Summary: OzBert AU. Gil is a member of the Nightrays who are the sworn enemies of the Vessalius house. Oz Vessalius and Gilbert Nightray meet and they feel an instant connection. But, they can't reveal their love for each other because it is forbidden to love the enemy. Slight Oz x Alice. Jealous! Gil. Ultimate: Oz x Gil. Added pairings: Slight Break x Sharon and Vincent x Ada.

A/N: So, Gil is Romeo because uh I just think he fits Romeo more and Oz is Juilet. Tybalt is Vincent… but Tybalt is supposed to be Juliet's cousin and what not, but I made Tybalt Romeo's brother instead. (Did that make any sense? Lol) Also, Ada is 18; Gil is 24; Oz is 20; Alice is 18; Vincent is 23; Break is 24; Sharon is 23.

"Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story baby just say yes"


Chapter 1: The Masquerade Ball

Gilbert Nightray was not a fan of parties, thus he did not come to them very often, nor did he like to dress up for such occasions without a reason as to why he had to dress in such attire. But, he was being forced to dress up because of his younger brother, Vincent Nightray.

He would do a lot to make his younger brother happy, but this may be pushing it. He sighed as he lit a cigarette in the carriage that was taking them to who knows where. "Nii-san! You shouldn't smoke in the carriage!" said a voice from beside him. Vince didn't care if he smoked, but if he smoked in the carriage then it was a whole different story. Gil only sighed and put out the cigarette by rubbing it on the carriage seat.

He then looked over at his younger brother and said, "Can you tell me why I'm wearing this again?"

"It's a secret." Was all that was said and it offered no room for discussion. 'This was going to be a long ride' he thought as he closed his eyes.

When they arrived at wherever the hell they were going to the carriage stopped. Gil felt someone shaking him awake. "Nii-san! We're here!" Vincent said in an excited tone.

'Except I don't know where 'here' is.' Gil thought to himself as he sighed once again. Gil exited the carriage and looked up. His mouth lay agape at the mansion in front of him. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but he felt some sort of connection to it. Then he felt something being pushed into the palm of his hand; it was a mask. "Here Nii-san! I brought this for you!" Vincent said with one of his smiles that could knock ladies dead.

"Thanks, Vince." Gil smiled back. He placed the plain white mask on his face. Now, his outfit was complete. His party attire consisted of a white shirt, a collared blue coat, a belt, black boots and his favorite hat.

"Now… where are we?" Gil asked as he and Vincent made their way up the grand stairs.

"We're at the Vessalius mansion!" Vincent said with glee as he strode up the stairs with purpose.

"Eh?! Why are we here?!" Gil shouted up at him as he ran up the stairs with not as much grace as Vincent.

"It's a secret." Vincent said again, but this time with a wink. Gil knew it was better to leave some secrets to stay buried.

They had finally reached the top of the stairs and they nodded at the guards that stood guarding the doors. The guards opened the doors to reveal a shiny ballroom filled with masked people as they danced and twirled in dresses or suits. There was small chitter chatter here and there. The Vessalius family had yet to make an appearance.

They made their way down the steps as gracefully as they could. Gil looked so calm and regal that it was hard to realize that he was actually shaking underneath everything. 'I really dislike parties' he thought as he could hear the ladies whispering amongst themselves, chattering about unimportant gossip. Heads turned to look at the two as they descended the stairs, and that's what truly made him loathe parties-the looks he got from people. He and Vincent were considered to be one of the 4 major houses, but people truly despised them, as they were the outcasts of the family. They would never fit in.

He and Vincent made their way through the throng of people as best as they could to get to the refreshments. Then they heard a voice behind them say, "Gilbert-kun." Though it was addressed only to Gil, both the brothers turned around. When they saw who it was who talked, they sighed simultaneously.

"What is it, Break?" Gil said, as he gazed curiously at the white haired man that did not have the proper attire on for such an event. "I just wanted to say, 'Hi'. Is it a crime to do so?" Break answered, appearing to look hurt, but truthfully he was only toying with Gil.

"Break, you shouldn't tease him, after all he is royalty." said a feminine voice from beside Break. "Sharon." Gil said as he nodded at the formally dressed caramel haired female who suddenly appeared behind Break. "Gilbert-sama." She nodded back at him.

"Vincent." She addressed Vincent this time, but clearly she was trying to demean him as she did not add the proper suffix to his name. Vincent ignored this and turned to Gil. "I'm going to mingle, don't cause too much trouble." Vincent said with a brotherly wink as he walked away from the trio.

Gil waved goodbye to his brother and turned back to Break and Sharon.

"What did you want to talk about, Break? Sharon?" He addressed them, but his mind could not help but wander and think of why they were here in the first place.

"To see the new heir of the Vessalius family, of course!" Break said with a mischievous smile.

"Really?" Gil responded with. 'So that's why Vince brought me here.' Gil thought to himself.

"Why, could it be that you didn't know?" Break said, questioning the young adult with that infuriating smile of his.

"It's not that I didn't know-" Gil started to say but was cut off by the stare that both Break and Sharon were giving him. Gil sighed in defeat and said, "Okay, fine my brother dragged me here."

"Why do you follow him so blindly?" Break asked, confused because he just didn't understand Gil sometimes.

"Well, um, because…" Gil stumbled on his words, because he honestly didn't know why he did. "Ah, nevermind." Break said, sensing Gil's discomfort on the matter.

Then, suddenly the noise of trumpets filled the room and the orchestra immediately stopped playing. This signified the arrival of the Vessalius members of the house. The crowd of aristocrats quieted and a low hush filled the room. The guards opened the grand doors of the ballroom and all heads swiveled to look at the Vessalius members- especially at the newly appointed heir.

Gil's eyes widened at the sight of the new comers. There was a blond man in a suit with a cane in his hand and he wore a black hat that covered his eyes. This man was someone who had an air of fearsomeness around him. Next to him stood a timid blond girl, who looked to be around 17 and she clung to the person next to her, probably in hopes of hiding. He had blond hair, with emerald green eyes, which could only hint that the man's eyes were also green. But, it was the startling air of command that surrounded the young boy that drew Gil's attention. He could not help but be mesmerized by the young adult's movements as he strode forward with purpose. He could also help not to think about someone he knew before, someone who was important to him. Then he remembered. It was his master, Oz Vessalius!

"I am the new heir of the Vessalius house, Oz Vessalius!" Said the young man with such a commanding tone that made Gil's lips parted with amazement. He could not help but wonder what had happened to the young boy now turned adult in the time period in which he was gone. Gil thought that Oz would say more, however that was he said, nonetheless a roaring applause thundered throughout the ballroom. Gil mechanically clapped his hands and was still awestruck by the power of his master's voice. He shook his head as to try to clear his mind. 'But, why the hell am I thinking about my master this way? It must be admiration' he thought. 'Yes, it must be admiration.' Gil tried to convince himself that that was all it was. But, as he would soon find out that it was something much more.

A/N: Okay, so this idea was rolling around in my head for a while and I finally wrote it down! :D So I hope you enjoyed it thank you for reading!