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Would someone like to explain what is going on?" Arthur is asking, still looking very confused. Looking at Molly with tears in her eyes, to Hermione who is sitting on Percy's lap and his four other boys who's looks range from happiness to anger.

"Well, I finally decided to listen to Percy and tell you all how happy has made me." As Hermione is saying this, taking his hand in hers, Percy has the biggest grin on his face. Getting up from the couch, "You were right, we needed to tell them."

"What did you say?" Percy is responding with a wink.

"Don't press your luck mister."

Molly is looking back and forth between her son and a young woman she considers family and is overjoyed. Clapping her hands, "I am so happy for you two! Why didn't you just tell us?"

Cutting her Mum off from the corner of the living room, "You guys are really that surprised by this?" Ginny is laughing and walking towards the rest of her family, "Haven't you noticed, how Percy shows up within ten minutes of Hermione, all of the time. Then when he leaves she leaves normally within the next ten minutes? The first few times I didn't really think anything of it, but the last few months it has been pretty obvious. But what really sealed it for me was, three weeks ago, you met me for lunch on Saturday, well, you might have shrunk it to fit you better but it was definitely Percy's shirt you were wearing."

"Why didn't you say something, you have never been bashful about embarrassing me before?" blushing as she asks her best friend.

"I said something to Harry one night and he told me you would come to all of us when you were ready. He can be smart sometimes. Plus he is the only one who knows you better than I do." Nudging her fiancée with her shoulder, "We are happy for you. Now come on, I want to hear about this." Grabbing Hermione by the hand and heading for the room they once shared as teenagers.

"So when did this happen? How did this happen?" Pulling Hermione in the room and shutting the door, so that they can be alone.

"Well, it just happened. Everyone had someone to go to, to talk to. After the war when I went directly to work at the Ministry, I saw him one day and I asked him over for tea. Just to see how he was doing. You know since things were still a little tense with your brothers. We got on well, so we just started seeing each other for lunch almost every day and if not lunch, we would stop over at each other's flat to check on the other. It just came naturally to be at his flat." Smiling at the younger woman, "It has been nice to be understood by someone, just wanting to be with me. Not expecting anything from the Gryffindor Princess just being himself and letting me be me."

"I am very happy for you, Mione," Hugging her, "We need to get together soon, so you can fill me in on everything."

Meanwhile with the boys

"Come on Percy, let's go, up to our room, we need to have a discussion with you," Charlie grabbing him by the arm and pulling him off the couch.

"Boys, you promised Hermione," Molly warning them.

"I promised no teasing but now I want to have a discussion with my brother about this whole situation." Charlie's tone of voice does not sound pleasant. Bill and the twins look at each other with a look of confusion, why is Charlie so upset about this. This is awesome, the girl they all love, is helping their brother break out of his uptight ways and he seems to be helping her. Dragging him upstairs to Charlie's old room, far enough away from Ginny and Hermione that they won't hear them. "What the hell Percy! You know that we all have been worried about her and who this mystery person is that she has been seeing and you don't say anything, you just let us worry? What were you thinking?" Pushing Percy towards the middle of the room, now all of the boys are in the same room, looking at each other.

"What I was thinking! I thought I wanted to keep the witch who wanted to be with me, happy. She deserves to be very happy." Getting back in Charlie's face, Bill is standing close by looking back and forth, wondering if there is going to be a fight or not. Percy was not normally a physical person, but this was a new side to him that they had never seen. "She is an extraordinary woman, do you know what she said to me during our first date. She apologized to me because she was able to friend all of you so easily and that she hadn't with me. She felt bad, thinking that if she had tried harder, I would have felt more at ease with my own family. Her heart is so big, I don't deserve her love, so if she didn't want to tell you all yet, I wasn't going to make her." Pushing Charlie away a few feet to show how serious he was, "In my experience if a beautiful woman asks you to do something, you do it. I didn't fancy being hexed or dumped by her." Looking down at his hands, "We fought about telling everyone one time, that night was the worst in my life, was the first night I woke to her having a nightmare. About being in the Malfoy Manor, her nightmares are brought on by stress I now know. It took me so long to wake her, her screams were enough to break my heart" clearing his throat as the thought of that night brought back a horrible feeling, "by the time I finally woke her she had hit me hard enough to throw me clean out of bed. She still throws a wicked punch, just so you know." Crossing his arms, "I didn't want to be the cause of her having any more nightmares. Are you done with your hissy fit now?" Continuing to stare at Charlie, he addresses the others in the room as well, "Anyone else got something to say about it?"

