I own nothing Stephanie Meyer is the true author and nobody knows who made the Greek gods up.

The real me

I snorted "those motherfuckers got what they had coming to them I told them that the city would burn because of them" I said crossing my arms over my chest as Tia laughed her ass off the Cullen's looked at us like we were crazy but I didn't care . When Tia stopped laughing she looked the Cullen's up and down before circling Jasper inspecting him from head to toe "so this is the major" she asked "yeah couldn't believe it either" I said glaring at Jasper who gave me a confused look "why are you so angry at me" he asked "because you use to be the most feared vampire in the south a great worrier now your just a pussy wiped bitch" I snarled he looked suspired but I didn't stop there "such skill has been laid to waste because you wimped out god your supposed to make vampires tremble before you not run around playing Ken with Barbie" I said while pointing at Alice who gasped but I paid her no mind my eyes only focused on Jasper Tia chuckled at my ranting . When I was finally done with my ranting Tia smirked at with (I know something and you don't) kind of smirk I raised an eye brow at her she threw her arm around my neck "well, well Izzy you two make quiet the couple" she sing song in a high voice I looked at her like she lost her mind her smirk grew bigger as pointed between me and Jasper that confused me even more. That's when it hit me the reason why I was so mad wasn't because he gave up but because he was my mate and he had given up on me my eyes grew big no he wouldn't be able to keep up with me much less stand on equal ground with me I created wars while he wanted nothing to do with them anymore he couldn't handle my way of life. I stared at jasper I frowned at him than shook my head "no" I said firmly Tia looked at me with wide eyes "Izzy you can't do that and you know it" she hissed "I can and just did he wouldn't be able to handle me much less my way of life he's just not cut out for it anymore" I said as I turned to leave.

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