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304 years later, 4 years after Pitch's defeat...

One cold January morning, in the small, suburban town of Burgess, every child from their small community was engrossed in, what can only be described, as an epic snowball war. It was every boy, or girl, for themselves. Some children had decided to team together and hurriedly build forts before being pelted by any oncoming snow grenades, while others ran around aiming their snowballs at anything that moved. Weaving in between the wild children, was a boy, much older than any other, he floated through the air, laughing at the triumphs of every child. With a wave of his frosted Sheppard's Crook, new ammo appeared in the form of perfectly shaped snowballs.

The children cheered as they saw the help being given, they cheered for Jack Frost. Every time one of those children bumped into him by accident, or asked for his assistance in building their snow fort, Jack felt whole again. Knowing that he was never going to be invisible again. Being alone for so long can do terrible things to a person, but he wasn't always alone. He had, had the Wind as an ever present companion since he was born out of the ice, but for a hundred or so years at the beginning of his spiritual existence... he had, had someone else, someone who took a physical form, but they were long gone now, never to be seen by him again.

Jack was brought out of his reminiscing, when a snowball hit him square in the face. From the shock, he fell out of the Wind's grasp and landed in a conveniently placed snow drift. Laughter from a few children could be heard, as Jack looked up, he came face to face with his attacker. None other than Jamie Bennett, Jack's first, and most loyal, believer. He was 13 years of age now and still strongly believed in himself and his fellow Guardians. All the 7 children, who had now become teenagers, that helped defeat Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, only 4 years ago, all still believed. It would be hard to pass the Guardians off as figments of their imagination, seeing as they fought alongside them in the final battle.

Beside Jamie, stood Pippa. She hardly ever left the boy's side, it was so obvious to everyone, even Jack, that she had a major crush on him, but Jamie was never one to catch onto the obvious quickly. They were both bent over, clutching their sides at the stunned expression on the Guardian of Fun's face. He was the master of snowball fights, so it was a worthy accomplishment when you were able to land a hit on the Winter spirit. Getting up and dusting the snow of his frosted blue hoodie, Jack slowly made his way towards the two young teens. He hoped his facial expression looked angry and by the reaction he got, he guessed he'd mastered it. At looking upon Jack's face, the laughter coming from the two believers died. Nervous expressions plastered their faces, as they started to slowly back away from the, supposedly, angry Frost wielder. Their backs bumped into their own snow fort, cursing themselves for blocking their escape route.

"H-hey J-jack, I-I s-swear I d-didn't mean to h-hit you! P-please don't b-be angry!" Jamie managed to stutter out. Jack was only a few feet away when he stopped and a mischievous grin grew upon his face. This scared the duo even more then Jack being angry! They knew something was about to happen but they didn't know what. Jamie was about to speak again when an accurately aimed snowball hit him square on in the face. He heard a squeak by his side and guessed Pippa had gotten Jack's little surprise as well. The pair heard laughter coming from the Snow child, as they wiped what remained of the snowball from their faces.

Mock anger was put on both teens faces, as they tried to cover up the bubbling urge to burst into laughter along with their favourite spirit.

"I'm gonna get you for this Jack!" Jamie declared in what he hoped was a threatening voice.

"I'd love to see you try Jamie ma boy!" Jack said after recovering from his laughing fit. The Winter spirit promptly shot of into the air and started zigzagging his way through the still raging snowball war. Jamie and Pippa soon took off, snowballs in hand, ready to catch the Guardian of Fun.


The war had ended a few hours later when the night was drawing near, and mother's called their children in for dinner. Jack promised them all he'd be back tomorrow for another day of snow-filled fun. Jack and Jamie did their 'brothers' hand shake before Jamie left with, a now 8-year-old, Sophie on his back. The embodiment of Winter sighed in content as he watched all his believers trudge through the snow, smiles on their faces from the promise of another snow day the next morn. Now that his mission for the day was over, the frost child was at a loss to do. He had already brought all the snow needed for that day, pestering the Easter Kangaroo was a very tempting option, but Bunnymund was still fuming over the last prank Jack had pulled at his Warren. It wasn't his fault though! He didn't know Cottontail wouldn't like the new snow decor... alright maybe he did, but the reaction from the Spring spirit was priceless! He was about to take off to his lake and wait until Jamie had finished his dinner to go talk with him, when he spotted the Aurora Borealis, or the 'Northern Lights' as they were commonly known, spread through the sky. This was the Guardians private signal; it meant they were being summoned to the North Pole. This meant only two things, either North had gotten stuck in a doorway again... or Pitch Black was back!

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