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They aren't mine, sham but true. Oh and not a doctor though this is based on what happened to my friend a short while ago.

Later, upon reflection, she would decide that she was glad it happened. Almost.

It was nothing. A silly little thing that probably happened to everyone walking in New York that day, though for 99% of those it didn't have such life altering consequences. She had already done it about ten times on her journey from her apartment, inconsequential little near accidents that she wouldn't even remember by lunchtime; but not this time.

She slipped.

That was all. A silly little misstep. It was icy on the sidewalk and as she carefully approached the steps up to the building her foot just lost its grip slightly. Thinking she was basically there and safe, her mind had moved to Harvey's schedule and the million other tasks she did daily as part of her awesomeness. The entrance to Pearson Hartman was salted and she sped up, wanting to get to the warmth of the office.

Afterwards she wouldn't be able to remember exactly what happened. All she knew was one moment she was debating making Harvey buy her lunch for her assistance in the Maxwell case, the next...well... She tried to right her balance, refusing to fall over infront of the other employees also hurrying onto the building.

She didn't. However, in her efforts to stay upright her head connected with something, hard. She was never sure what exactly, speculation was that it was the hand rail on the steps at the front door, ultimately, that was the unimportant part. She jerked back upright, holding her head just above her right eye. A hand grabbed her elbow, steadying her.

'Are you alright?' a kind male voice said. She nodded her head, fighting back small moan as pain echoed around her head. 'You sure, that was some bang!'

'Yes,' Donna's voice sounded strange in her own ears. 'Yes,' she repeated with more conviction. Her eyes struggling to focus properly on her new companion, she vaguely recognised him from one of the accountancy firms in the building. 'Sorry, I mean, thank you for preventing me making an undignified show of myself.'

'Anytime,' he smiled and on any other occasion, Donna would have enjoyed a brief flirtation but she was glad that he seemed satisfied by her answer and made to leave. She smiled and made her way to the elevator, thankfully it was early enough for her to have the car to herself.

Her head was spinning. She leant against the side and explored the area above her eye gently with her fingers. Even brushing against it made her eyes water with the pain. However there was no lump. She supposed she should be grateful for small mercies, the last thing she needed was Harvey or anyone else knowing she had almost fallen over, she'd never live it down. After all, she was Donna.

The office was still quite empty and she was relived to make it to her desk without having to do anything more than smile at a few people. Harvey shouldn't appear for another half hour or so. Plenty of time for her to rest a second and still be on top of everything else before he arrived.

She sat down at her desk, her legs suddenly feeling a little shaky. The pain in her head was really quite something.

She leant her elbows on her desk, cradling her head gently. How her head ached! She closed her eyes for a few moments, breathing slowly, trying quell the feeling of nausea that was rising.

"Doanna?" she jumped. Harvey was gazing at her, an expression of amusement, and was that something else, concern maybe? It was gone to fast for her to be sure, plus she felt a little fuzzy. 8.30am mocked her from the clock on the wall - good grief, she must have been sitting there for 30 minutes.

"You shouldn't sneak up on a girl like that." she managed to say, fixing a smile on her face and trying not to grimace as shooting pains flew round her skull a the effort.

"Big night last night? I know you and Rachel are big girls, but if you are going to be out of it all the next day, I might have to start insisting on tagging along."

She gave him a look she hoped was withering, though she wasn't convinced she pulled it off. He was talking to her again but she couldn't focus on the words that were coming out of his mouth.

Harvey looked at his secretary as she gazed blankly at him. He suddenly felt concerned. Was she ok? She seemed a little out of it. He was just going to ask when her phone rang and she put her hand up dismissing him in a more Donna-like way so he let it go, rolling his eyes as he walked into his office. By the time he sat at his desk and looked out she had vanished.

"Oh, good, another Tuesday when Donna is bored." He thought, flipping open his file and begining to read. He paused and looked at the retreating back of his PA.

Donna had to get up. The phone rang saving her from the inquisitive eyes of the man who loomed over her. She picked up the handset and a voice assailed her, demanding she do something or other, Donna couldn't follow what they were saying so she just put the phone down and got up.

She walked straight ahead, looking neither right or left. She was beginning to panic.

She knew she should know, where she was and what she was doing, but she didn't. She really didn't.

The lights were so bright. Why were the lights so bright? Her head. Oh her head. She felt hot tears starting to burn her face. Restroom. Surely there was a restroom in this place. Her breath was beginning to come in gulps. She stopped walking. The corridor branched off to the side or straight ahead. Which way did she go? She should know this. WHy did her head hurt so much?!

She couldn't breathe.

Louis looked up from his paperwork. As usual he had been in early and was already half way through the large file Harold had left on his desk, probably in the early hours of the morning. Now if Mike had been working for him he would probably have it all finished by now. As if on queue Mike wandered past he and Rachel deep in conversation as usual. Louis rolled his eyes. The way those two flirted was really quite disgusting. Rachel was a lady of sophisticated tastes and real potential. What she saw in Ross was beyond him. She could do so much better. Louis let his mind wander back to the night they had enjoyed at the ballet.

