Ciel reread the letter again and again. It just did not make sense. The length and complexity made it hard for him to concentrate.

"The mirror is the only way back, my little shadow," he murmured. He dared say the letter was poorly written. Deciding that he had enough, he slid the letter into the drawer, away from his current worries.

Mey-Rin and Anna were down a floor from Ciel's room, assisting Sebastian. With a final cut, the two servants sighed in relief. The suture was complete.

While Anna got into the task of sanitizing the scalpels and tweezers, Sebastian began to give out instructions.


"Yes, Mister Sebastion?"

"Keep the wound clean. The bleeding may have stopped but do be careful. She already lost too much blood, so let's not take any chances."

"Of course, Sebastian…I mean Mister Sebastian. You can count on us," Mey-Rin smiled as she cheerfully grabbed Anna by the arm.

The abrupt pull nearly caused Anna to drop the scissors. Unsure of how to respond, she nervously smiled.

Sebastian sighed as he continued wiping the blood off his hands. Mey-Rin better not try any funny business while he was gone.

Glancing to the side, Anna noticed that Sebastian was furiously scrubbing his hands.

"Mister Sebastian, does blood make you feel uncomfortable?" she curiously asked.

"No," Sebastian swiftly lied. Partially lied would be more appropriate. Somehow, the girl's blood disgusted him. The longer he smelled it, the fainter he felt. Without that nostalgia scent surrounding her, an unrelenting odor akin to garbage hit him in full force.

After washing his hands in the basin the fourth time, he left the room. All he wanted now was to report to Ciel. The girl's belongings were particularly interesting.

长安 (Chang'an)
未央宫 (Weiyang Palace)
Han dynasty (221bce-220ce)

The cool scent of mint drifted upwards. Michealla woke up from her meditation and put two mint leaves into her mouth. Snapping her fingers together, the five white candles surrounding her lit up. An all too familiar jolt of static ran through her abdomen as she chewed on another batch of mint leaves.

It was time.

"I, Michealla, direct descendent of King Solomon, call upon Morpheus, the Son of Sleep, the God of Dreams and the leader of the Oneiroi."

Black finger-like tendrils shot out from the ground, wrapping themselves slowly around the five candles; trying to leech off the fires flickering delicately.

Michealla raised her hands above her head and drew a star on her forehead with a finger.

The black finger-like tendrils sprang away from the candles as if being touched by something searing. Pushing through every pore available, the tendrils tried to merged back with the ground.

It was too late from them now. The tendrils were trapped. It hurt Michealla's ears just from hearing their screams of fright.

These were the souls whom had lost their way in life. Neither Heave nor even Hell was a place to rest their wandering souls. They are left to prance around, letting the word mischief be known. The fun they had moving through walls and soils; making the curtains flutter when no breeze blew; hiding small items like needles and cups; making people write wrong words just to see their frustration.

It is not a bee's nature to attack humans. Though when someone passes by a nest, these mischievous tendrils would sometimes perform a little trick. This little trick of theirs made the bees mad with rage and attack anything within view.

The fun they truly had. They became more than friends. These uncountable damned souls had become one. However, nothing could replace the ease of finally settling their restless souls.

Heaven was out of the question. The golden gates would never let their tainted souls step pass it, leaving Hell as the only option.

For them to go to Hell, they have to devour a type of essence. No one knows what produces this essence and how. Year after year, those practicing magic began to notice something. During certain rituals, when the candles light up, the souls will appear and try to suck out the fire.

It was a nightmare if the candles went out in the middle of a ritual. The fire protects the circle cast from demons, devils and other unknown dangers.

Let one snuff out, and the circle is vulnerable to magical and demonic attacks.

So runes were cast to keep the black tendrils at bay. The circle is safe with the runes drawn on the ground. Witches and warlocks could then freely conduct their ritual in peace - within a limited time. For the power of the runes varies from person to person.

But Michealla had no use for the runes. She had these troublemakers right where she wanted them to be.

"Mistress," her head servant continued to bang on the wooden door. Only the rattle of the door shackles replied her. Turning to Michealla's eunuch, Xia Bai spoke, "Her Lady is not answering. Will…will we…..die?"

"Hush," the eunuch snapped. It was going to happened sooner or later. Ever since the empress die, servants had been mysteriously vanishing within the night. Only he, Xia Bai and a few others knew the cause. After all, they were the ones cleaning up after their lady.

Eager to get this over with, the eunuch looked at the three guards and said, "Bring down this door. I will take responsibility for this."

With a nod, the guards got to work.

Bang. Bang. Bang, bang.

Michealla gritted her teeth at the noises. During her moments of distraction, the seal broke, extending the sacrifice to her whole palace. With no one left to protect, she picked up the porcelain cup and drank half of it.

"Nothing beats freshly made wine."

Michealla would miss her winemaker.

As she said her prayers, her hand poured the remaining wine on the floor, forming a line parallel to her. The last thing to do was to smash the cup.

With blood now dripping from her hands, Michealla shouted, "Feast on your offering and let me see my daughter!"

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