier this week and one told me about several different Wizarding options."

"Gods girl, you still take notes like you're in school."

"Well, I've never been to a Wizarding wedding, all I know is what I have read."

"Ginny leave her be, you wouldn't know what to do if it were a Muggle wedding." Summoning her quill and parchment, "Now let's make some plans."

"There's a ceremony I read about that a family member can bless the couple, I really like that idea, have you heard of it?"

"It's an old ceremony; my parents used it at their wedding. Most of my generation was in too much of a hurry to get married to be bothered with it. Normally what happens is, for example Arthur and I would bless you and based on what we blessed you with, it would be a spell woven into your binding. I know that faith, loyalty, honor and love are common blessings. Does that sound like the ceremony you read about?"

"Yes, it said that normally each set of parents and then a third couple would be involved in the blessing but that it didn't have to be a romantic couple. It could be the best friend of each person." Doodling on the paper in front of her, "I also read that in this ceremony the bride would be given away by her siblings. Since dad isn't here, do you think that Ron and Harry would do it?"

"I know both of them would be upset to think you thought they wouldn't do it. I think that is a lovely idea dear." Jotting down and few notes, "Have you thought about the wedding party and such? Food? Reception?"

With that Molly was on a roll between her, Hermione and Ginny they put together the ideas and plans Percy and Hermione wanted. Hermione agreeing that the wedding would be at the Burrow with Kingsley preceding and Ron and Harry giving her away. Arthur and Molly would give Percy's blessings while Hermione wanted to ask Minerva and Bill to do hers and surprisingly they are going to ask the twins to give a blessing as well. Percy and she had agreed upon one attendant each as neither liked to be the center of too much attention, Ginny whole heartedly agreed to be Hermione's. Percy had confided that he wanted Charlie to be his but since he hadn't discussed it with him yet she declined to tell Molly.

"Sorry Molly, Percy wants to ask one of his brothers and since he hasn't had the chance yet, I don't want to say anything."

"I understand dear, that is a big question to ask especially when he has 5 brothers, he needs to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone's feelings but I know Charlie would be honored."

"That is part of why I liked this ceremony," Hermione is deciding not to acknowledge that Molly is right, "So many of our family members can be involved and be a part of it that even though they aren't in the wedding they will be included. I mean, for all intents and purposes you are my family too and have been for a while. Each of you is going to have a part and that will make the day more special."

"Have you thought about your dress Mione?" Ginny is flipping through one of the magazines that Hermione had with her, "I know you despise dress robes, so I figured you would want a Muggle dress."

"I was going to see if next weekend you two plus Minerva would want to go with me to look. There is a beautiful shop near where Mum and Dad lived and I called and got an appointment."

"Of course we will." Getting up for a minute, "I will be right back."

"Mione, gods could anything else be happening for you? New job, engaged, pregnant? Is your head ready to explode yet?"

"It's a lot. I mean, even last night; I dreamt this was all a dream. I woke up in my dream and I was alone in flat, no Percy, no love, a horrible job and completely miserable."

"Well," Molly says entering the room, "That's not going to happen now. Ginny already knows about this and is going to wear it as well when the time comes but you're our daughter too" Opening a box showing off the famous Goblin made tiara, "We would like you wear this when you get married too."

"Oh goodness, it's gorgeous." Looking up, "Are you sure Molly? I mean, I don't know if something like this will look right on me."

"On a beautiful young woman who is marrying my son? Yes, it'll look just fine." Setting the box in front of her two daughters so they can look at it closer, "Now I imagine we should have some dinner and you and I can get together on Monday to sort out specifics about food and decorations." While she is fixing the food, "So Hermione what are some of the limitations you need to abide by?"

"No apparition is a big one, just generally trying to relax and not stress. Maria really suggested that I stay at home, read, relax, anything to avoid stress."

"Does she realize you can't sit still?"

"I know but I am going to do everything I can to try and stay calm. I plan on visiting Minerva tomorrow and seeing if she will let me borrow some of the lessor used books from the library while I am to be tranquil." Laughing, "I mean, there are plenty of books I can read and I'm sure Percy would go whenever I asked to the bookshop but why do that when I might be able to have access to one of the largest libraries in the Wizarding world. Not to mention there is always the library at Grimmauld Place, not like Harry is going to tell me no."

"You're right there; he has a hard time telling you no. Plus you know Kreacher has really started to like you. You could go over for the day and get out of the house but Percy would know you are safe. I'll talk to Kreacher when we get home, let him know that if you'll be over to spend time in the library and if anything happens or you need anything to contact Harry right away."

"You don't need to do that Ginny. I'll be fine."

"Hey, I'm not taking any chances with my goddaughter in there," Pointing at Hermione's still flat belly, "I want to spoil her rotten and make sure she can kick any boys butt."

"Think you're going to be godmother?" A voice is coming from the door, Percy is smiling at his sister, "We haven't even discussed that yet. Not to mention who says it will be a girl? You have 6 brothers."

"It better not be any discussion." Crossing her arms over her chest as the Weasley men plus Harry file into the kitchen, "I'm your only sister and her best friend."

"Shut up Gin," Yawning Hermione is rubbing her eyes, "Let's have some dinner and go home. I'm getting tired." That was all it took for everyone to settle in to the meal Molly had made. Hermione happened to be looking up and caught the look that passed between Molly and Arthur, a look of happiness and contentment. Smiling to herself she knew that together the family would get through this. She and the baby would be fine.