Author's Notes : This was supposed to be a monologue for my mask but it turned out to be a...poem. I thought that it suits Ciel. This would be his thoughts before he was forced to mature up and became so cold.

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Mirrors are loved by all
Looking into their eyes
And you shall see your perfect twin
Oh, the beautiful lies they whisper

Pleases anyone who hears
It's so sad to be an outcast
Just because I couldn't mimic those lies
Therefore, I'm destined to be cast aside

Ask me a question
Broken and cracked
My marred skin shall show

You were the one whom ask me whether you were beautiful
Yet, you yourself storm off in rage
For my words were the ugly truth

Everyone only wants
Words that are honey to their ears
And never the other way around

I tried to stick the fallen pieces back together
And adorn it with everything beautiful I have
But no matter how hard I tried
A lie never slip past my lips

Those mirrors with skin
Perfect and smooth
Are crowned as angels
For the beautiful lies they create
Those mirrors with skin
Scarred and cracked
Are sentenced as demons
For the ugly truth they bestow