"Congrats," Bill is smiling at him, "I think you finally met your match. Although I will say, even though you are my brother, I will back her in any argument. Also if you hurt her, you won't have to worry about any of us, Ginny will skin you alive."

"I didn't expect anything less, I am well aware that most of the family loves her and probably some love her more than they do me," Slouching down to sit on the bed.

"Don't be like that Percy. We love you. Just she doesn't have anyone but us now. We don't want anything to happen to her." Fred shrugs, "She has been through a lot and we worry."

"Trust me, I know exactly how alone she feels. I am the one that comforts her when she breaks down. She tries to be strong for everyone else, but there are still days it all gets to her." Standing up again, "Well, she and I have been more or less together since the end of the war, taking care of each other. We started out as friends because I knew that one of you would probably have my head for it, but I couldn't help but fall in love with her. Being there when the other needed it so you can worry a little less." Smiling and looking around at his brothers, "It's wonderful that you all know now. She is amazing. I hate having to hide how I felt about her. I don't know why she picked me, but I couldn't be happier."

"Ohhh Percy's in love!" Fred and George chime together, smiling and making kissy faces at him.

"Shut up you two." Blushing a deep shade of crimson that is a common Weasley trait.

"Sorry Percy, I shouldn't have been like that," Charlie is apologizing, "I just don't get why she would hide it." Putting his arm around his brother's shoulders, "Just promise me one thing, okay?"


"Don't ever let her leave the house quite like she did today, Mum would have had a fit had she seen her."

Rubbing his head, "Yeah about that," Shrugging his shoulders and blushing, "What can I say, my mind was somewhere else?"

"Do we want to know?" George is asking cautiously.

"Well, someone let me leave the house quite disheveled looking." Coming from the doorway, Hermione stands there, with her hands on her hips, trying to look mad.

"How long have you been there?" Both Charlie and Percy ask both hoping she hadn't been there very long.

"Long enough to hear the twins declare Percy is in love," still glaring at them. "Are you both quite finished being dumb?"

"Um, well, Mia, I am sorry." Stuttered Percy, Charlie is looking down at the ground, not wanting to look Hermione in the face, he knows he was stupid and she will have no problem putting him in his place. "Don't be mad at me, please."

Walking across the room, Hermione wraps her arms around Percy's waist, "I don't know why I bother pretending to be mad at you." Leaning her head on his chest, he is kissing her forehead, "I can't stay that way." Neither of them acknowledge the others in the room, just lost in each other.

"Ok, let's give them a couple of minutes alone," Bill is grabbing the twins by the arms as they still look a little unsure of the display of affection and pushing Charlie out in the process. "Just behave yourselves."

"You know what I love about this?" Percy asks as he pecks her on the lips, "Now I can actually take you out on a real date."

"Hmm, real date? What did you have in mind?"

"That is a surprise," Holding onto each other, content in the silence.

"Stop your snogging and get down here!" Ginny is yelling from the kitchen.

"My sister is…"

"Insufferable? Well, yep, but she is also my best friend and she loves the idea of us together. So let's get down there."

They are stopped by Molly, just as they are entering the room "Now you two, look up," Smiling and pointing at the mistletoe. "Come on, its tradition, each couple has to kiss under it."

Grabbing Hermione around the waist, pulling her close and dipping her backwards and kissing her fiercely only to have the family cheer and whistle at them. A joyous occasion to be interrupted by Ron and Luna coming home and not being aware of the new relationship, "Bloody hell, what is going on here?"

"Well, little brother when two people like each other," Fred is smirking "Certain feelings can arise."

"Shut up Fred, I mean why is Percy kissing Hermione?" Glaring at the twins who are both laughing at his expense, "Well, is someone going to explain?"

"Well, Ron, Percy and I have been dating for about 6 months. We decided to tell everyone tonight or it came out tonight; however, you want to look at it." Hermione is explaining, "We really enjoy each other's company…"

"Among other things," George is saying quietly to the other brothers who snigger and try not to look at the blushing couple.

"Shut up George," whipping her head around to glare at him, "As I was saying, we just didn't know how to tell everyone when it started."

"I think it is wonderful Mione," Luna says smiling at her, "Right Ron." Jabbing him in the side, "They should be happy together, right?"

"I guess."

"Thank you Luna, I appreciate that," Accepting a hug from her.

"I guess it isn't that bad, just a surprise to walk in and seeing your brother snog your best friend."

"Seeing your sister snog your best friend is any easier?" Hermione quips.

"Well, I guess you have a point," slouching into the chair next to his mother.

"Ginny, I need a favor" Pulling his sister into the next room quietly. Percy is explaining he wants to take Hermione out for a real date, tomorrow night and he wants her to take Hermione shopping to get a new dress. Handing her money, "Please make sure she gets whatever she wants and that she doesn't pay for it."

