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Chapter 2

On the next day, Endymion decided to take a walk in the forest to relax his sore muscles. He needed some peace after all of the stress of the week. He went with his beloved black Pegasus. His Pegasus name was Raven, the name came from its jet black color. He flew his Pegasus towards the forest which bordered his Golden Kingdom with the neighboring country, Silver Millennium.

A giant tree called great tree stood right in the middle of the forest and in the middle of the borders at the same time. It was said that this giant tree was the source of all lives and had been well preserved since the beginning of time. Green forest encircled it like a ring. Morning dews dripped from the leaves. Orange sunshine sneaked among the trees. The scenery was simply breathtaking. While he was taking in the fresh scenery, he heard a scream. It sounded like a girl's. Oddly, the voice could be heard clearly up in the sky where he had been flying with his Pegasus and it's exactly above him, not on the land under. The voice became louder and louder right on top of him. When he looked up, he saw white and golden body falling down. The golden body fell exactly above him. He was so surprised and automatically held out his arms just in time to catch the golden body. And when he looked at the person in his arm, he couldn't even blink an eye.

The person was a girl, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life. She had a golden crescent moon symbol on her middle forehead. She had shiny golden hair which is done in two ponytails. Two buns sat on its top. It was the longest and prettiest hair he had ever seen. Her hair matched perfectly with her fair white skin. Her skin felt so soft in his touch. She had pink rosy cheek and lips. She wore white skin tight dress which showed all of her body curves. She looked so delicate and fragile. The sun light touch her skin and hair, made them shone brightly. She was ethereal. Suddenly he remembered Jadeite's sarcastic remark of perfect girl falling from sky, Endymion shook his head. Impossible thought him.

Serenity POV

Today was a bright day which is perfect for riding. Thus my advisor and mentor, Luna took me to train riding Pegasus. A princess had to know how to ride elegantly or so said her. Well, it's better than to be locked up in the study room with Ami, my best friend and tutor. So, I got ready and soon I was out riding my beautiful white Pegasus. I enjoyed the scenery from up here. It was really a rare chance for me to go outside. That's why I wanted to make the best of little time I had outside. Too bad Luna spoilt it with her lecture of how to hold the rein correctly. I closed my eyes to tune out Luna's lecture and feel the wind blew my hair softly. The air was crisp and fresh. It felt so good. I inhaled deeply with my still closed eyes and that was my mistake. "Princess! Princess, look out!" I heard Luna calling my name then chirping and squeaking. When I opened my eyes it was too late. A swarm of wild geese crashed right to me. I was so surprised that I let go of the rein The Pegasus was as surprised as me and threw me off its back. I was so scared. Luna and I screamed loudly. Oh my God! I would definitely die falling from this height. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head. I closed my eyes waiting for my demise which never came. As I fell, somehow strong yet gentle arms caught me out of nowhere. I could smell roses from the person who caught me. I couldn't believe it. I thought I would die for sure. But now, new problem was whose arms were these? I was so afraid to open my eyes. Who could be here in the middle of the sky like this?

Author's POV

The girl was almost afraid to open her eyes because of the shock of falling, but she suddenly felt someone caught her body. She slowly opened her eyelids seeing deep midnight blue eyes stared down at her own crystal cerulean eyes. She instantly tensed up when she saw the man. He had short raven hair which framed his handsome features. Endymion felt his heart skipped a beat. Never ever once in his life he was dazzled this much by a girl before. He was left almost speechless. Her eyes were the purest blue he had ever seen, they reminded him of the sparkling water in the sunlight. At this moment it seemed that time stopped moving, and there was only her and him. They just stare at each other for a few moments. And finally Endymion broke the awkward silence.

"…A-are…y—" asked Endymion who was suddenly interrupted by the girl in his arm.

"Oh, my goodness! I'm alive! ….….And, oh, my! Luna! She's my friend. She must be falling too. Please, save her. Sir, I'm begging you, please save my friend's life," exclaimed the charming girl.

She was freaking out. Her eyes filled with concern and she looked so sweet and innocent. Endymion knew he could never say no to this girl.

"S-su..re..w…w-where is she?" asked Endymion.

He was surprised at how nervous he was in the presence of this young girl. He was tongue tied and practically had his heart jumped wildly in his well build chest. He followed the girl instruction. They went up and circled the great tree. The girl called for her friend several times and finally got an answer. They found her friend, Luna hanging between the small branches of great tree and there's a white Pegasus near Luna. It turned out that this Luna friend was a black cat. The girl leapt out instantly, leaving me to hug her black cat. She was so relieved to see her cat was safe and sound. She pranced around hugging her black cat happily. She was so cheerful and lively.

