I wrote this late one night and posted it on Tumblr. I just found it on my computer and realised I hadn't posted it here. I was actually on the verge of sleep when I suddenly got up and turned my laptop back on to type this up. It's an entirely pointless little drabble, but whatever. Here it is.

Their eyes met for the briefest moment before Lauren turned and stormed out of the room, leaving the bottle of wine on the dresser.
"Lauren! Lauren, wait!"
The doctor quickened her pace as Bo stumbled in her haste to pull on her pants.
"Shit!" Bo hissed. She grabbed her bra and headed for the door, sparing a quick, tear-filled gaze for Dyson, who nodded without meeting her eyes.

Bo caught Lauren's arm just as the blonde made it to the front door. She fully expected the appendage to be pulled back from her grasp, but Lauren turned towards her with tear tracks down her cheeks. She looked utterly defeated and it broke Bo's heart.
A shaky whisper. "Lauren…"
Lauren shook her head, willing an impending sob to retreat back down into her chest.
"Lauren, please, stay and hear me out. Dyson was just-"
"Bo, stop."
The succubus tensed as Lauren gently pulled her arm free, but she relaxed slightly when Lauren moved past her towards the kitchen. The doctor kept her back to Bo, trying to keep herself together.
"I'm not angry. I know you have to feed, and I know Dyson is the best and easiest option for you. I also know that you'll always care for him." She paused, gathering her thoughts. Bo watched her pace. "It's not about him. I mean, not really."
She took a deep breath and crossed her arms defensively as she met Bo's confused gaze. Her voice wavered. "You have Dyson. Lately, you also have Tamsin. And Kenzi…Kenzi is your heart, and I have no doubts that you'll find a way to get her back." Bo nodded, swiping at the tears falling from the corners of her eyes. "I've been wrapped up with Evony and my research these past couple of weeks while you've been working on finding Kenzi. I haven't seen you, I haven't been helping you - you haven't come to me for help. I just…"
Bo took a few tentative steps forward as Lauren turned away from her once more.
"I'm just not sure where I fit into your life anymore, Bo. I haven't seen you since you ran off to close that portal. I had to hear the details from Tamsin." The dam broke as Bo took Lauren's hand, and the blonde let her emotions loose with a quivering voice. "I feel like I'm losing you, Bo. I feel like you don't need me anymore."
Bo turned Lauren around and pulled her into a fierce hug. Her tears matched Lauren's, but her voice was steady when she spoke. "I love you, Lauren. This thing between us…It's been a helluva rollercoaster ride, but that's the one thing that's never changed. I love you."
Bo pulled back slightly and cupped Lauren's cheeks as she kissed her gently. They leant their foreheads together, sharing every breath.
"Kenzi is my heart, my family. Tamsin wants to get Kenzi back as much as I do, she's been incredible these past couple of weeks, and she's an amazing friend. Dyson…Dyson will always be special to me." She pulled back to look into Lauren's eyes. "I give my body to a lot of people, and I care deeply for all my friends. But you, Lauren…You alone have my soul. I do need you, don't ever doubt that. We've each been caught up in our own thing lately, and I know I can be a shitty person when I'm focused on something, but I need you, and I love you with every fibre of my-"
A pair of soft lips cut her off, pouring every ounce of emotion into a single, heated kiss.