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"K-unit!" The sergeant barked, the men jumped up off their beds and did their best to salute the sergeant while not falling flat on their faces. Most of the accomplished this feat, one, *cough Eagle cough* managed to face plant on the floor.

The Sergeant was a large, muscled man. And standing behind said large muscled man was a small, blond boy.

"This is Cub. Your unit is in charge of him. Do your best not to get him killed." When he saw Wolf raising his hand he added "and no questions either!" Cub was a spry boy of maybe fifteen. He had blond, curly hair, and dark brown eyes. He walked gracefully, and had muscles of a dancer. He looked around the hut with wide eyes. As soon as the sergeant shut the door, the unit surrounded the new boy.

"What's a bloody school boy doing in the SAS?" Demanded Wolf, poking Alex in the chest. Alex just glared at him. "I said What's a bloody school boy doing in the SAS?" This time he yelled it in the boy's face. Alex did the same thing as he did before, he glared. Wolf was taken aback, the blond didn't even look phased. "Are you mute or something?" Alex slowly shook his head no. "You must be just stupid then."

Wolf started to walk away, hoping to catch him by surprise, Wolf lashed back at Cub with a punch that would have hit him straight in the nose. If he had still been there. Alex had backflipped out of the way, almost as if he had foreseen the attack.

"What are you, some type of fucking gymnast?" Alex smirked, but not a word was heard.

"Wolf, maybe you should leave him alone" Snake the all-knowing voice of logic and reason suggested.

"Brat" Wolf spat at the boys shoes, the boy simply crossed his arms and continued to smirk. Wolf growled at the kid who didn't even flinch at him. Eagle burst out laughing at his unit leader, and Fox only sighed and shook his head.

"Don't start a fight with a kid Wolf, you'll get arrested for child abuse," Fox told him, Wolf only snorted and headed back to the barracks, Fox followed after as did Eagle, Snake on the other hand turned to the boy and gave him a small, encouraging smile and gestured for Alex to follow. Alex sighed and followed the older man into the cabin. There were five bunks, each of the K=unit members went and sat at a bunk and started pulling things out for themselves. Alex took the only unoccupied bunk which was all the way in the back corner, he would of rather had a bunk closer to the door but said nothing.

The other unit members watched the boy from the corner of their eyes in interest, if Cub felt their eyes on him he made no indication that he did. Cub sat at the edge of his bunk and started to rifle through his bag. He pulled out a book and leaned back and started reading. Wolf snorted at this.

"This isn't some camp kid, so stop treating it like it is," he said, egging the kid on. Cub only looked up briefly from his book to look at Wolf with a cold expression but said nothing and went back to reading. Wolf growled at being ignored, he was about to say something else till Eagle cut him off.

"So Cub why do you have to be here," Eagle asked, sounding much like a child. Cub only raised a brow at him and shook his head.

"Why wont you talk?" Fox asked when Eagle deflated at not being answered. Cub only let out a deep breath and shook his head once again not answering. Snake threw a pillow at Fox for being insensitive, although he wanted to know for himself.

"What I was just asking," Fox grumbled causing Eagle to laugh and throw a pillow at him. Fox narrowed his eyes and threw it back then caught the pillow Eagle tried to return and trew it at snake who then thew a pillow at Fox and it became an all out pillow war. Somewhere in all the tossing and shoving a pillow slammed into Wolf's face, no one saw who threw it, he growled and then jumped Eagle who was closest, Eagle gave a manly yelp and the war continued.

Up on the rafters of the hut sat Alex looking down and raising a curious eyebrow at the grown men beating each other senseless with pillows like at a girl's slumber party. This place just might be interesting, though he was a little nervous watching the childish men, he had to live with these guys. He had to admit though, it was fun hitting Wolf in the face.


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