Endymion gazed at her as he thought to himself. Today is full of surprises. First, a girl fell right on top of me from the sky. And she was very different than any women I knew. She was the first girl who didn't swoon over me the first time she saw me and also the first to get panicked and worried about her friend instead. She seemed unaffected at all by my presence. I knew that I would never be able to forget this day forever, especially the ethereal being before me. She was an angel, no doubt about it. He was speechless and nervous. He really didn't know what to do or what to say. He just realized that he knew nothing about talking to women. Usually it was women who approached him so he never thought of the other way around. That's why he chose to leave her without saying anything and without her knowledge. Even forgot to ask her name. He sighed and couldn't help but wishing he could meet her again. Endymion smiled without realizing it. He couldn't take her off his mind. He lost in daydream all day after that encounter and damn Jadeite and his girl-falling-from-sky remark.

Later in the afternoon his best friends gathered around in Golden Palace. Jadeite was telling them about his fiancée. But Endymion didn't really pay any attention. Somehow his mind kept on drifting back to the unusual girl he met earlier. He was so captivated in his reverie until Zoisite' called him which snapped him back to reality.

"…dymion…Oi…Endymion!" called Zoisite as he waved his hand in front of Endymion, followed by the others calling his name. Endymion jolted back to reality.

"Uh…w-what?" asked him dazedly.

His friends were worried. The calm and collected prince was never acted this way before.

"What happened? You were so lost in your thought," asked the concerned Nephrite.

"Were you daydreaming?" asked Kunzite the silver haired man. He was amused by this odd behavior of his prince.

The guys looked at each other and laughed at Kunzite's comment and shrugged it off. It was impossible for the cold, stoic prince to daydream. Endymion shook his head and cleared his mind.

"It's nothing…," Endymion answered dryly.

He didn't want to tell them about the girl yet. The others believed him and didn't ask further. They were back to Jadeite's fiancée. Jadeite's fiancée was a young black haired beauty, the princess of Martian Kingdom. She was a strong willed women and had high dignity. According to Jadeite, the girl hurt his playboy dignity. The girl turned him down instantly. It's his first experience to be turned down by a girl. The girl didn't even bother to take a glimpse at him first. She made the decision as soon as Jadeite's name was mentioned. His womanizer reputations were responsible for the bad start. The girl acted very cold towards him. It's a no wonder considering the boys' reputations. Unfortunately, their mothers didn't let them to have any choices. They forced the children to try the relationship first. Jadeite was frustrated. He swore for revenge. He said that he would definitely steal the girl's heart. Endymion, Kunzite, and Nephrite laughed hard. The mighty womanizer was totally powerless. Little did they know that these little encounters will change their life forever. They had found the key to their destiny and now the wheel of fate had been spun.

The next day Endymion went to the forest again. He had a little secret in the forest. He just couldn't help wanting to meet the blond girl yesterday. Somehow he had a feeling that he would meet her again in the forest. And he was right. He did meet her again in a not so different way than yesterday. She was like an angel, falling down from the sky. Yet she was like a tornado, come and go as she pleased and bringing trouble on her way. Today was no exception. Endymion was taking a stroll in the forest with his black Pegasus when he suddenly heard shrieking, crashing, and a 'look out'. The next thing he knew someone bumped into him knocking him off his pegasus. The culprit itself got stuck headfirst in the bushes.

"Oow…" Endymion grunted and so did the culprit.

Endymion stroked his head after the impact and tried to stand up. The culprit however was trying to release itself from the bushes. Pure white wings spurt out from her back. It seemed like she was in the middle of training how to fly. The culprit exclaimed and came to Endymion. The culprit panicked and apologized over and over again.

"Oh my! I'm so sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Are you all right?" exclaimed the culprit which is a girl.

Endymion now could take a good look of who's bumped into him and it was the girl from yesterday. What a way to meet again! The girl seemed panicked and apologetic. Quietly, Endymion smirked at her uneasiness and also at her appearance which was haphazardly covered by leaves. She was so clumsy and it made her looked cute. Of course, he couldn't admit it. But he also didn't know what should he say. So like a little kid wanting attention, he teased her instead.

"Oow…I thought I knew that voice. It is you, clumsy odango," teased Endymion.

The girl rose her face and look at him rather incredulously. Shade of pink graced her cheeks slowly.

"W-what? What did you call me?" asked the girl incredulously.

"Clumsy odango. Your hairstyle is so weird, so it must be odangoes," Endymion said it amusely.

The girl was fuming. "Well, excuse me! But this hairstyle has been passed down through generations in my family. And I also have a name you know!"

"And that must be clumsy odango," teased Endymion with his smirk.

