This a modern AU that tells the story of the high school years of characters like Brandon, Rhaegar, Brienne, Robert, Eddard, Jaime, Cersei, Catelyn, Lyanna, etc, my plan is for the story to be more focused on them but it will involve more characters. I'm still on the first book, so my knowledge of this series is from that book, the tvshow and the spoilers that I sometimes go see on wiki of ice and fire website, so I don't know all the characters yet or I may not have given them the importance they deserve, so if you have any character you would like to see, just leave it on a review or send me a message (just ask that as to be from the "older generation", because even if I'm changing some of the ages, I don't really wanna mix everybody).

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Lyanna Stark

Rhaegar had just brought her home, he did that a lot (he just didn't do it always because Lyanna didn't let him), even if she lived so out of the way to his house.

On the porch, she could hear someone yelling from the backyard.

"Why do you always do that?" She quickly recognized the voice as one of her older brother's - Ned's - what she didn't expect, because in their house the screaming usually came from Brandor or herself, not Ned, he was the calm one.

"It's my life, not yours." And then she saw something even more surprising, Ned's fist going straight to Brandon's face.

"Ned, what are you doing?" It's the fist thing that came out of her mouth.

"Just leave me alone." With this he left the house, but she thought she heard him say something like it's hers too.

"Are you okay, Brandon?" She finally turned to the older of the Stark brothers.

"Fine. It's nothing."

"I think it's going to leave a mark." She said while she helped him stand up.

"I better come up with some story. I'm not telling people that my younger brother beat me." Lyanna just rolled her eyes, so used she was to the stories that Brandon told.

"Let's put some ice on that. And by the way why did he punch you?"

"Don't know."

"Brandon." She said with the voice that evoked their mother.

"Really, Lyanna. We were talking… and then he was being Ned and then he just… punched me."

She decided to let go of the issue, planning to question Ned later. Entering the kitchen by the back door, she went to pick up a bag of frozen peas and threw it at Brandon.

"Thanks." She sat at the counter, while he sat at the chair close to her.

"Let me get a look of that." After a semi-meticulous look. "You have a small cut."

"The kid has a mean hook."

"He's not a kid anymore, Brandon. He's only two years younger than you." She stood and went to pick up the first aid kit; in a few seconds she was back in the counter, cleaning his cut.

"Still younger."

"But more responsible." She didn't know why but Ned looked like he carried the all world in his shoulders, alone.

"He needs to have fun. And talking about fun, I've got a girl waiting." He said when she finally finished cleaning his cut; he stood up, kissed the top of her head and screamed just before getting out of the door.

"I'll be home for dinner."

At least one of them is coming. She thought as she picked up her phone to find out about the other.

Are you coming home? – Lyanna

She quickly walked to her room, it was on the ground floor (it became must easier for her to sneak out, while Brandon always had to climb to get to his room's window), and it was full of photos, of her, her brothers, her parents, her friends, Rhaegar and another person that had been cut or scratched from every photo. I miss him, I don't love him but I miss him. Her mind was pushed back to the present by the ringing of her phone, and she read the message.

Ned is not picking up his phone. And I hate putting this one you, but can you go pick up Benjen. I'm working late. – Father

She picked up her things and went to the train station, while she answered him. Benjen's school was at a small city called the Wall, almost every Stark loved it. All the Stark kids had gone there until High school started, Brandon was the only that preferred King's Landing, the social climbing and the being famous, both Lyanna and Ned just wished that the Wall had an high school, where everyone treated each other as brothers and not as enemies.

This city, that Lyanna and Ned still went pretty regularly, had one of their favourite places, the remaining ruins of an old wall that separated the state of Westeros from their northern neighbour state. She loved to sit in the top of the wall, to see the floor covered in snow, there wasn't an only place that wasn't white and she just loved that. But now she drove to King's Landing every day, where the days were hot.

She was already at half of the 40 minutes train trip, when Ned finally text back.

