Genius is more than a Noun…

You may try to impress.
You may try to beat the rest.
You may try to break the streak.
That all your failures led you to keep.
You honestly wonder "Why do you try?"
You honestly wonder while the days go by.
I know because,
I've been an outcast most of my life.
I've been called a disgrace, I've battled the strife.
I've been hurt, I've been bruised.
I've been forsaked, I've been abused.
And yet I keep going.
"Why?" I ask that question everyday.
"Why do I keep going that way?
With all the hurt and sorrow and pain,
With all the affliction and ache and strain."
Because that is what genius means.
To stand one's ground for the greater good.
To take that pain one should.
To be the example to others you see.
That is what genius means to me.