"It's SERENITY! My name is S-E-R-E-N-I-T-Y. You better remember it, you baka!" yelled the girl angrily.

Endymion smirked and thought to himself, (So, her name is Serenity. So beautiful). She looked so cute when she was angry. Endymion couldn't stop his teasings because of how cute she looked.

"Serenity? You're obviously not serene since the first time I met you."

"Y-You!" yelled the girl named Serenity as she stomped on the ground furiously.

She then felt something on her foot and pick it up.

"..Eh…what's this?" She looked at the thing.

It was an orange star-shaped locket with crescent moon inside and it was hung with golden chains. She tried to open it and it let out a sweet melody. Endymion saw it and snatched the star locket away.

"Don't touch it!" He snapped at her. Serenity was taken aback with his harsh behavior. She immediately turned her back and stomped off. He totally pissed her off.

"How rude!" yelled her.

Endymion realized his rudeness hurt her and she would be gone. He was franctic inside but he still kept a cold and calm front.

"W-wait!" called Endymion.

Serenity turned around and stopped. "What?" asked her harshly.

"…I-I…umm…err…" Endymion couldn't let out a single world. Even his genius brain went blank and didn't know what to say. Serenity became impatient and ready to leave again.

"W-wait! I mean…u-uh...I'm sorry…I don't mean to sound so rude," said Endymion.

"So you're sorry, huh? You better be. Well, then see you," Serenity smiled sweetly and stuck out her tongue then she was gone.

Endymion was left stunned. Her smile was so sweet and innocent, so gentle. She looked like a goddess when she smiled. Her rosy lips looked so soft to kiss. And she looked so cute when she stuck out her tongue. He felt his cheeks burning. Endymion himself couldn't believe what the young girl capable of doing to him. He could feel something weird happening in his stomach and he didn't know what it was. Endymion hated it when he didn't know what happened to himself, so he shrugged the feeling off.

Endymion's POV

I started to stand up and get ready to leave. That was when my hand brushed something on the ground. I looked at it, it was a gold pearl bracelet. It had to be that girl's. She couldn't be that far off, I might as well return it. Without wasting anymore time, I rode my beloved black Pegasus and went to the direction that girl took earlier. I looked at the bracelet carefully. I just couldn't stop thinking about that girl. She's so unusual. I really wondered who that girl was. That bracelet of her was made from gold pearls. It looked expensive so that girl had to be some noble. Maybe she's a duke or a count or maybe a daughter of a rich merchant. Furthermore from her clothes and crescent moon birthmark on her forehead, she must be from Silver Millennium. I've heard about crescent moon birthmark of the Silver Millennium's people. They were famous as descendants of the moon. That's why they were called Lunarians. So this girl I met lately was one of those Lunarians noblewomen I guess.

As I thought to myself, suddenly I heard some kind of a melody. The melody was so faint and barely a whisper but I heard it nonetheless. The wind brought it through leaves and branches. The voice was very beautiful. It ran up to my spine making all of my senses came alive. What was that in the middle of a forest like this? Who…was…? I couldn't help myself for wondering about it. Somehow that voice was very hauntingly familiar. I took Raven to the voice. I made him leapt through the bushes and roots. I wanted to know what it was, no I felt I had to know who was it. I could tell that it was a singing voice of someone, an angel for sure. There's no way any mortal human could sing that beautifully. The voice was so angelic, so amazing, so gentle, so beautiful…..really no words could describe how beautiful the voice was.

The further I got into the forest, I could hear that melody more clearly. As I heard it, even as cold and as ignorant according to people I was, I couldn't help myself for not being enchanted by that angelic voice. It felt like the voice was calling me, touching me deep into my soul. It frightened me a bit. What if it's a trap? A spell? What if there's a bunch of monsters there? Even as I thought of the possibilities of danger, somehow I couldn't stop myself. My body moved on its own. I dismounted myself from Raven. My feet moved forward, bringing me to the source of that angelic voice. I tried to stop myself. I know it was wrong, I couldn't let myself to be enchanted by that voice. There had to be something there and it could be dangerous but still my feet won't stop moving as if It was spell bounded by that voice.

Finally, I stopped in front of a massive root of a tree. It was one of the many sides of great tree roots. The voice seemed to be coming from inside the root. At this point I should've known I'm not supposed to be here but I couldn't stop myself. I let my heart led me to that voice and I entered the massive root. Surprisingly, there's a way through the root which led somewhere. I follow the way and came into a clearing. I caught my breath at once. Who would have thought there's a hidden spring here especially one so beautiful. The water was so clear. It sparkled like crystal. There's a small waterfall in the corner. And around the spring, there's a breathtaking flower field. Flowers of every color were there. Their fragrant smell filled up my nostril. One could only describe this place as a heaven's garden. There's only one being who could've lived in this beautiful place and no doubt that being was the singer of that angelic voice. It had to be an angel or even a goddess.

