I don't know how it is that what has been happening around me happens, bad luck has followed me through Hogwarts ever since my trial for the Quidditch team: Doors have become temperamental with me, stairways refuse to go where I need them to, stones pop out of the floor to trip me.

I suspect that the house elf that visited me during summer is behind this, but my attempts to alert any of the teachers has been ineffective, I always find them busy, or do not find them at all. It is only because of the magic shell around me that I can force the school to obey me as it does every other students, and even then, it is very hard to do so. Only when I am with one of my friends does my normal luck stay.

I have decided to stick with my friends whenever not in class, I don't want anything to happen, Wood takes many precautions during practice, so even if I fell from the broom, the worst that will happen is a couple of broken bones, nothing Pomfrey can't fix within hours.

*Potions*September 30, 1992*

"Remind me how to do this again" Blaize was holding a knife over a strange looking bean, which according to the instrucions, had to be cut to get the juice inside it, but it was refusing to be cut.

"When all else fails, crush them" Harry grabbed the bean between two knives and squished the bean over the potion they were preparing, turning it a light brown color, just the recommended color in the instructions.

"You just sounded like the Carrows" Blaize commented off-handedly, "Granted, I doubt you would do that unless absolutely needed."

"Outside of a battle, never, in any kind of it, however, it's a completely different thing."

"Yeah, I'm never dueling you, ever," Blaize pushed an herb from the chopping table unto the potion, turning it the final bright red, "I'm handing this in now, start packing up everything" Harry nodded, cleaning up the instruments and packing them in their respective slots of the potion kit.

"Why do you use iron knives? They contaminate the potion," Blaize said once they walked away from the classroom.

"That may be so, but ceramic knives are outside my current price range, and silver knives blunt way to easily," as if to demonstrate Harry ran his pal down one of the decorative silver swords on the walls, showing that his hand looked like it had been shaved instead of cut, "Stainless steel stays sharp for longer and is easier to sharpen"

"It still affects the potions; everyone knows gold and silver are always best" Blaize defended.

"That is because they are noble metals, they react only to highly acidic substances, and even then it takes long for the metal to suffer," He pushed magic into his hand to heal it fast, "Now hurry, I want to get to the great hall before it's full."

Blaize regarded his friend as he lagged behind, noticing, not for the first time since the beginning of term that he seemed to carry something on his shoulders, something that only Harry could see, something relating to what he had told Blaize during the train ride.

"Why are you so worried, when nothing has happened?" he wondered out loud.

*Great hall*

"Any news on the common rooms?" Harry asked Terry and Blaize during lunch.

"None on Ravenclaw, people tried to bully Luna because of the creatures she believes in, but we stopped that, she sleeps with Lisa now," Terry nodded to the blond girl when she turned to him.

"Malfoy has been prancing around more than usual, says his father has a plan to sack Dubledore, I don't believe him, Bones, Longbottom, Digory and Greengrass won't let him, even with all the money he has."

"Do you know how he treats houselves? I have a hunch"

"How likely is it that you are right, sweety? Many purebloods mistreat house elves, despite the fact that they are some of the best sentient creatures around," Lily said.

'I know, but only the Carrows and the Malfoys, of the ones that bribed their way out, have ways to get into the school, all other of the roaming death eaters are either to bloody stupid or unfertile because of inbreeding, thank God.'

"Language, young man, but yes; only the inner circle death eaters were clever, if not fanatical to the point of madness"

"He abuses them, the three times I've been to his manor I saw the house elves on deplorable condition, all with pillow cases for clothes, boils on some, bandages on others, hell, one with tennis-ball green eyes had open wounds showing, and Malfoy sr. was kicking it around the property while the bugger tried to do his job," Blaize answered.

"Was his name by any chance Dobby?" Harry asked, leaning into the table.

"Well, I think so, never tried to learn the names of elves that aren't mine, they consider it doing their job badly, you see, when someone that is not their master calls them by name."

"Keep an eye on Malfoy, intercept his mail if you can, I think his father may be helping Voldemort this year" Damn, just, DAMN.

"Sure, but don't blame me if I get caught, Italy may have their own school, but it isn't as good as this one"


"Could you show me to some books of tracking charms, and possibly luck altering curses?" Madam Pince, the Hawk of the Library, as most students named her, regarded the second year in front of her.

"Why do you want luck curses?" her eyes narrowed.

"A house elf has been messing with my luck, I believe he may be trying to kill me at the orders of its master," The seriousness of the boy gave a certain credibility to it.

"And you have not told the Headmaster why?"

"It blocks the stairways for me, I cannot move around the school unless I am accompanied by a friend, Lisa is around somewhere, I came with her."

"Come" was the only thing she said.

Halfway to the restricted section they took a turn, and soon the entrance was no longer visible, "it is a little known fact that there are wards against house elves, but they require much power, only lay lines can power them for more than a week.

"There are spells however, that make you undetectable to them, or force them to go away, but they require great concentration, and deep understanding of arithmancy, since you are muggle raised, arithmancy will only pose as much of a challenge as integral calculus, and you have been registered as one of the best practical students of your year, so power won't be an issue, I will also give you a book on how to split your attention."

"Thank you, Madam Pince, you will be taking a great load off my shoulder," The student said, still following her into one of the unexplored part of the library.

"After you manage the spells go to the Headmaster, tell him what you told me, and do not separate from you friends, I myself will tel Professor Dumbledore about your elf problem"

*DADA*Two day later*

"Today, my dear students, I am giving you a lecture about one of my favorite tales, about the time that I, the great Gilderoy Lockhart, defeated the trolls that terrorized a village" The Great Ponce, as all the males, and two of the females of the Group called Lockhart, started, so most students tuned him out.

"How has Luna adapted to sleeping with someone a year her senior?" Neville asked Terry.

"Very well, it helps that they are very close in age, just a few months," Terry explained, as Lisa was one of the ones with crushes on the teacher, not on the books, but on the appearance, her parents refused to let her not see that his stories had faults.

"A few months, right?" Harry looked at one of the Griffyndors that had been recruited to play the role of a villager, "Not more than I have on Lisa then."

"Want to know how the bullies coped with not one but two of their targets gone?"

"Snapped, probably, they've gone to the younger students that cannot defend themselves."

"Well, the prefects try to keep order, but that doesn't really work, since only the sixth year ones are not constantly busy"

"Yes, only Percy Wesley keeps order in the Gryffindor common room, but that may change since he got a girlfriend, that blond prefect on your house"

"Yeah, she's been making eyes at him from our table at the great hall"

"I've made some progress in tracking charms, they are hard though, how Flitwick pulls them like they were nothing whenever something goes missing at the common room is a mystery for me" Mandy commented.

"Well, there is a reason he is the best charms master in the world," Harry said, "I'll go into runes though, like them more"

"Yeah, before you know it, you'll have replaced the daily prophet and the floo calls" Terry said, slightly mocking.

Yet Harry thought that maybe it would not be so bad to have his face as a sign of advancement.