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Chapter 7: A Date and New Enemies

"Samson's...using us..." I finished. Zain obviously didn't take it well. He shook his head and clenched his fists.

"No...that can't be him. What if we mistook him for another person?!" he said almost shouting.

"Zain! Who has brunette hair, golden skin and carries a lime green sword? Oh yea—SAMSON DOES!" I stated.

He seemed to have calmed down, "I guess you're right...but...what are we going to tell Maria? I's as if she likes him and other shit." he informed. Damn it! He was right! Maria has been taking a liking towards...the traitor...and she'll be heartbroken if we tell her. The only solution not tell her a single thing we heard.

"I think we should tell the oth—" Zain started but I cut him off.

"No! We can't! It'll just break Maria's heart and the others will kill him!" I said. He nodded and we continued our mission. As we walked down the corridors I felt a sudden power up. I looked at my arm and noticed an elbow length bracelet with gems the color of brown surrounding it. On my waist I had a pouch in the shape of a leaf. My charmix! I earned my charmix! But...I earned my charmix for...doing the right thing?

With Gabriella:

'Where could he be?' she thought. All of a sudden she head someone running towards her, she turned around and saw her partner 'find' his way to her. "THE HELL WHERE YOU SAMSON!?" she shouted as he supported himself on his knees.

"" he answered as he let himself fall. Gabriella rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Whatever...LETS GO!" She then grabbed his arm and started running. Samson sighed and rolled his eyes. He yanked his arm back and started running behind her. He frowned as he remembered the words his father told him.


Hours passed by and we were walking towards the squad ship. Zain just couldn't stop making me laugh. He gets me. My parents don't. They're always busy with royal meetings and such, but Zain is like...replacing all those moments I was alone. This just made me get impatient for the date. That's not like me! I'm usually calm and bored during the dates.

"And bro is all yelling "Daisy is not a whore!", and I'm all standing there thinking 'The hell?!' C'mon! What would you do if you're brother would do the same?" he said. I laughed.

"Hey did you know that 'studying' is 'student' and 'dying' put together?" I asked him. He chuckled and nodded. We reached the squad ship sooner then I thought we would. We all entered and went to our former seats. The whole ride back to Magix was quiet. But I for one...kept thinking of Zain. Just thinking of him makes me smile.

..::3 Hours Later in Magix::..

What am I going to wear!? WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! I ran to Lavanya and Maria's room and pound on their door. Maria opened it, but I didn't accidentally hit her face.

"OWW!" she shouted as she covered her nose which was now bleeding. Lavanya sniggered, and tossed her a red handkerchief.

"Maria I need you to help me with my outfit! Go get Cinthia so she can help me with my hair!" I ordered.

"How 'bout you get Cinthia and I choose your outfit?" she asked but it came out in a whisper. During those three hours in the ship the winx contacted us and let us have a day off. HOORAY! I nodded and she walked to my room while taking the handkerchief and putting it up to her nose.

I then ran to Sarah and Cinthia's room and pound on their door as well. Cinthia opened it while holding a pillow up to her face. "The heck is wrong with you?" I asked her.

"I don't want to get hit int he face like Maria! Hell no!" she answered. I smiled sheepishly.

"Um...can you do my hair for my date with Zain?" I asked. She nodded and walked to my room. On my bed was a crimson top that was sleeve-less, a pair of pale blue jeans and brown leather boots. There also was my favorite brown leather jacket that matched my boots. Maria was fast asleep inside my closet. She truly was a good fashion expert.

"Is she dead?" Cinthia asked me. I chuckled and shook my head. She pushed me onto my chair and started doing my hair. She had a curling iron and hair spray in her hands. Se looked at me and I nodded. My first date was with Zain and I didn't want to ruin it.

..::1 Hour Later::..

"How do I look?" I asked my friends. They gasped and smiled. Mar was still asleep in my closet. I didn't want to wake her up.

"You look beautiful honey." Lorelei said. I smiled. My hair was in a high side pony-tail in curls. Sarah helped my with my make up. She put light blush and a bit of red eyeshadow.

"Gotta go! See ya girls! And tell Maria I'm SO sorry for pounding her face! Thanks!" I said as I exited our dorm. As I walked down the corridor I noticed Zain in a blue and green plaid shirt with black jeans. He was wearing sneakers and he had his hair as always. He noticed me and smiled.

"Hey Zoe. You look beautiful." he complemented. I smiled and blushed. You may not see me now but I'm blushing like an idiot! "Shall we?" he asked as he stuck his hand out for me to take.

"We shall." I said as I held his hand. I intertwined our fingers together and blushed while looking at the ground.

..::3 Days Later::..

"TIME CORPSE!" Twilight shouted as she shoot the attack at a girl with long purplish-black hair, lime green cat-like eyes and pale skin.

