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Chapter 7

Joy and merriment was the first thing anyone would feel when they step into the ballroom. Countless couples danced on the dance floor. Friends and partners chatting non-stop while taking a sip from their wine glasses. Laughter sounded among the people followed by the sighs from every lady in the room when five strikingly handsome young men arrived. Yep, those men were none other than Prince Endymion and his generals. They smiled charmingly and greeted some people who approached for politeness sake, well flirting more in Jadeite's case.

Endymion discreetly scanned the room for a certain familiar blonde girl. His loyal friends realized that and grinnned knowingly.

"Looking for someone in particular, are you not, my prince?" Nephrite and Jadeite almost burst out laughing when Endymion blushed. Perhaps for onlookers he looked perfectly calm and poised but his brothers' eyes couldn't be fooled, if one looked closely there was a slight pink hue on his cheeks.

Endymion was startled but he was back to his cool demeanor just as quickly and shrugged, "I don't know what you're saying."

Jadeite and Nephrite shared a wink, "Highly understandable, my prince. Certainly this ball won't be any fun unless the five beautiful goddesses bless us with their presence. Especially the gorgeous Princess Serenity", Endymion twitched in annoyance when he heard Jadeite speak about the odango princess. Kunzite and Zoisite had nudged Jadeite to shut up. Jadeite knew it but kept on his teasing, "What I would give to taste her rosy lips and-" Endymion cold glare hardened and suddenly throttling the blond general seem so tempting right now.

Fortunately for Jadeite, a horn was sounded announcing another arrival which cut short Jadeite's teasings and prevent him to be the victim of Endymion's wrath.

"Presenting Her royal highnesses, Princess Serenity of Silvermoon Kingdom, Princess Rei of Mars, Princess Ami of Mercury, Princess Makoto of Jupiter, and Princess Minako of Venus!" announced the gatekeeper.

All head swiveled at the entrance where five princesses stood gracefully. Every male in the room had their breaths caught in their throat. Words simply couldn't do justice for the princesses' beauty. The Princess of Mars wore a skin-tight dress as red as her famous fire with high neck and slits going to her thighs, made her looked sexy yet modest enough. The Princess of Mercury wore an elegant and modest empire gown with long sleeves, it was a gown colored in every shade of blue imaginable with long skirt that flowed like a river every time she moves. The tall Princess of Jupiter wore green dress that was ended just above her knees and continued by ruffles going zigzag all the way down to her ankles just like a lightning bolt. The Princess of Venus was in an elegant and sexy orange dress which accentuate all of her womanly charms, it is neither too modest nor revealing, just enough to tease. Last but not least came in the lovely Princess Serenity dressed in silvery white gown that shimmered like diamonds. It was decorated by flowers, pearls, and laces. It clung to her body in a right way that show off all of her curves but not too much clingy and it fell down to her ankles, the bow in her back looked like small fairy wings which made her looked ethereal. They all were very beautiful. There was something enchanting and magical about them that no other could possibly possessed. It seemed the prince and his generals were not immune to the girls' charms as well. They couldn't take their eyes off them and kind of tongue-tied. Their mouths were gaping like a fish. They opened and closed their mouths to say something but no sound escaped. Venus and Serenity were giggling as they approached the boys. Finally the boys broke out of their stupors when the girls came approaching and Jupiter coughed aloud.

"Ehem! Can you stop looking at us like we are a bunch of meat or something?!"

The guys had a good grace to blush. It was Zoisite who spoke for all of the guys, "We're sorry, we don't mean to stare like that. It's just you ladies are very stunning tonight that we were caught off guard."

Venus and Serenity had been giggling behind since the beginning of their conversation while Mars and Jupiter glared menacingly. Mercury was the only one not affected by her friends' antics.

"May I have this dance, princess?"

