I own nothing Stephanie Meyer is the true author and nobody knows who made the Greek gods up.

The real me

They didn't know me they knew Bella but not Izzy daughter of Areas the god of war, death, and destruction my mother was a shape sifter I get that from both sides but I let him and her change me to this meek ,weak girl when I wasn't that. Today was going to change no more Bella but the bad ass Izzy that I am today would be perfect to change it is my birthday after all I closed my eyes imaging the outfit that I wanted black skinny jeans with a black tank top that had a silver outline of a panther a black half sleeve leather jacket over that and a pair of heeled black boots I smiled at my reflection yup there's the Izzy I know. Now for the best part my twenty elven black mustang GT with silver racing trips I kept her hidden in the shed and under a water poof cover so she wouldn't get damaged she's why I wouldn't let Edward buy me a car. Ever body stared at me when I pulled into the school parking lot I smirked as I got out mouths dropped when they saw it was meek Bella that got out the Cullen's were already here and waiting inside for me good thing I called my best friend Tia who also was a daughter of Hades god of the underworld so well you know war and death go hand in hand. Smirking at all the trouble we could get into I laughed at the faces the Cullen's gave me when they saw me but I didn't care but it was too bad that they pussy wiped Jasper I heard stories of when he was in the Sothern vampire wars he was beast but then the beast was tamed I sighed in disappointment he looked at me with confusion I scowled at him "get the fuck out of my way" someone yelled my smirk grew bigger "Izzy where is your bitch ass at" Tia yelled I started laughing Edward looked at me like I lost my mind "well open your eyes you blind assed bitch" I yelled back making the Cullen's gasp at me I rolled my eyes at them "Bella young lady's don't talk like that" Edward scold me I flipped him off as Tai reached us she busted out laughing "aww man it's pairs all over again" she pointed at me than Edward "yeah well at least I had fun than" I shot back at her she grinned at me "I still can't believe that they thought could get away with taking you your daddy sure let them have it"

this is a story that i made a long time ago just didn't think it was all that good but any ways tell me what yall think.