And here I thought bizarre things happened to me because I was a poor amnesic person who was taken advantage of. So…

How the hell is this happening?

Those were my thoughts while I held the crying little girl who called me "daddy" (last I checked I was female); the living meatbun with eyes who was also crying and called me "mama" (what the heck); and the handsome but rather annoying man who cried even harder than the other two and called me "Prince" while clinging to me for dear life like a slug.

Already there was a crowd forming around us and giving us astonished looks, not that I blamed them, but this was really getting out of hand and to top it all the guy I was chasing was escaping using this distraction to his advantage.

However it was as if I was torn, despite the fact that guy needed to be caught and be rightfully punished (using medieval methods approved by the medieval church) somehow being snuggled by these freaky people was heartwarming.

I shook my head, I had to chase that bastard or else more victims would fall in his hands.

"Let go!" it was hard in an incompressible way to shout at these people, if you can consider people a handsome guy, a little girl and a talking meatbun. When all three looked at me with big watery eyes I felt guilty.

"No! Don't leave me, my love!" he was crying so hard his nose and tears were falling as one on my clothes... Somehow I wanted to punch him.

"Waah, mama!" the meatbun had frozen for a moment, and then his chubby body shook, next I knew he was wailing so hard the immediate crowd had to cover their ears (as my hands were occupied I had to bear the shockwave with full force). "Mama doesn't like meatbun-bun anymore!"

"Daddy! Don't leave me behind again. Does daddy doesn't like me anymore?" it was the girl who left me speechless. Guilt had formed a lump in my throat but her request had left me rooted in place looking helplessly as the last glimpse of the bastard I was chasing was lost on the swampy place.


All in all only a few days had passed since my awakening in a hospital with no recollection of even my name. So before the story moves on further, would you like to hear it from the beginning?

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