Orphan Vignettes

Chapter 1- Kate

Author Notes- The following one shots are providing practice for me writing about the other orphans in Annie. Most of my stories that I have collaborated on with Mandalicious have focused on Annie and Molly and their family life. We've briefly had bits of dialogue with the other orphans in our previous stories but this will help set the scene for our upcoming collaboration that focuses on the other orphans which is yet to have a title and plot. Enjoy these vignettes. I own no characters from Annie. A few of the orphans that I am using were ensemble orphans in the production of Annie that my community theatre did in 2004. These characters should be fun to incorporate and I am quite excited to further develop them.

My name is Kate. I am 14 years old. I was dropped off at the 14 Street Girls Orphanage when I was three months old in November 1926. I don't remember much about why my parents left me but I'm sure as I get older the truth will come out and hopefully I will find them. Not long after Annie and Molly were adopted other kids from the orphanage started to get adopted. I was one of the people who was most recently adopted. A nice couple from the Bronx adopted me about two months ago. Molly is my best friend from the orphanage. She has been over my house a few times but I always like going to sleep over at the mansion. We're the same age but she is three months younger than me. I was born on August 10th and she was born on November 23rd. We're in a lot of the same classes together in school. I have really had a hard time adjusting to being in high school but Molly doesn't seem to have very many issues. I am so happy to have her as my friend.

Additional Note: In the play Kate is supposedly 10 or 11 for the sake of our upcoming story I have made her the same age as Molly.