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Chapter 3: Meeting Four New People


"I'm sorry...what?" I repeated for what seemed like the 5th time.

"You're going on a mission with a group of 12 teenagers." my mother said as she gave me the letter that supposedly said that. I quickly grabbed and read it.

Dear Queen of Tempora,

We would like to inform you that Gabriella Nikolai Shields has been chosen to go on a mission with 12 other kids. Please inform her once you finish reading this.

We would also like to tell you that she must get ready as soon as possible. And please send this back saying that she has gone to the mission. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.


Miss. Faragonda, Headmistress of Alfea college for Fairies.

I read it repeatedly before I finally gave in and placed it on the coffee table. "When do I leave?" I asked my mother.

"Right now sweetie. Now go get ready." my mother answered. I sighed and went to my bedroom. I grabbed my bag and started packing it with some of my clothes. As soon as I was about to leave my room I remembered my rings and that I was dressed in a gown. I used magic and changed my outfit from a poofy dress to a light blue crop top, black camisole underneath, skinny jeans, black converse, and a beanie.

'MY RINGS!' I thought. I looked at my might stand and their they were.

A blue ring on my left ring finger, power source for my winter power. A blue ring on my left ring finger, power source for my winter power. A red ring on my left pointer finger, power source for my autumn power. A green ring on my right pointer finger, power source for my spring power. And a yellow ring on my right ring finger, power source for my summer power. I was fairy of seasons. My realm is like a...sister planet to Lenphia. I grabbed my bag and quickly exit my room. I saw my friend—my crush actually—waiting for me by the portal.

"Good bye sweetie. Be careful!" my mom said as a portal appeared. I nodded and we stepped in. Once that was done...we stepped onto a ship with 12 other people. Guess they weren't lying.


My mother and father had just informed me that I'm going on a mission with some other teenagers. "Okay...when am I leaving?" I ask.

"Right now!" my father answered. I quickly nodded and ran to my room. I grabbed my bag and used magic to pack my clothes in there. I put my blonde hair into a high ponytail.

'Okay...that's all.' I thought, but then I remembered I was in my royal attire. I quickly said a spell and my gown turned into normal clothes. A strapless purple tank top that shows my belly button with a dark blue jacket over it. And a short denim mini-skirt with blue heels. I ran out the door and down the crystal blue stairs. My friend Jake, who turns out to be my crush, was already waiting for me.

"Goodbye dear." my mother said as she gave me a hug. She didn't let me go.

"M-om...I ca-n't bre-ath." I informed. She quickly let me go. We then stepped through the portal and landed on a ship with 13 other teenagers. Okay...so I guess these are the people I'm working with.

..::End of P.O.V's::..

"OKAY! Is there anyone else that has to come with us?" Alex asked. Adam shook his head.

"What's your name?" Cinthia asked the new four teenagers.

"I'm Gabriella." Gabriella answered, "but you can call me Gabby."

"I'm Justin." a guy with blonde hair said.

"Sarah." Sarah simply said.

"I'm Jake, but I like the nickname J.K." Jake said. The girls giggled, while the boys rolled their eyes.

"Go and sit down." Samson snapped.

Maria groaned and rolled her dark golden eyes, "Don't listen to him. He's just mad about earlier." she said to the four teenagers. The teenagers nodded and sat down on the nearest seats.

"NO I'M NOT!" he shouted.

"So what are your powers?" Lavanya asked.

"I'm fairy of seasons." Gabriella answered.

"And I'm fairy of crystals." Sarah said. The girls nodded in awe. "What are your powers?"

Cinthia thought for a second. "I'm fairy of lighting, Alex is fairy of musical dreams, Lavanya is fairy of night and stars, Maria is fairy of dreams and visions, Zoey is fairy of life, and Lorelei is fairy of hope." she answered for them.

"Cool. So what mission are we going on?" Sarah asked.

"We're going to—" Maria started but Zain interrupted her.

"We're going to an old castle that I hear it's haunted." he answered.

"He's right about the old castle part, BUT WRONG ABOUT THE HAUNTED PART!" Zoey said.

Samson sighed and whined at the same time, "Ugh! Whatever! Just be quiet the whole trip!"

Maria glared and walked away, causing him to frown. Lavanya raised an eyebrow. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she opened them she smirked. 'Oh...this is going to be fun!' she thought. They all of a sudden heard someone yell..

"COOKIE BUDDIES!" Maria yelled as she and Sarah fist punched. The girls giggled while the guys shook their heads.

"Is everything okay guys?" Lorelei asked. The guys nodded.

"LIERS!" Alex shouted. The guys turned around causing the girls eyes to widen.

"We're new here, but listen! You're not going to do anything!" Justin shouted.

"And you're not going to control the ship!" Cinthia snapped. The guys quickly turned around.

The whole ship became silent. The only thing you can hear was the screen of the ships control.

..::56 Minutes Later::..

"We're here." Kyle said. The girls stepped out and looked at the place. "Nice home stranger..if there even is a stranger." Gabriella whispered.

"The house is completely empty. No living source there." Zoey informed. The girls nodded their heads slowly.

"Lets go." Jake said as he and the guys started waking towards the castle.

"WHAT!? We don't know what's in there!" Cinthia said.

"Yea. Can we at least make a plan?" Lorelei asked calmly. The guys whined and stomped their foot like little children.

"Okay. We walk in then go separate ways, or at least go with one of us. Now lets go!" Frank said fast but also whined. The girls walked slowly behind them. They weren't afraid...they were afraid of something going wrong.

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-Blood Tears for Eternity