I own nothing Stephanie Meyer is the true author and nobody knows who made the Greek gods up.

The real me

I glanced back at Alice when she moved closer to the major trying to get back the control she lost in order for her plane to work she need Jasper under warps if he found out that she was just using him he'll kill her and she knew this she couldn't control the major I smirked at her she gave me a confused look trying to act innocent "Bella why are you doing this" she whined "you tried to turn Jasper into someone who he wasn't Jasper is a fighter not some Ken doll that you can play with" I snarled at her eyes widen with sock than narrowed at me. Tai moved up beside me getting ready for a fight "Jasper didn't want to be a monster any more he wanted freedom from that awful life" she said hand on hips "and what is the matter with a life full of war might I ask" now she was crossing the line of no return "that's not a life at all and for someone to think that's a life needs a better education" I shook my head laughing I was about to teach her something new " ever war that has happened had a reason a country cannot grow without war in order to get better someone must challenge you to be the best that you can be if there was no war we wouldn't be where we are today" everyone around me was quiet thinking over my words there was more to war than death and bloodshed it wasn't mindless there is a lot more to it than that ever move had a rebound you couldn't just make an order just like that you had to go over it and over it have ever possibly outcome down so you could be ready to make the best action Jasper got that or he wouldn't have made Major like he did or survive the newborn wars . Edward snorted "for a human you sure know a lot about war" he said in a stuck up tone I smirked at him as Tia chuckled "let's just say I was born for war it's in my blood" I said surging that just made him laugh "boy there is more out there than just vampires" a rough dark voice snarled.

And the plot thickens lol so what ya'll think so far.