A silver haired man cut in and bowed before Serenity. He had an upturn black crescent moon on his forehead as opposed to the glorious gold of Serenity's crescent moon mark. He was soon identified as the Crown Prince of the Black Moon Kingdom and stepbrother of Princess Nehelenia, Prince Demando. The senshi glared at the man. Many dark secrets and disturbing rumors surrounded the man. It was no secret that he held strong interest towards their princess. Serenity herself seemed reluctant to accept the invitation but alas according to propriety, invitation from a royal blood was not to be refused less the other nation would take it as an insult to their crown. Thus, Serenity followed the white prince into the dance floor. The senshi nodded and silently agreed to keep watch for their princess in any means necessary. Granted, the rumors surrounding the white prince were not very pleasant at all, if not terrifying. Prince Demando was infamous for his cruel and ruthless ways. The man had a heart of ice if he had any at all. Moreover, he was especially lustful and insatiable for his desire of women. The horrid facts of the white prince kept coming into the senshi's minds. Without further ado, the senshi grabbed the nearest dancing partner available who happened to be Endymion's generals. They dragged the males with them unto the dance floor while keeping their eyes on their princess. They strove to be as close as possible to their princess.

Meanwhile Endymion had long ago left to the garden. He turned his back as soon as Serenity accepted Demando's invitation to dance. None of his generals realized his absence for their attentions lied on the beauties that dragged them to the dance floor.

"My, my, what a pleasant night tonight is, to have my fire goddess so eager in dancing with me." Jadeite flirtingly whisper in Mars' ear.

Mars almost jumped in fright at the voice in her ear, she turned sharply towards her dancing partner, causing their noses to bump each other. Jadeite looked surprised for a moment then his surprised look turned into a wide smirk.

"You should just ask me if you want to be close, but I don't mind this forward way of yours either. In fact I found it very attractive." Jadeite pulled Mars closer against him.

Mars glared at him and purposely step on his foot, earning a yelp from him. However she couldn't hide the red hues on her cheeks for his comment. This seemed to make Jadeite grinned even wider.

Not a meter away from them, Kunzite and Venus danced in the deafening silence. This was the first time they had a chance to be together without their friends after their first meeting in two years. However neither one of them had uttered a word since the dance started.

"Mina, I…" Kunzite attempted to say something but nothing came out.

"Don't call me that! It's Princess Venus to you." Venus stopped him coldly then turned her sight to Serenity and Demando again.

"I see you haven't changed at all, Princess Venus, still dutiful as always to your princess."

"Speak for yourself, general. I've heard many stories of your loyalty to your prince."

Kunzite sighed heavily, "I've missed you, you know."

"…." Venus fell silent.

"I still don't understand your reason. Don't you think we could have something more—"

Venus cut in sharply, "Kunzite, stop it. We are finished two years ago and that's it."

"Finally you called my name", Kunzite had a small smile on his lips, "I wish you could stop being so stubborn and tell me the real reason. I loved you and I still am. I couldn't forget you even if I tried. I love you, Mina"

Venus shook her head, "No, don't say things like that if you don't mean it. You had your change and you broke my heart. We're over, Kunzite." She tried hard to hold the tears that coming.

"But Mina…I…"

"I won't believe your lies, just leave me alone!" Venus whispered softly and hastily left him. She ran and tried to blend in with the crowds.

"Wait, Venus! Mina!" Kunzite tried to stop her but she's gone already.

Jupiter on the other hand was watching Serenity like a hawk. That was until the man she's dancing with, chuckled amusedly.

"I don't know either to be jealous or glad for not being the object you're looking at. It seems like you want to tear him limbs to limbs. Still though, don't you think it's kinda rude to ignore your partner?"

Jupiter yelped and turned to glare at the man's remark, but she was met with a broad chest instead. She actually needed to look up in order to meet the man's eyes. She was very much surprised with this since she was very tall for a woman. Usually she could stand as tall as a man or even slightly taller than a man. This was certainly a first for her. She couldn't help but look up and what a sight it turned out to be. The man was very tall and had a well-built body like a Greek God. He had auburn colored hair which is wavy and almost as long as hers. He was handsome. As much as a warrior she was, Jupiter was actually as girly as the goddess of love herself, so she blushed at the man.

"I…I…I'm sorry, I was worried for my friend."

The man nodded, "I would be worried too if I were you. The man your friend with is not very pleasant to say the least."

"Yeah, I've heard a lot of him, too. Uhm…you're General Nephrite, aren't you?"

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Princess Jupiter or should I call you Princess Makoto? Which one is your name anyway?"

"You don't actually believe my name is Jupiter, do you?"

"It's not?" Nephrite asked back.

Jupiter sighed, "No, my real name is Makoto. Jupiter is my title but only my closest friends and families call me Makoto. People usually call me Jupiter sometimes my friends, too. So, you can just call me Jupiter."

