Old Times Chapter 1

As she limped her way thru the familiar path she left when leaving Aperture, she was thinking.

We'll she even take me back? That thought scared her. What if she leaves me here to bleed out? What if she puts turrets in the elevator when the door opens?

She shook her head, and continued walking to what could be her salvation or destruction.

No more 'what ifs' I'll die out here if I don't get any help and if she does kill me, I'll die faster than just sitting out here and bleeding to death. She was still scared about what could happen but that last thought gave her the push she needed.

It took her about half an hour to get there and it took all the energy from her and she already lost a good amount of blood. Damnit! She better answer or I swear… She left that thought hanging because she knew she couldn't do any thing even if she wanted to.

It took her a while to realize that she was standing in front of the little rundown shack for a good thirty seconds, she gave a loud three knocks on the high-tech door. A couple of seconds pass. Maybe she will kill me…CRAP! THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!

She starts to turn around and attempts to run away, Shit! But her leg wouldn't have it; she ended up tripping on her unresponsive leg and hits a rock on her temple.

Before she passed out, she was seeing thru bleary eyes. She saw the two doors slide open and sees P-Body and Atlas jogging to her side. P-Body gently picks her up bridal style and takes her into the elevator.

The orange machine looks down at Chell and the optics moved to what resembled worry and starts making beeping noises to Atlas and the short machine responds in the same manner. Chell had no idea what was going on, with all the blood lost and the hit to the head she might as well just close her eyes and let the pain consume her, but the fear of what the godly machine was going to do kept her hanging on.

When the elevator came to a stop, Chell starts shaking, she doesn't know if its because the machine that was carrying her was cold to the touch, or she was scared shitless of what was about to happen.

While they were briskly walking, Chell started going in and out of consciousness, she can barely hold on.

She just wants to see the powerful machine before she goes to sleep, to see what she will do.

But all the blood loss and hit to the head was making it all but a challenge.

She remembers hearing a familiar voice but it was almost like it was covered by cloth.

Is..is that GLaDOS? Her eyes were to hazy and her hearing was almost gone but she gets the familiar feeling of somebody peering over her, studying her; a feeling that she knows all to well.

A small almost unnoticeable smile reaches the incapacitated woman's lips but it was enough for the omniscient machine to notice it.

She was curious as to why the lunatic returned to the place she fought so hard to escape from.

The only logical reason as to why she came back was because of the shattered leg and the bruised head, but that still didn't explain why she came back to this place.

There are places that can heal these kinds of wounds, why not go there? Why come here?

GLaDOS prepares a table to put the unconscious body on, than starts taping an Aperture Science Frost Simulator to the big bruise that appeared on the side of her head from that idiotic attempt at running away.

Of course she would come here; she knows that I can take her of her wounds better than any idiot with a suture kit out in the wasteland.

That thought still didn't quench that nagging thought as to why she would choose to come here.

I guess I'll find out when she wakes up.

She lets out a robotic sigh and continues wrapping the leg up in bandages and starts cleaning up the blood that was left on the table.

I wonder what happened to her. Her legs probably gave out from the tremendous weight they face when ever she takes a step. No that cant be it, there a couple of stab wounds in her calf and her wrist are bruised and has what looks like rope burn...why was she tied down? She obviously didn't do this to herself but who would want to do this to her?...Well I probably would have done it myself if she hadn't save this place from that moron. But than that only leaves one answer...she...was raped?

That thought made GLaDOS cringe and almost starts feeling bad for the wounded test subject but than the feeling gets replaced with anger.

Nobody deserves to be touched liked this. Not even that overweight monstrosity, not when it isn't wanted.

If GLaDOS had teeth they probably would've shattered from the pressure of pure hatred that was emanating from her chassis.

She looks over to the table where the test subject is resting and calms down when she sees her test subject shuffling under the sheets. GLaDOS didn't care if she got frostbite, but than what would have been the point of tending to her wounds if she died of hypothermia right?

When Chell had left, GLaDOS had turned the temperature down low enough so that she has less of a chance of overheating. Like that would ever happen, but still one can never be too careful.

With that thought she starts commencing the protocols to put herself into sleep mode.

I guess ill find out what happen when she wakes up tomorrow.