I Can't Believe I graduated!

Kate's Perspective

Ten years ago I never really expected to be where I am today. I used to lay awake every night wondering if anyone would adopt me. I would never thought I'd meet do mNy new and amazing people outside rthe walls of Hudson Steert Orphanage. When I was eight I thought the world so small and I never thought I'd even go to college.

Now I stand here at Molly's graduation party. I graduated last night and she graduated this morning. I am reflecting on how far all of us have grown since leaving the orphanage. Annie was always our fearless leader. I always looked up to her for her positive attitude. She's truly been a role model for all of us girls from Hudson Strert Orphanage. She just graduated from Princeton and I think she's going to be a great special education teacher.

As for me I couldn't be more excited for the future ahead of me. I Am going to BU to study secondary education & Math. I decided to be a teacher because I had so many amazing teachers who were always so supportive of me and I want to be like that for future generations of children.