Thank you all for the support you've shown me when I said I wanted to rewrite this story. I honestly expected everyone to immediately lose all interest and abandon it and me. That being said because I'm not sure how it works if I delete chapters and post new ones plus with the reviews and everything I've decided to just create a new story, it will be the same story just with the changes I've made/am making just under a different story. To avoid confusion or anything I am just going to keep the name of this story so it will be "What About Georgia Rewrite" now.

I promise that I'm going to try and update a lot faster and a lot more. Like I said in the last note I feel like it will be much easier now that I have an actual outline and half the chapters written. Please don't give up on me and I'll try to be better for all of you amazing people on here! :)

Real quick I do want to address the guest review from my last AN, because you were a guest I can't respond to you personally. I'm sorry you feel like my story is cold and heartless as that's definitely not what I've intended. Yes Dimitri himself has been more cold in this story than most but I also have done that on purpose because sometimes people go through things that change them or make them become different people then what you once knew whether it's permenant or temporary. I'm not really sure how exactly this is a Tasha and Dimitri story when Tasha been present in one chapter and made a second long appearance in another out of 16 chapters. I do believe Dimitri has remorse for leaving Rose like he did, he just hasn't shown it yet. This story is in no way even almost over so if you do decide to stick around and read the rewrite maybe I can change your mind.

Once again thank you to everyone that's sticking with this story I really do love writing I just made a few mistakes that made this story harder than it should have been. Hopefully I've fixed tat and things will be better from here on out.

Sincerely, Cassandra