"Sure, thing Percy." Tucking the money in her pocket, "Just one thing though…."

"You will skin me if I hurt her." Smirking at his sister, "The boys have already told me. Trust me, hurting her is the last thing on my mind."

Walking back out into the kitchen, everyone has settled into their normal chairs, "Now we have to do a little shifting, it won't do having Hermione sitting between Harry and Ron anymore, she needs to sit next to Percy. " Pointing at her children, biological and not. "You sit here and you lot more down and around. See now that's much better," as Hermione settles down on the bench next to Percy, he was straddling the bench and pulls her close so she is now sitting in between his legs. The conversation around them slowly starts back to normal. The boys talking about Quidditch, Percy talking with his parents.

"So, let's go out tomorrow morning for breakfast," Ginny is suggesting to Hermione, "We can meet at Diagon Alley around 9?"

"Sounds good, do I want to know what you and Percy were talking about?"

"It's all good, I am sure he will tell you when you go home." Looking at the clock, "Gods, it's already 10:30. Harry," getting her fiancée's attention, "You ready to head home, it's getting late?"

"Sounds good. We will see everyone soon enough, next week is New Year's." Getting up from the table, he is throwing a New Year's party at 12 Grimmauld Place. "Don't forget it will be a fancy event." Groaning coming from the whole table, "Sorry but I have to put on a good show for the Ministry, you know that." Hugging Molly and kissing Hermione on the head "Glad to see you happy, Mione, you deserve it and Percy, I am sure the others threaten you enough." Leaning into him, whispering only for him to hear, "Don't you dare wait too long, make her yours soon. I have never seen her so happy." Stepping back, Harry can see the slow creep of a Weasley blush working its way up Percy's neck and face. Percy is staring at Harry with a slight smile on his face, "Gosh Percy, stop looking at me like that people will start to think I said something dirty to you." Making everyone but Percy at the table laugh, "Come on Gin, we need to get home."

"See you in the morning Hermione," Squeezing her shoulder as she goes by.

Whispering in her ear, "Let's go, I am ready to snuggle up to you in bed." Standing up and offering his hand to her, "We are also going to get going. Hermione is meeting Ginny tomorrow and I have some work I need to finish up on while she is out." After another 30 minutes of hugging and congratulatory murmurings, they are Flooing back to her flat. "Come here," pulling her as close as he can get her, "I love you so much, I hope you know that."

"Well, you love me enough to take on your brothers, so that is saying something." Smiling coyly at him, "You know shoving someone who works with dragons may not be the smartest thing you have ever done. Though I know why you did it." Grinning at the sick look on his face, "You two weren't being very quiet as you argued. I heard most of the conversation. You know they care about us both," Kissing his cheek, "Come on, I am tired and I want to get some sleep, your sister is going to have a never ending stream of questions tomorrow." Pulling him down the hallway, "For once I can embarrass her with stories."

"What do you mean?" Entering the bedroom and pulling his shirt off and replacing his slacks with flannel sleep pants.

"Well, she likes to tell me more information than I care to know about Harry, who is like my brother and now I can get back at her by telling her a few off my own." He is watching change into her sleep shirt and braids her hair into a single straight plait, smiling as it always is loose by the morning.

"Oh, please don't, I want to be able to look at my sister." Pleading with his girlfriend "Plus girls don't really talk about that stuff, do you?"

"Yes, we do." Groaning at a memory of one late night play by play Ginny had given her in school, "At least she has gotten better about leaving out certain pieces of information. I still hear quite a bit more than I really ever want to know." Sliding into bed next to Percy "But don't you worry. I will keep some of it to myself."

"Do you know how happy you made Mum tonight?" Holding her close to him "You made one of her dreams come true, a Weasley boy is finally dating Hermione Granger."

"I know, now she can stop with all of the hints about George and Charlie." Laughing, "She means well I know she does but really, George? Charlie?" Burying her nose in his chest, "I am very happy with you, happier than I have ever been I think."

"Tomorrow when you are out with Ginny, go shopping and get yourself a new dress. I am taking you out on a date. I have told Ginny what we are doing so you will want to take her advice when it comes to the outfit." Taking a deep breath and preparing for her to disagree, "And I know you are not going to like this but let her pay for it. I mean, let me pay for it, I gave her money to take you shopping."


"I just want to… Wait, fine? You aren't going to argue with me?"

"Nope, going to let you pay for it, I figure why ruin Christmas when I know all you are trying to do is do something nice for me."

"Well, that was easier than I expected."

"Just don't get to use to it. I will be back to my normal disagreeable self later."