'How BIG is this freaking place!?' she was walking around trying to find the the source of the smell of eggs, coffee and...is that bacon?She takes a big whiff of her surroundings to confirm. 'It is bacon...GLaDOS! where are you hiding the bacon!?'
Now realizing that bacon is waiting for her she tries to pick up the pace but the stitches on her leg start to stretch and blood begins to trail down her leg. 'Damn! I probably should bandage it before it gets worst.'
She sits down and rips of a sleeve from her t-shirt and attempts to tie it around her wounded leg.
When she reaches down and sees the stab wound her memories start flooding back to her.

It was hot, sweat covered most of her shirt mostly around the middle of her back and around her arm pits.

"MOVE IT, we aint got all day, ya hear!?"a shirtless man covered in tattoos was screaming at a woman who was on her hands and knees, taking deep breaths trying to fill her lungs with fresh air.

"I cant go no more, we been walking for weeks. My feet, my feet hurt too much."

The man looks over at her feet and sees that all the skin is ripped of from the back of the heel to her toes the skin around it was turning a sickly yellow and puss was staring to form around it.
"I dont think you heard me right" he moves up to her face close enough to where the smell of alcohol started to make her eyes tear up.

"I said MOVE!" When he yelled the command the woman attempt to get up out of fear of getting hit but the pain was to much for her to bear, she collapses on the ground once more.

The man was carrying an old bottle whiskey and put his lips to it and drank what was left inside of it.
"You know what? maybe you're right I think you need a break" He flips the bottle and holds it by the neck and pulls his hand back.

"I think I'll let you sleep forever, how does that sound?" He pushes forward hitting the bottle on the woman's right cheek knocking her to the floor, blood starts to pour out of her mouth from one of her teeth being knocked out.

She holds her hands up trying to protect herself but only for the man to laugh and rear his hand back for a second blow. "Don't even think about hitting her again."

The man looks to his left and sees a figure in a white t-shirt with a light blue tank top underneath and a pair of cargo shorts.
"who the hell are you and what the fuck makes you think ill listen to you? no less a BLOODY WOMAN!"He swings the bottle again at the victim on the ground and it smashes against her jaw, knocking her unconscious.

"What ya gunna do about it anyways?" he tosses the shattered bottle hand to hand while walking up to the angered woman.
"you aint bad for the eyes girly, maybe I wont cut your face as much if you let me have fun with ya"
He looks at her feet and gets confused from the futuristic look of them, he stops and thinks.

"Are those Aperture boots? how'd ya get your hands on those? you must be loaded."
He charges at her with intent to kill but its hard to hit what your aiming for when your target is moving around and blocking every attack you throw.

She skips over to his left and kicks the back of his knee in causing him to tumble to one leg and kicks the bottle out of his hands, she then grabs the back of his head pushing it downward while her knee comes up and meets his face halfway.

"GAH! you bitch!" he scrambles up and picks up the bottle from the ground.
she throws a kick to his ribs but he catches it and wraps his arm around it.

"Got ya now girly!" He stabs her in the leg with the broken bottle which makes her yell out in pain.

"AAAAHHH" she hits the hand holding the bottle with her elbow and breaks his wrist.

"AAH my hand!" He steps back and cradles his injured hand.

"Ill kill ya for that, wench!" He throws a sloppy punch aiming for her face.

She spins around and grabs his arms over her shoulder and judo throws him to the ground making him land of top of the bottle which shatters into pieces and stabbing into his back .

"Oof" he falls unconscious from hitting the ground so hard and blood starts to pool around him.

She looks down at him than to the body of the woman and begins to limp to the unconscious body.

She crouches down and puts her ear in front of her nose to see if she was still breathing.
There was a faint breath coming from her mouth so she isn't dead.

When she started to take off her satchel noises started coming from behind her but before she can react she was hit on the head with a bat and passed out from the blunt force.

She can still make out voices but is slowly fading.

"That bitch killed Jimmy! He was like a brotha to me!"

"Shut up Nick, I probably would've killed that idiot myself, he was useless and all he does is kill women and old people."

"Why you!" they both start fighting each other only for a third guy to come between them.

"Nick! Trey! stop messing around and tie the girl up before she gets up and kicks the both of yalls asses."

They both calm down and mutter insults at each other.

Trey takes of his backpack and pulls out some rope and starts to tie her hands and feet and looks inside her satchel.

"Hey Rick she has some Aperture gear and it almost looks brand new, should we bring her to the boss?"

"Yeah he might wanna ask her how she got the gear, put her in the car. Looks like a storm is coming this way"

They pick her up and put her in the backseat of an old beat up Dodge charger and take off into the distant leaving behind the body of their comrade and the unconscious woman.

"Hello? helloooooo? gah looks like the fat clogged up her ears, where is the hor-"

A loud train horn comes on the speakers and Chell gets knocked out of her daze and scrambles up taking deep breaths from the sudden loud noise.

"Ah looks like only things that have the same amount of weight as you seem to get your attention, now are you going to eat the food or do i have to throw it in the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator."

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