"HAHAHA! You think you can beat me Twilight?" she laughed. What is up with this girl?

"I've beaten you once Sirena! I can beat you twice!" Twilight informed. I narrowed my eyes at my opponent.

"Who are you?!" I shouted at them.

"Name's Onyx." she answered and smiled evilly.


"BROKEN MIND!" I then lost some confidence. I feel to the ground on my knees and felt tears form.

"AGH!" I heard someone hiss. I looked up and saw Zain. Onyx glared and flew up. Zain knelt down and took me in his arms, "Don't worry Zoey...I'm here." I relaxed and closed my eyes. That was tiring.

"SHIELD OF DAYDREAMS!" I heard Maria shout. She was fighting a guy with short dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and dark tanned skin. Her left leg was bleeding and she looked like she could collapse any second. The guy smirked. He looked 24 years old. Actually...I think they're all older than us.

"SUMMER BREEZE!" Gabriella shouted. I almost hit Sirena. DAMMIT! I could've sworn I saw a flame in Gabriella's eyes. And I was right. She started glowing the colors green, yellow, orange and blue, "Leave. My. Friends. ALONE!"

Sirena's eyes widen, "What the?! This freshmen are stronger then I thought they'd be Jason!"

"Agreed. I didn't know the princess of Starinis could've handle my attacks." Jason said. I stood up and Gabriella flew to my side. She had a flower pin with a colorful gem and a pouch in the shape of a leaf. The only ones that needed to earn their charmix were Alex, Sarah, Twilight and Cinthia.

"LIGHTING BOLTS!" A guy with blonde shoulder-length blonde hair, icy blue eyes and light tan skin dodged. Cinthia's eyes widened.

"These guys are no joke!" Sarah said. I nodded. I then heard a huge thump. Sarah and I looked around and saw that Maria had collapsed and that Lorelei was trying to wake her up.

"C'mon Mar! Wake up! C'mon!" she said as she placed Maria's he and on her laps.

Lavanya wasn't doing great either. Her shoulder was bleeding non-stop and she was slowly de-transforming, "I...can'" she said as she fainted. Frank ran up to her and carried her bridal style. Alex stood in front of them with Adam by her side.

"MUSICAL HEART!" she shouted. A shield then engulfed us. Our new enemies frowned and disappeared. Alex sighed and continued holding the shield up. Adam stayed quiet. He somehow reminds me of Riven and Brandon. JERK!

" just collapsed and the other two are in a deep sleep or they're dead." Andrew said while holding Cinthia in his arms. Samson just looked down. He didn't do anything at all and yet...he looks guilty. Does he regret what he had done? I shook my head and grabbed his arm.

"The hell?!" he shouted as he grabbed his arm back.

"Listen Arysol! I know you're working with your father. I even know you're using us! Did you plan this whole thing?!" I asked him. He stayed quiet. I narrowed my eyes, "Answer me!"

Samson glared and looked at me, "Yes! But why do you care?! You don't have to keep a secret from someone you love! Heck! You're in a relationship so it's obvious you're not suffering!"

Now it was my turn to get mad! "Stop! Just stop! We're here fighting while three of my friends are possibly dying while the others are hurt! Do you even care about us?! Obviously not because YOU WOULDN'T USE US!" I covered my mouth after my sudden outburst. It grabbed everyones' attention! I think I even heard Maria, Lavanya and Cinthia wake up. But I didn't care. They were going to find out sooner or later.

"You've been getting personal info and sending it to your dad! We trusted you! We believed you! ONE OF US EVEN FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU! HOW DO YOU THINK SHE FEELS NOW THAT SHE KNOWS YOUR SECRET!?" I shouted as I poked his chest every single time I said something. I may have sounded harsh, but why wouldn't I after someone betrayed us!

"Maria, sweetie, calm down." I heard Lorelei said. Samson and I turned around and saw Maria awake with tears streaming down her eyes.

She shook her head, closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists, "I hate you...I hate you...I HATE YOU!" she shouted and ran away. Alex let the shield down because of the drama happening. Lorelei and Sarah started running after her, while the rest of us looked at Samson. He turned around and ran.

"Wow...too much drama." Adam said. I looked at him in disbelieve causing him to shut up. I turned over to Gabriella and Justin. They seemed to be in a deep conversation, but I could hear them clearly.

"I'm sorry...I've been acting like a total idiot!" Gabriella said as she let tears fall from her eyes. Justin shook his head and smiled.

"No. I'm sorry. I was just mad. I never meant those horrible things I said to you." he said. Gabby finally broke down and ran into his arms. I looked at the direction Samson had ran away. It started to drizzle. Perfect weather for this day. I all of a sudden felt horrible for what I had done. But he deserved it. He completely deserved it. He was a traitor. Once a traitor...always a traitor...

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