I'm going to Robert's. – Ned. Two and half hours trip, she knew it well.

OK. How are you? – Lyanna

I'm fine. Brandon? – Ned

Just him to beat up someone, and then be worried if he's okay. She thought.

He's okay. Why did you punch him? – Lyanna

Don't know. – Ned

Lyanna didn't really believe that but she left the issue peace, she would ask him again after he got his head straight.

Okay. Need anything? – Lyanna

Bring my things tomorrow. – Ned

Of course. See you tomorrow. – Lyanna

Bye. – Ned

Robert Baratheon

When the doorbell rang, the bottle of whisky that was previously in his hand went to the drawer in the bedside table, just above an old photo of them. After going to the bathroom to throw water to his face, he went to the door, in the other side was Ned.

He said quickly without even greeting first, so unlike him

"Are you sure your mother is okay with me crashing here? Are you?"

"You know you are always welcome. My mom loves you."

"Thanks. I kind need you to lend me some clothes. I didn't bring anything, I kind of just left…" Robert knew something was going on, that wasn't a thing that Ned did, that was a thing that she would do, not him, he's the quiet Stark.

"Sure. But you have to tell me what's going on."


Their conversation is interrupted by his brothers running around, and Stannis's voice saying.

"That's rightfully mine. If it doesn't belong to Robert anymore, it's mine, I'm the oldest."

"What are they fighting about?" Ned whispered to Robert.

"I don't have a fucking clue."

"Robert Baratheon, language." His mother, Cassana Estermont Baratheon, yelled at him. And then turned to Ned. "I haven't seen you in a while, boy. Hope everything is okay with your sister." Cassana had always loved the Stark girl, she was good to his boy, now his boy was out most nights in some place she didn't know, burring his sorrows.

"We are both fine, ma'am. Are you sure you don't mind me staying here."

"Of course not. You are good company for Robert. And I have told you a million times, call me Cassana."

"It's hard to break an habit, ma… Cassana."

"I need to check on dinner. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Behave, boys."

Ned knew the Baratheon house pretty well; they had met when they were both eight years old in a summer camp at the Eyrie. And their friendship quickly grew, and when they both went to King's Landing's High School they became inseparable. But in those last months, their friendship took a bit hit, because even if they loved each other like brothers, he did have a sister and she needed him.

Soon the dinner was ready, and soon it was over. And while his father had retired to his office, his mother said goodnight to her sons and to Ned. Robert could see that seeing his mother taking care of him and his brothers made Ned miss his, Ned had never been the same after his mother's death; he was the closest to her and if he was quiet before, now he was much more.

And soon back in his room, Ned was laying in a mattress on the floor, dressed only in his boxers and one of Robert's shirts and Robert was laying in his bed, only on boxers and a shirt, too.

"I don't know how you can leave in this heat." Ned said.

"I think you would just die, if you ever went to Starfall."

"I think you're right. That's why I live in the north; it's bad enough having to go to King's Landing everyday."

"Ned, what happened for you to just run away? That doesn't sound like you." It sounds like her.

"I punched Brandon."

"What?!" Robert screamed, his body stood up from the bed, and he said. "Why?"

"I don't know…" He said, in a really low voice. "I just…"

"Don't worry. I bet Brandon is not even mad, just surprised. But you've got to figure out the why."

"I know… I'm tired, Robert."

"Yeah… Sleep well."

"You too."

Robert couldn't help but still be surprised about Ned's behaviour, he knew if he was Ned, he had punched Brandon a long time ago; and because Ned wouldn't do it and Robert had done it for him (of course, he never told Ned, he didn't believe that any other man should do his justice), but now Robert wondered if Brandon sleeping with his date after a dance last year didn't made him punch him, what did now.

And now images of the dance were coming back, she was with Robert but danced most of her dances with him, and Robert's desire to drink until he passed out like he did most nights came again, but this time he couldn't do it.

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