Hey Guys! I decided to make this short story to tell you about a hedgehog we all know. I'd read a story that reminded me of him and I ended up writing this. I hope you enjoy!

His life was like an angel's, perfect in all way. He had a home, a family, and a close friend. This life was on-of-a-kind.

This lucky guy's name is Shadow. And he used to be an angel in his own little heaven. And every angel has his angelic wings.

But have some thing in mind:

1. There can't be the sweet without the sour

2. There cannot be a Heaven without the Hell

Shadow's life on the Ark seemed like the life a hedgehog could have. His family was there, the Ark was his home, and to top it all, Maria was his friend. They'd die for each other if they had to. Sadly, that actually ended up happening.

Later in the twilight hedgehog's life, all the ways his life was perfect was torn away from him like candy from a baby. The main one: Maria's death. It broke his kind, loving heart to see her die the way she did.

The twilight angel's life was destroyed and one of his perfect angelic wings was taken away. You can't fly with one wing kiddo. You've gotta fall. And this fall lead hi to his personal Hell.

He fell from the sky (literally), landing in his own personal Hell. Due to his on angelic wing, which was now black, his life isn't just a living Hell, it's a little Heaven, too. When he landed in this personal Hell of his, his personality changed to a more aggressive, dark, cold-hearted one. A demonic personality that fit with his appearance and his wing.

But this wasn't all. The angelic wing that stayed with the fallen hedgehog didn't allow him to go fully demonic. This one wing gave him the power to forgive; to remember the good things in life; to move on. That wing ended up giving him friends that would die for him. Friends that he'd die for without even knowing it.

Over the years, Shadow the Fallen Angel has learned to forgive the ones that usually shouldn't be. He's become more pure in the Soul and Heart. Little did the hedgehog know, the wing he'd lost was slowly coming back due to his change in heart and friendly nature. No longer did he long to kill or get revenge. He'd done what he had had to do and moved on. His friends had showed him the good things in life and showed the power of forgiving.

Now, even though his name send shivers down the most innocent child's back and his appearance scares the daylights out of his own friends (when he stands in a shadow for about 5 minutes and no one notices until he opens his crimson eyes and says something smart), Shadow has become an angel again. One with two bright white wings. But one unexpecting thing has happened: He decided to let the past be the past and stay fallen. Why? So he could be with his friends.

He choose to stay a Fallen Angel, but deep down inside, he knows that he is a real angel, flying along, side-by-side, with Sonic, who has had his wings since birth. But one thing makes these two different:

Shadow is a fully-fledged angel. So he has bright white. Sonic, surprisingly, is both a demon (Dark Sonic) and a angel (Super Sonic). So his wings are a light and deep gray color.

But Sonic hasn't noticed one important thing yet. Something that could cause him his angel identity.

His wings was turning black.

That's right. This was a Shadow story. And that ending... Lets just say that there shall be another One shot, but this one will be about Sonic, his past, and his wings. And when I do, Sonic's back story will be made up! So be prepared my fans!