Chapter 1: Reapings

I don't own any of the characters I'm using from Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, or How to Train Your Dragon. But why would anyone sue me? This is obviously just a little harmless fanfic.

Also, just assume that none of the tributes of the 74th Games actually participated in those Games. And just assume that anyone of any age can be picked. And this is just the beginning.

And bear with me for the following scene. It'll all tie in later.

Uncle Luke grinned at Jaina as they sat down together at the dining table. "Did you like the tour of the old Temple?"

She smiled back at her uncle. "Yeah, that was awesome. But I didn't see any of those holodisks you were talking about."

"Oh, those are in hidden places," he said secretively. "You have to reach out to the Force to find them. The Old Jedi Order had the skills to hide them in places you can't see."

"Then how'd they get themselves killed?" Her dad asked, sliding a bowl of soup across the table to her uncle.

Luke glared at him, then continued to Jaina, "They couldn't just leave the holodisks and holocrons in obvious places. The stormtroopers and Darth Vader would get to them. So the Jedi stuffed them in unnoticeable cracks, under floorboards, anywhere they didn't think anyone would find them..."


The replay of the Quarter Quell announcement began as everyone stood nervously at the reaping areas.

"Every twenty-five years, there is a Quarter Quell, a twist on our lovely Hunger Games to remind the rebels of what they have done," President Snow continued.

Katniss' face twisted as she stood in the reaping areas. Gee, thanks Snow. I really didn't know that.

"And this year, the third Quarter Quell says...

We shall have people from many different places, trained in different things."

That much was obvious. What was the twist supposed to be?

"In a change from regular tradition," Effie Trinket announced, dressed in a bright orange that hurt Katniss' eyes, "we will watch the other reapings first before going to our own!"

Well. That was surprising.

"Let us watch the reapings!" She said, turning her hand dramatically toward the screen.

"From Westeros!" a man in green announced. Katniss automatically decided to call him Green Man. "Our female tribute is Daenerys Targaryen!"

A picture of a young, scared-looking girl with silky silvery-gold hair and intense violet eyes flashed on the screen. She looked to be about fourteen, a little over Prim's age.

I haven't seen someone like that before, Katniss thought. Interesting.

"And our male tribute is Jon Snow!"

Another picture. This time it was a young man with dark hair and eyes, about the same age as the girl.

"And now to Coruscant! Here we have three tributes, two male and one female!" Green Man said, grinning sadistically.

"Please applaud for Ahsoka Tano!"

The picture showed, and Katniss pinched herself to check if she was dreaming.

She wasn't. The fifteen-year-old girl had red skin and two white- and- blue- striped things on her head that went down to her chest, and big, wide blue eyes filled with innocence.

Katniss took the innocence part back, noting a strange gold headdress on top of the girl's striped things- it seemed to be made of teeth. Pointy teeth. You never know. Maybe she could kill me in a heartbeat.

"And on to our male tributes! They are Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi!"

Two separate pictures of fifteen-year-old boys flashed onto the screen. The one on the left was dressed in gray and brown, with auburn hair cropped short with a braid on the side and blue-gray eyes. The one on the right was dressed in black, his blond hair the same as the other boy's and possessing bright blue eyes.

Now you can tell those two are dangerous.

"Now to Yavin 4!" the man exclaimed.

I've never heard of any of these places before, Katniss thought with trepidation. If I get reaped, I don't think I'm going to make it. That Daenerys could probably sink five knives into me and I wouldn't know it.

"We have three tributes from here again," the man said happily. "They're a trio of brothers and a sister, so I'll announce them all at once. Please raise your hands for Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo!"

A picture appeared on the screen. A boy and a girl, obviously twins, were dark-haired and dark-eyed, arms over each other's shoulders. The boy next to them looked the same, but with piercing icy blue eyes. All three were smiling happily.

Totally unaware of their fates, Katniss thought sadly. They'll die in a heartbeat. People who smile like that are too trusting.

"All right. Now on to New York City! There are four tributes here, two boys and two girls.

"Our female tributes are Piper McLean and Annabeth Chase!"

A picture of a brown-haired, absolutely gorgeous girl appeared on the screen. Her only flaw was a terrible haircut.

She's gonna get a lot of sponsors after the Capitol fixes her hair.

Then a picture of a still-beautiful blonde with light gray eyes came on. The girl wore a deadly smirk.

If she keeps wearing that smirk, she's going to get more sponsors than that Piper girl.

"Our male tributes are Leo Valdez and Percy Jackson!"

A picture came on of a short teen with a mischievous expression and curly, dark hair, followed by a snapshot of a handsome teen with green eyes and black hair.

"We have two tributes from California!" Green Man shouted. "Our female tribute is Hazel Levesque!"

The screen showed a dark-skinned girl with dark hair and golden eyes.

"Our male tribute is Jason Grace!"

Here came a muscled teen with blond hair and blue eyes.

He won't fall fast. He's gonna get sponsors for his muscle and his good looks, Katniss thought.

"Let us proceed now to Berk!" the green man said. "Here we have three tributes again, like with Yavin 4 and Coruscant!

"The two female tributes are Astrid Hofferson and Ruffnut Adalard!" (Adalard means "brave" in German.)

Two blond girls appeared on screen, side by side. The taller one wore a blue top and a studded skirt, her hair brushed back into a braid as she leaned on an axe. The shorter one wore a fur vest and leggings, and a hat with horns sticking out on the sides.


"Our male tribute is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third!" Green Man announced, slightly out of breath from such a long name.

That is probably one of the stupidest names I have ever heard, Katniss thought.

"And our final special Quarter Quell tributes come from Britain!" Green Man shouted. "I present to you Harry Potter and Hermione Granger!"

Two pictures flashed side by side. One was a teen with glasses that were practically covered in some slightly translucent white thing, with dark hair and green eyes, just like the Percy Jackson boy. The other was a girl with bushy hair but an intelligent face.

The screen turned dark, and Effie bounced back onto the stage, grinning again. "Now to our own tributes! We have determined these from the districts beforehand, and no volunteers allowed this year!"

I would've thought they'd allow volunteers, to make this more interesting.

"From District Two, Clove Acantha!" (Acantha means sharp-pointed, or thorn, in Greek.)

A picture of a small but dangerous-looking girl appeared, grinning just as sadistically as the Green Man.

"From District Four, Finnick Odair!"

A victor? Katniss thought in surprise. They're putting in a victor for these Games?

"From District Seven, Johanna Mason!"

Another victor?

"From District Twelve..." here Effie paused, then added stupidly, "which means us."

Katniss rolled her eyes and glanced over to where Gale stood. He nodded slightly at her and then turned away. She followed his lead.

"We have Gale Hawthorne and Katniss Everdeen!"

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