Harvey sauntered past. Late as usual. How he could wander in here any time he pleased. His sense of entitlement really got right up Louis' nose. Arrogant prat.

He flipped the file closed and lifted his dictaphone. Norma was off visiting her sick mother and he would either have to get one of the other secretaries to type his dictation or wait till the next day. He considered it a moment. Then laid the device back down and returned to his reading. He would wait till the next day. She knew best how to do it. She had her faults but she knew how he liked his dictation.

As if on cue, Donna walked past. Louis watched her with one eye while still reading. Now there was the one thing he envied Harvey for beyond all else. Beautiful, witty, efficient and...acting extremely erratically.

He put his file down and watched the red head as she walked, stumbled? down the corridor. Was she crying? He pushed his chair back and went to get up, the stopped. Was this another trick. It was Tuesday. People knew to be careful around Donna when things were quiet, especially on a Tuesday.

Tuesday, for some reason was her day for messing with those who deserved it. Louis almost always deserved it. The theory was that the Senior Partners meeting on a Tuesday morning gave her enough time to get ahead of herself giving her the rest of the day to play...

However, when she made a grab at the cubical wall beside her as her legs seemed to give out under her, he leapt up and ran crashed out her door at speed.


He caught her as her grip on the cubicle slipped. "Um, help. Umm, someone, ahem, A Little Help! Donna are you ok?" He wasn't very good with females and sick ones with tears running down their cheeks were definitely outside his remit.

"Donna?!" He pushed her down on his chair. She looked at him. Her eyes were unnaturally bright and glassy.

"Louis?" the way she said this as a question made his stomach clench. "Oh Louis" he almost leapt as she threw her arms around his neck. "I am so glad to see you. My head. I don't know what'sgoingon." she slurred the last few words alarmingly. Louis cast around the faces of the small crowd that had gathered for help.

"Donna?" Mike and Rachel had heard the commotion and were now pushing through the crowd.

"Mike. Thank heaven. Mike. I don't know what's going on!" Louis looked at the associate in terror.

"Donna?" Mike knelt down beside Donna and gently prized her away from Louis' shoulder. "Hey Donna, what's going on?" he asked concern lacing his words.

Behind him Rachel cleared the crowd that had gathered.

"My headsssore" she whimpered in a voice like a child, motioning to the area on her forehead that felt like it was on fire. "So tired."

"Let me see," Mike gently swept her fringe back from her face. Rachel who was now leaning over his shoulder gasped aloud. There was an ugly black bruise forming just above her eye socket and stretching round to her temple. "That does not look good! Rachel, I think maybe you should call an ambulance. I'm gonna go get Harvey. Louis, do NOT let her go to sleep!" Mike ordered the Junior Partner whose hand Donna had not relinquished since entering the office.

"Mike?" Rachel met his gaze as she waited for her call to be connected. He just looked at her his eyes full of worry as he dashed down the corridor to Harvey's office.

Harvey was on the phone as Mike burst into his office seconds later. He motioned for Mike to wait, annoyance filling him as his associate once more invaded his space without knocking.

"Michael, I swear the building had better be on fire or else..." He finally looked up and stopped taking as he took in the slightly desperate look on Mike's face. "What on earth? Mike?"

"Donna. Harvey, it's Donna. She's hurt." Mike, finding his voice blurted out. Turning and dashing back the way he had come almost before the sound of his words had reached Harvey.

Harvey didn't know what to think. He moved after Mike, trying to look nonchalant until he saw the speed his associate was moving at and noticed the crowd gathering outside Louis' office. This looked bad. He forgot his dignity and broke into a run.

He arrived moments later, the small crowd making room and dissipating as the Senior Partner arrived. He didn't look left or right thought hurrying to see what was going on.

Donna sat in Louis chair clutching the hand of a very pale Louis. She was deathly white and Rachel was holding a towel, an ice-pack he assumed, to her forehead. She seemed to be struggling to hold her head up and Louis seemed to be talking to her, whispering something Harvey couldn't make out.

"Donna, what the hell?!" he demanded Rachel moving aside to let him see the red head. "Good grief Donna!"

The red head looked at him her eyes wide a glassy. "Who are you?"

Everyone in the room froze.

"Get him out. Make him go away. Louis, Make him go." Donna was becoming increasingly distressed. "Make him go! Who is he, make him leave! Please," she was sobbing now trying to get out of the seat.

Time seemed to stop for Harvey. Suddenly he felt Mike puling at him, his face taut, lips pressed tight. "Come on, Harvey. Come on man." And he allowed himself to be pushed backwards out of the room as Donna's hysterical cries still rang in his ears.

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