Recommended Listening: Reo Speedwagon's 'Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore'.
(I'm only half-kidding..)

Lauren's breath caught in her throat for a moment when she heard Bo approaching. She smiled nervously as the Succubus passed in front of her to settle on the other end of the couch. The smile she received in return seemed easy, relaxed. In fact, she could read nothing in Bo's body language to suggest that she was anything less than comfortable with the moment.

Bo caught Lauren studying her with a frown. She raised an eyebrow at the doctor and smirked. Lauren blushed and flashed a sheepish smile before settling her gaze on her hands resting in her lap. She could feel Bo's eyes still fixed on her. She cleared her throat and turned back to the television hanging on the wall, intent on keeping her eyes off of Bo.

Lauren's mind began to wander while Jungle Jeeves excitedly described the courting rituals of lions. She'd been trying to find ways to keep herself occupied without getting in anyone's way. Jungle Jeeves had been a last ditch effort to ward off impending boredom. Lauren considered briefly that she wouldn't mind terribly if Bo took advantage of the situation and helped her alleviate her boredom.

The doctor rolled her eyes and berated herself for her line of thinking. Bo had been so kind to her, vowing to protect her when she showed up unexpectedly. But she'd have to face The Ash – and whatever punishment he had in store for her – eventually. Besides, she didn't want to be Bo's rebound fuck to get her mind off Dyson.

She unconsciously pulled her legs up onto the couch beside her, as though trying to curl herself into as small a package as possible to better hide from Lachlan. She immediately wished she hadn't when her boot bumped against Bo's leg.

"Sorry", she mumbled. She stilled. If she moved now her discomfort would become painfully obvious.

"S'okay." Bo hesitated a beat for reaching a decision. "You wanna stretch out?" She raised her arms and uncrossed her legs, waiting for Lauren's long legs to stretch out across her own.

Lauren's eyes darted between Bo's face and lap for several seconds, a faint blush tingeing her cheeks.

She looked away. "No, thank you, I'm okay".

Bo sighed and recrossed her legs. She couldn't completely fathom Lauren's discomfort. True, there had been a distance between them for a while after they'd slept together, but Bo had assumed they were well past that, especially since they'd resolved the whole debacle during that conversation they'd finally had a couple of weeks after Bo had defeated Aife.

And yet Lauren seemed terrified to be within arm's length of Bo. Bo wasn't looking to sleep with the doctor again right now or get into a relationship with her; she just wanted Lauren to be comfortable around her, relaxed. Surely they could be at ease around each other after they'd once been so intimate?

Bo decided that she'd just have to forcefully invade Lauren's personal space to prove to her that it would be okay. Not to mention that she was overwhelmed with the urge to hold the blonde close. Just hold her, nothing more.

She reached forward and grabbed Lauren's arm.

"C'mere". Settling herself against the arm of the couch, Bo pulled Lauren down to rest against her.

Lauren let out a startled gasp and stiffened as she and Bo ended up stomach to stomach. Their bodies were pressed together at every point and Lauren knew that it would be so easy to turn the moment into something more. But Bo simply wrapped her arms around Lauren's waist and continued watching Jungle Jeeves.

Lauren allowed herself to relax against the soft body beneath her, tucking her head beneath Bo's chin. It didn't take her long to doze off, engulfed in Bo's warmth.

Bo felt strangely powerful and protective with Lauren sleeping in her arms. She knew without a doubt that if Lachlan walked in right then and tried to wrench Lauren from her grasp, he'd wind up with her dagger through his heart, fae politics be damned.

She ran her fingers through soft blonde hair and tightened her other arm around a slim waist. Lauren's breath tickled her collarbone with each exhale, matching the rise and fall of her own chest. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so content.

Kenzi suddenly came bounding down the stairs. She stopped abruptly at the sight of Bo and Lauren all cosy on the couch.

Bo sighed. Kenzi wasn't happy. She watched warily as Kenzi rounded the couch and swept a pile of assorted bladed weapons off the coffee table and onto the hardwood floor.

Lauren jerked awake at the noise and jumped guiltily away from Bo upon glimpsing Kenzi's glare. She blushed furiously, feeling like a teenager whose parents had just walked in on her making out with her girlfriend.

Kenzi smirked at the doctor and headed towards the kitchen. She tapped Bo on the head as she passed by.

"Can I see you for a minute in the kitchen, Bo-Bo? I think I seen a rat!"