Nephrite nodded not entirely sure of the title meaning.

"Jupiter, it is then," Nephrite then looked at her amusedly, "You know, you're pretty tall for a girl."

Jupiter glared annoyed at him since her height was a sensitive spot for her, "You have a problem with that?"

"No, it's perfect actually. Usually it's too much work and my neck hurts for bending too much just for talking with a girl, but you're a perfect height. It feels normal and comfortable actually."

Jupiter blushed, "Thank you… that's a first. Usually people make a fun of me or complain for being taller than them."

"They are wrong. Your height is perfect, it makes you beautiful and just perfect" Nephrite ended his words slightly breathless as he was gazing into Jupiter's green eyes.

Jupiter blushed and gazed back at his brown eyes. Both of them danced blissfully all night.

Not like her friends who just grabbed men randomly to rush to their princess' side, Mercury was a girl full of logic and calculations. She analyzed the men in front of her first before taking one as her dancing partner. After all Mercury was a timid and logical girl so she easily felt uncomfortable around men. It wouldn't do well for her to be with one who is overly charming and flirty like Jadeite, or one who is too intimidating like Nephrite, or one who is too stern like Kunzite. Since Endymion had gone for the garden, that only left Zoisite for her. The man looked normal to her, so she just hoped he wouldn't be bored with her. Just as she made her decision, she was surprised by Zoisite who asked her to dance first. She smiled and took his hand shyly. She didn't know why the general's smile made her heart thumped. It made her more nervous yet strangely not uncomfortable like when she's with other men. Still it didn't help her to find anything to say.

As if feeling her nervousness Zoisite started a light conversation to ease her, "Lady Mercury, I heard you are originated from an ice-covered kingdom. I had never been there but the stories I heard about it is very intriguing."

"Yes, I spend most of my life in Silvermoon Kingdom but the kingdom I originated from is covered by ice, in fact all lands are covered in ice. That's why survival is almost impossible if not for our advanced technology which allows us to build temperature control devices and artificial farms in where our food grows," explained Mercury.

Zoisite nodded, "It sounds like a difficult place to live in but I think the harsh environment is what drives your people to innovate technologies for their survival. No wonder Mercurians are able to surpass others in term of knowledge and technology."

Mercury smiled, "It's not all. Our people are just love to learn new things. If others worship Gods then we worship knowledge. Besides all Mercurians have strong affinity with ice/water based magic so living among ice is not as difficult as it seems. After all the Iceland of Mercury has its own beauty you can't find elsewhere such as the natural phenomenon called aurora. It is a natural light display in the sky especially in the high latitude cold regions, caused by the collision of solar wind and magnetospheric charged particles with the high altitude atmosphere." Mercury cringed at her bad habit of sprouting scientific terms and lengthy explanations. She looked down, ashamed of herself for being too comfortable and started babbling about scientific terms which definitely bored the kind general to death.

Without missing a beat Zoisite added, "Auroras are indeed associated with the solar wind, a flow of ions continuously flowing outward from the Sun," Mercury almost bumped her head with his face for looking up so face in shock when Zoisite continued the explanation further, instead of accusing her as nerd and leaving. Zoisite smiled and continued, "It is a result from emissions of photons in the Earth's upper atmosphere from ionized nitrogen atoms regaining an electron," Mercury couldn't help but smile back and added in,"And oxygen atoms and nitrogen based molecules returning from an excited state to ground state."

Zoisite and Mercury smiled at each other as they fell into their conversation more deeply, each adding more scientific terms to show which one more knowledgeable. Zoisite was more than surprised to find himself discussing scientific matters with a lady and enjoyed it immensely, not even his closest friends and brothers shared his interest of science, most people found it boring, nevertheless ladies, who only knew of dresses and jewels. At least he thought all ladies only knew of flowers, jewels, and dresses but Princess Mercury proved him wrong. Zoisite was a prodigy and he took a great pride in his brain prowess but this lady could rival him in knowledge and maybe even smarter than him, which is the fact he wouldn't admit. Soon they were caught in a heated discussion of books and science. The general was quite intrigued by her. The lady not only has beauty, but also a brain as capable if not more capable than men in term of intelligent. It seemed the royal ball became interesting than what Zoisite and Mercury expected.

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