I didn't want to frighten the singer so I hid myself on a tree. The leaves and branches covered me but I still be able to see through them. I followed the voice carefully. Then a blur of gold passed me. It caught my attention right away and when I saw it carefully, it was golden hair or to be exact, it was golden pigtails. There's no doubt about it, it was that girl, that clumsy odango girl, Serenity, who fell from the sky twice. But clumsy was not a word to describe her now. She was singing happily while dancing around. She danced so magically, so elegant, so beautiful…no…she's gorgeous. I had never ever seen a being so divine, so pure, so beautiful as her. She was an angel. Her golden hair was blown softly by the wind and it shimmered like sunshine. And there were her crystal blue eyes, her eyes sparkled like gems. Gentle sweet smile graced her rosy lips. Her white dress flew around as she danced, it twirled around her when she did some pirouettes and flew when she jumped and pranced around. She's so full of life and energy. Even the forest animals gathered around her and I was sure that the butterflies around her were not really butterflies. They were fairies. Impossible….fairies was very cautious and shy. They won't show themselves to people like that. They must be too entranced by that angelic voice. And who would ever guess the singer of that angelic voice was her, the odango girl.

Right at that moment the weird feeling in my stomach came again. I could also feel my pulse get faster and faster that my heart could jump out from my chest at any moment. I just couldn't believe it. That girl was simply dancing so innocently, so cheerfully and singing to the doves and butterflies. She's practically just prancing around smelling the flowers and threw herself on the flower field giggling sweetly. And here I was…hiding on a tree watching her and enchanted by her. She's certainly a sight to see. I could watch her for hours and I would love to. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side. Raven shrieked out of the blue. It looked like a squirrel passed by his feet and surprised him. He squirmed around and it made his reins which were tied to the branch where I stood pulled the branch and cracked it. I jumped on him automatically and tried to calm him down.

Right on cue, the odango girl stopped and turned to us. Her fairy friends were surprised too. They scattered around, hiding madly behind rock, leaves, branches, roots, and inside flowers. Great, Raven sure knew how to ruin it all. That girl became stiff and looked at me. She must be surprised and afraid. I cleared my throat to break the awkwardness in the air.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to frighten you….I…" started me but that girl got red all of a sudden and shrieked.

"I-it's you! You again! Wha….what….? H-How…..did you know this place? ...Y-you didn't see..! Oh, no!"

She was all red. I felt so guilty…I was practically breached her private zone. But I couldn't regret it. It was too beautiful to see. That girl's face was so red and she was ready to run away. I knew she must be embarrassed for someone saw her danced. She ran away and hid behind a tree so quickly that I had no time to blink. She was ready to run away again.

"Wait! I'm sorry. I just want to return this. I don't know this place, I was following your voice and found you here….odango," I blurted it out stupidly to stop her.

This was a stupid way to break the awkwardness, I knew. But it still worked. She stopped and turned on her heels. She popped half of her head from behind the tree. Her face was still red but it's not because of embarrasement.

"Baka! My name is Serenity! What do you want? You can't come here just like that. Nobody should know about this place," Fumed the odango girl named Serenity.

She looked so cute angry with her head showed half from behind a tree like that, but certainly I couldn't let her knew that.

"Here…you dropped it when you bumped into me earlier," I gave her the bracelet.

She looked confused and took it. "What?...Oh. my bracelet! I didn't realize I lost it….thank you."

"Sure," answered me.

"So…you came here to return this…..and found this place…..umm…." Serenity looked worried.

She looked at me from the corner of her eyes and then she looked around. I knew what she's thinking. She must be uncomfortable for a stranger breaching her private zone. It was very obvious that this place was probably her secret getaway. She didn't want anybody to know this place.

"..Umm…don't…" Serenity started hesitantly.

"I won't tell anybody about this place." I said it first. I knew she must be thinking about this.

She looked at me expectantly, "Really? Tha-.."

"It could be dangerous if someone was crushed by an odango girl falling out of nowhere." I mentally slapped myself for saying this.

Serenity reddened with anger, "W-what?!"

"I would feel bad if someone got hurt because I told them this place. They could bump into an odango and have a concussion. So, don't worry I won't tell anybody," I smirked.

Then I turned my back and left. She glared at my back. I could even hear her shrieking voice behind me. It made me wonder how could that high pitched shrieking voice sounded so angelic a second ago. After all those voices came from the same odango person. She's so interesting. Every time we met it always unpredictable. I already couldn't wait for our next meeting.

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