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Warmth, family, home...

Steam's home offered a different sort of happiness. One that came easily and freely. He'd been alright before but when it came down to it...woman after woman, even man after man there was an emptiness in Crudler that he hadn't even recognized until there was something to fill it with. Happiness.

Now, sitting in the small, warm kitchen they shared he understood that happiness. This place was home. Even if it was cluttered, despite Greedlerbot's best efforts to combat the inventor's habits, it was cozy and welcoming. He liked it there, especially when Steam was nearby. The smaller man poked around the cabinets, a thoughtful look on his face as no doubt he was constructing something in his mind. He was vaguely aware of Crudler's presence but completely missed the other's eyes following him. "Coffee?" he asked without turning around.


"Tea?" He watched Steam turn slightly toward him, the movement revealing the tip of his nose and curve of his cheek. Mere glimpse as it was, it brought a smile to his face.


"What then? Don't you want anything? I know there's not much..."

Crudler stood and slowly walked toward Steam, the small smile still visible on his face. "Be quiet, Steam." He could see as Steam turned to him that he hadn't expected him to be so close, to close in on him. Blue eyes widened, sending a warm flutter through his heart. Seeing that look in his eyes, those feelings that wrapped him in warmth and happiness never failed to surprise him. He loved it. He also loved to tease him, to turn those freckled little cheeks a soft red. It wasn't hard.

"U-Um..." Crudler was so close to him, barely a hair's breadth between them, but there was no contact. Steam blushed in anticipation. He looked up at Crud, the soft, measured puff of his breath ghosting across the taller man's neck. Nervously, his gaze flickered down from Crudler's face. "What...do you want, then?"

"Heh. You know, you're a beautiful man."


Chuckling softly, he tipped his head down to press a small kiss to the inventor's lips. "You want to know what I want?" Steam nodded slowly, his eyes lost in Crud's face. "I'll give you a hint." He lifted his arms to pull Steam against his chest and rested his chin on top of his head, warm and happy.

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